Mini-Plans, Indoor Club Renovations, and Ohio State Rumors

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When I opened up email this morning, this was one of the emails that was greeting me…


For $250, you can by one of two 3-game plans for 2015 season. Both plans include the Ohio State game. The Orange Plan packages Ohio State with Pitt and Duke, while the Maroon Plan packages the Buckeyes with NC State and UNC. Personally, I think the Maroon Plan sounds like a pretty good deal. Those are the three most desirable games in Lane Stadium this year.  These two plans will be available for purchase on Friday, July 31 at 10am.

Right now, these two packages are only on sale to Hokie Club members and season ticket holders. They are not available to the general public at this time. That’s a good move, I think. It’s always correct to give your most loyal fans the opportunity to buy tickets first. I’ll probably buy that Maroon Plan just to get my hands on a couple of extra Ohio State tickets.

So how are regular season ticket sales going? We can get a general view by playing around with the ticket purchasing method on First, let’s look at a diagram of Lane Stadium for reference. Remember, the top row in the East Stands is Row 5Q.


Tickets are still available in sections 29, 31, 33, 35 and 37 in the East Stands. They are also available in all top sections of the South Endzone, with the exception of Section 510.

Here’s the lowest row (closest to the field) in which tickets are available in each section…

Section 29: Row 5P
Section 31L: Row 5C
Section 31R: Row 4V
Section 33L: Row 4V
Section 33R: Row 4P
Section 35L: Row 4N
Section 35R: Row 4Q
Section 37L: Row 4K

In the East Stands, all tickets in the midfield sections are nearly gone, but we’ve got some work to do as we head towards the southeast corner of the stadium.

In the upper sections of the South Endzone, things are pretty ugly. You can purchase tickets as low as Row D in at least one of the sections.

At this point it is obvious the stadium will not sell out by traditional season ticket sales, even with the #1 team in the country on the schedule. The Ohio State game will eventually sell out, though we don’t know whether or not they’ll have to release tickets to the general public in order to get that result. Here are the remaining steps:

1: Include Ohio State in mini-plans (done)
2: If necessary, release individual game tickets to season ticket holders and Hokie Club members
3: If necessary, release individual game tickets to the general public

Hopefully we can get a sellout before step #3 becomes necessary, but I have my doubts at this point. If #3 happens, we can expect to see a ton of Ohio State fans in Lane Stadium.

Renovation of Indoor Club Seats Almost Complete

Renovations of Virginia Tech’s indoor club seats will be completed in time for the Ohio State game at a cost of over $400,000 according to this article on

Improvements include…

10 new 48 inch HD TVs
Improved sound system
Chargers for phones, iPads, etc.
Graphics package in each club
New DirecTV package
Enhanced WiFi
Improved food options
Enhanced beverage options

In other words, the club sections are going to look better while also offering more services.

What does “Enhanced beverage options” mean? It means Virginia Tech is going to be selling beer and wine in the indoor club sections. Alcohol has always been available in suites, but never in the club area. That will change this season. According to Mike Barber of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Tech will have national brands and at least one kind of Virginia beer available for purchase.

Cost of Attendance is adding nearly $1 million a year to the budget of the athletic department, and limited alcohol sales is one way to help make up for the increased cost of doing business in college athletics.

Indoor club seats cost $2,350 per seat, and that includes a $500 donation to the annual scholarship fund, a $1,500 capital improvement gift and the $350 season ticket ($500 + $1,500 + $350 = $2,350).

Buckeyes Suspended?

There’s a rumor swirling around the Ohio State message boards that several key Buckeyes will be suspended for the season opener at Virginia Tech. I’ll save you the trouble of scrolling through that long thread by telling you the names of the players who are rumored to be suspended…

DE Joey Bosa (6-6, 275, Jr.): Bosa is a starter at defensive end for Ohio State. With 21 TFL and 13.5 sacks he was a unanimous All-American in 2014. He is projected as a top 5 pick in next year’s NFL Draft, and he is the Preseason Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year. He would be a huge loss for the Ohio State defense.

H-back Jalin Marshall (5-11, 205, So.): As a true freshman last year, Marshall was the second leading receiver on the team with 38 receptions for 499 yards and six touchdowns. He failed to catch a pass in only one game a year ago – Virginia Tech. He also had 25 carries for 145 yards and a touchdown.

H-back Dontre Wilson (5-10, 195, Jr.): Wilson caught 21 passes for 300 yards and three touchdowns last year. He also had 100 rushing yards on 18 carries. He is a productive player, but he missed the final six games of the season.

WR Corey Smith (6-1, 195, Sr.): Smith caught 20 passes for 255 yards last season.

Marshall, Wilson and Smith were three of Ohio State’s top six receivers a year ago. Devin Smith, a senior last year, was also in that top six. That means just two of Ohio State’s top six receivers will suit up against the Hokies, if the rumors are true. It would also partly help explain why quarterback Braxton Miller recently said that he’ll play WR/H-back this coming season.

Again, we don’t know if the rumors are true, partly true, or completely false. However, they are making their way across the Ohio State boards as well as Twitter. Here are a couple of other links discussing this…

Main Rivals Board

Ohio State 247 site

That second link is from July 9, so the rumors have been floating around for quite awhile. It will likely be a few weeks before we know whether or not they are true.

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  1. I hope the game sells out. I had to make a decision earlier this week. I’m flying back from Boise and bought my plane ticket 6 months ago. So I bought my ticket on stubhub for just under $300. I wish I had waited.

  2. Is it just about the winning? I have felt over these past +20 years that we were growing a committed fan base.

    I recall being invited to Columbia in 1989. South Carolina was terrible but their house was packed with almost 80,000 fans. Their fair ground was packed. They had several buildings with bands and my Gamecock friend told me it cost thousands to just get inside. By the way, as I looked out to the parking lot I saw this huge marching band weaving around the vehicles. I thought even their damn band is better than ours only to recognize that it was our Marching Virginians. The game ended in a 17 – 17 tie. All the way back to my buddy’s house he dumped on Clemson and his family could not believe that Virginia had elected a black American as governor.

    Anyway, bottom line, we need to own a passion for Virginia Tech football that survives the thick and the thin. “…win or lose we will greet you with a glad returning…”

    It breaks my heart that after all that Coach has done for Virginia Tech that we are still not sold out on our season tickets.

    I will always remember how passionate those South Carolina fans were and still are.

    My wife and I can not wait to get back to Virginia Tech to tailgate and to cheer our Hokies on to a victory on Labor Day!

    1. You can thank CFB for the lack of support and fan apathy at VT as he is the one who hired Neesome and let him stay on the staff for 10 years!! It is also Beamer who hired Stinespring over Kevin Rogers and let him run the offense into the ground. How about Mike O’Cain, do I need to keep going?

      1. If yours was a post on the message board, a lot of folks would hammer you with downvotes, for your assessment. It’s harsh, but has a lot of truth. There are benefits and downsides to having Frank Beamer as a coach. He is reactive and not proactive. Most changes he makes, one can think “He should have made that 2-3 years ago”. Just like we hear how Buzz will take several years to make a positive impact, a lot of the negative things (wrong coaches) take several years to fully ruminate. We had good records until 2012, and we’ve had 7,8,7 win seasons since 2012. Back when people were complaining about several coaches, we heard “Shut up, 10 wins” Until there was no 10 wins. The reactive side of Beamer is attached to his loyalty. Nick Saban has little to no loyalty. You underperform, you’re gone. Which is better? Well, depends on your opinion. But choices have consequences. This is eerily similar to the end of Bobby Bowden at FSU. No doubt it would be handled better here, though.

  3. It’s really sad the lack of support this team is getting re: season ticket sales so far. I get the mini plan approach and think it’s a good one. Guaranteed seats for the big games people really want

  4. I agree with earlier posts that I want a fully healthy OSU team and I assume most fans share my sentiments. If we beat a depleted team, It will diminish our win.

  5. Kinda sad re: the OSU rumors if true. If we beat them, I don’t want any excuses about “we didn’t have our starters there” etc.

    1. Not sad to me. If we win on the field, it’s their fault for having problems off of the field… I’ll take all of the help we can get. Let them cry if they lose!

  6. Chris, do you think the lack of selling out the OSU game indicates the fanbase has checked out on Frank Beamer?

    1. I think it has to do with a Labor Day game. Difficult to take Tuesday off work and kids going back to school. Had the game been on Saturday or Sunday I think it would be sold out. JMO.

      1. That’s exactly correct. My wife will get docked a day’s pay if she misses the day after a holiday, so she has yet to decide if she will go. Since she has to get to work around 7am after getting home between 1-2am, it makes for a challenging day at work with the kiddies.

      2. Have we had the same problem on previous labor day games? I don’t think that’s it.

      1. I think this is as accurate a statement as you can make about fan participation. A moderately exciting offense would change the course of fan engagement. I don’t there’s been a season when we’ve had a moderate to dynamic offense, regardless of wins, that fan enthusiasm wasn’t higher. Good point, sir, +1

    2. Unfortunately, losing has consequences when it comes to fan bases. When the winning ways of the great years come back, guess what – the fans will too.

  7. Good chance we will get to #2, but I don’t see number 3 happening. Shoot, with stubhub tickets selling for 300 right now Ill take as many $110 tickets they will sell me.

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