TSL Poll: Do You Like Virginia Tech’s New Helmet?

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Virginia Tech has a new metallic orange helmet.  Though it’s not official, it appears that the Hokies will wear it along with maroon jerseys and pants against Ohio State.

This week’s poll is simple.  Do you like the new helmets?

Do you like Virginia Tech's new orange helmet?

  • Yes (72%, 2,017 Votes)
  • No (23%, 648 Votes)
  • I dont know/no opinion (5%, 136 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,801

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35 Responses You are logged in as Test

  1. Old people on this site need to understand the new looks we’re doing ain’t going away. This is the future if we need to compete with Oregon, UMD, Baylor, etc.

    Sorry, but not sorry.

    1. Everything changes you just haven’t see it over and over and over yet. This uniform dress up party was started by the Ducks. Everyone else is just a copy cat. It needs to be the Ducks thing and the rest just need to look like football players. It’s hard to tell who is playing each other now if you don’t cheat and look at the viewing guide. Sorry , but this isn’t the future and it will change like bell bottoms, mini skirts, and hula hoops.

  2. Will / Chris – not sure you can make this happen, but if you are taking requests…

    Can you ask the equipment guys to take one of the metallic orange helmets and slap a regular VT sticker on the side, just so we can see what it looks like?

    Mr. Babcock, if you’re really trying to engage the fans, why not put up the two options for 12 hours for us fans to choose? It can take more than a day put the stickers on 100 helmets, right? I bet you could even create a fan / student “experience” that allowed a winner to help out. (you might want to limit him to decorating a helmet or two, just so it doesn’t end up crappy).

    Just a thought. We all watched Rudy- I can only guess how many Notre Dame students dreamed of painting one of their helmets before game day.

  3. Enough with the orange please….it’s a nice accent, and I like it on the other sports teams, but our football team’s uni’s should be maroon and white. with some orange accents.

    If we want to change it up. how about ditching the retro stripes that we’ve had for seemingly forever. Or bring back the grays that we wore against Alabama a few years back.

    Most importantly, and Will, I’d ask you to help with this, I think our record with orange helmets, jerseys, and/or pants isn’t that good (particularly in big games – TV games, bowls games, etc.). Granted, uniform color doesn’t win or lose games, but come on, who out there isn’t superstitious in some way?

    In the end, just play well and stay healthy for this one, then take on the rest of the schedule….

  4. The helmet is nice for one game. I like the white effect helmet much better. Orange should be an accent color and Maroon the main color. The best uniform that Tech has put on the field is the Maroon Helmet and face guard, Maroon Jersey with the throwback stripes, white numbers, white pants and black shoes and socks. It’s very crisp clean and you know who Tech is on TV in seconds. I like to wear my Maroon Fuller 11 jersey to the games the most. I never get to wear it until it’s cold with all the effects going on. The big time winning programs over the past don’t change their uniforms all the time. Example: Bama, LSU, Gators, USC (west) OSU, Michigan, Texas, FSU, Clemson, Georgia………. Keep the throwback stripes as the main uniform and do one special uniform a year and BEAT ohio!

    1. The “BEST” uniform fielded by VT has been the maroon helmet, jersey and pants, back when “throwback” was solid maroon. Hearing from players past, that was the combo that motivated them most on the field and was held for VT’s best opponents.

      With an all-maroon uni:

      1. Metallic maroon helmet.
      2. Standard color / size decal (contrast against metallic shine) – see decal on VT blackout matte helmet as example.
      3. Maroon jersey, minus the throwback stripes.

      Weather report confirms the Maroon Monsoon blowing away OSU!

  5. This is one of those things that’s hard to judge without the entire uniform. I wish there was a “Depends on the uniform” answer.

  6. I really, really like it…If we wear all maroon other than the helmet it’s going to look even better.
    That helmet with all white uniform would be good too.

  7. How about “I don’t give a rat’s behind?” I think I would like them more with all white unis, but the whole orange thing still reminds me of the Charlie Coffee copy UT thing from just a few years ago. It was just a few years, wasn’t it?

  8. I like them very much. Much better than the pumpkin head orange.

    Only thing I don’t like is the VT logo is too big, and the border width seems off.

    1. i agree with the VT being a little big, also being orange makes the VT not stand out the way I would like…. Again just my thoughts.

  9. Looks too much like Miami to me. I’m definitely a traditionalist and love the maroon helmets with white block letters. However, I also am for anything that gets the players excited and helps with recruiting/marketing the program.

  10. Think Boise and their blue field. If our field were that bronze orange we would definitely mess up OSU’s mind. Of course, it might blow up our minds, too. 🙂

  11. I voted “I don’t know”. I’m leaning to yes but I want to see them live. If we come out in maroon tops and pants then I think that color combo will look sharp.

  12. I like the helmet, but I’m not fond of the VT sticker. If they used the regular maroon VT, I’d like it a lot more.

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