Loeffler: “Brenden Motley is our starting quarterback.”

Brenden Motley
Brenden Motley

Scot Loeffler didn’t play any games.  He quickly named Brenden Motley as his starting quarterback for Furman on Wednesday night.

“This is where we’re at with the whole thing: Brenden Motley is our starting quarterback,” Loeffler said emphatically. “And we are not going to disclose anything about the #2 position.  Not at all.

That decision, or rather those decisions, make perfect sense.  True freshman Dwayne Lawson and r-freshman Chris Durkin have never played a down in a college football game.  Though Motley’s experience is limited – 12 career passing attempts and 89 career rushing yards – he is a r-junior who has a much greater grasp of the playbook.

As most coaches would do, Loeffler completely backed up his new starter in front of the media.

“We’re in good shape right now,” Loeffler said.  “Motley’s put in the time.  He’s a guy that it’s really important to.  We’ve got a bunch of good character guys who are gonna rally around him.”

He expects Motley to be able to lead the offense, as you would think a fourth-year player should.

“He’s been around four years, so it’s not like you’re walking in a freshman or a r-freshman…whenever you’re an older guy that’s been around the block, and you’ve seen the Logan Thomas-es and the Michael Brewers of the world, I think you’ve got to be the leader.”

As far as not naming a #2 quarterback, that’s smart as well.

“We’ve got a really good plan with the whole deal,” Loeffler said. “But that plan can change daily.  That’s just where we’re at right now.”

In other words, they are still evaluating both Chris Durkin and Dwayne Lawson, and they haven’t come to any concrete decision at this stage.  There’s no reason to make any announcements until you come to a decision.

Personally (and this is just a gut feeling) I think there’s a strong chance that we could see all three quarterbacks on Saturday, and that Dwayne Lawson could be the second quarterback in the game.  Either way, I’m confident that we’ll see more than just Brenden Motley, particularly if the game is a blowout.

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  1. Shame to see Loeffler have to game plan with out his best players again. I really wanted to see what he would do in the second half of the ohio game as well. Other than Brewer and the loss it was a great experience for the fans.
    Some folks in the north told me the ohio fans are saying they got lucky when Brewer got knocked out. The team still got a lot of respect outside of B-burg. Hopefully, Loeffler and the team can find a way to make it work and get back on track.

  2. Good reporting. Your experience is showing this week.

    “This what he said.”
    “This is what it means, and why he said it.”
    “Remain calm kids. Its not an ideal situation, but the adults are trying to handle it the best they can.”

    You write that knowing full well half the audience will understand there is no instant answer, while the other half flips the phreak out due to continued uncertainty.

    1. I’m not flipping out. I’m just a fan. Haven’t had to wear a helmet in years. Feel good when they win, feel bad when they lose, but fans don’t play in the games. Sit back and enjoy the ride, it’s going to get very very interesting.

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