Tech Talk Live notes for February 4, 2015

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Buzz Williams

Buzz Williams has been in a lot of one possession games, but never four in a row.

Williams still hasn’t watched the film of the Syracuse game.  It’s too painful to watch, and he doesn’t anticipate that he will watch it.  Tech had six turnovers in their last 10 possessions, and they also had two missed layups.  They can’t win like that, and they didn’t deserve to win because they played like that down the stretch.  They have to earn the right to win, and they aren’t mature enough to do that right now.  Buzz has to do a better job, because when you turn the ball over that much down the stretch there have to be strategic errors.

When Syracuse was pressing, he wanted his team to attack.  He’s not sure about Adam Smith’s corner three early in the shotclock, but scoring has to be the mentality.  They can’t back their way into a win over a team like Syracuse.  It doesn’t work.

Buzz is coaching his sons’ rec league teams as well.  They have also lost a number of one-point games this year.

Zach Leday is a bit undersized, and he won’t help from a height standpoint.  He’s about 6-6, a decent shooter, but crafty around the basket.  He’s a little stronger than you think he is, and he’s a good rebounder.  Tech is bringing in Kerry Blackshear, so they will taller, but Buzz doesn’t get into height very much.  Just having tall guys doesn’t mean you are going to rebound better.  They have to be good players.  He’s more into good players, not necessarily tall players.

Jalen Hudson played well against Syracuse.  He is Tech’s most talented player, but he doesn’t run full speed all the time.  He’s got some bad gasoline in the tank.  If they can get the water out of the gas tank, they’ll have a good player.

Satchel Pierce is averaging a little over a foul every minute and a half.  Shane Henry fouled out in seven minutes last night, which might be an ACC record.  They have to defend without fouling.  Anytime the other team shoots 29 free throws, it will be hard to win.

If leading by three points late, Buzz isn’t necessarily for or against fouling in that situation.  It all depends on who you are playing, their strengths, etc.  Tech lost the Wake Forest game due to a failed free throw block out, and the Hokies aren’t a great defensive rebounding team.  With his current team, he wouldn’t foul in that situation.

22 ACC games have been decided on the final possession this year.  The Hokies have been involved in six of those games.  That’s miserable.

Jimmy Butler worked every day at his game like he had no Plan B in life.  Those are the guys that Buzz works best with.  He was a great player at Marquette, and he will be in the NBA All-Star Game this year.  Buzz is going to see him play in that game.

In the ACC, every team doesn’t play every team twice.  ESPN controls a lot of the scheduling, though nobody would ever admit that.  Who your mirror opponents are is going to be very important.  Tech’s schedule will look a lot different each year until  they change who they are as a program.  They have to win enough games where the aren’t getting bottom of the barrel situations when it comes to scheduling, such as three straight road games two different times, or four straight games against top 20 teams.  The only way you can change that is by winning.  It’s hard to break through, but they will break through.

Buzz Williams believes the ACC Network will happen.  They are printing money on the SEC Network.  The ACC will be next.  It’s coming.  Those 65 Power 5 schools are going to be playing a different game.

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  1. Love watching this team play. Just need to limit those 5-10 minute scoring gaps. We see enough sitting on 3 point leads by Beamer

  2. Yes, even with the record to date I am excited about what I see happening in bb. Buzz is the man as far as I’m concerned and look forward to seeing him grow the program into the type of ACC program I have dreamed about for years. I love the effort of this team and the effort of the coaches. I see a bright future for bb thanks to Buzz. Go Hokies!!!! (I’ll be there Sat. against FSU)

  3. Team is getting tougher as the season progresses, look for VT to get some wins down the stretch… Who knows maybe an upset or two in the ACC tournament!!!

    Go Tech Go!!!

  4. Buzz is the man.I remember in years past it was a victory just to get ball past mid court. we actually look like we know what we are doing we need just a little more to make it over the hump.Buzz I want to personally thank you for doing a great job and keep up your excellent work

  5. I have no doubt that VT has a very hard working coach that will bring a better brand of basketball here. I have never seen such a work effort he has and puts out. It will pay off for VT.

  6. I just love having a basketball coach named Buzz at VT. Can you imagine being the guy that has to coach against Buzz’s kid in the Rec League. Holy smokes!

    1. No kidding. I played in Blacksburg town rec league 40 years ago. It was a great time. We played at gym right around corner from Lyric and I believe it is a art gallery now. Actually one of my coaches was Coach Herdman his son played for Hokies in 80’s.

      1. Played there 40-45 years ago myself, the old Blacksburg Armory.
        Hokies were pretty special back then too.
        Nobody would want to play in that ratty old gym anymore but I sure to want to see Cassell back in full glory.

  7. Buzz had a great game plan against the Syracuse zone with Bibbs in the middle for entry passes being creative and scoring. He also has had creative game plans against the Hoos, Pitt, etc. The players are giving every thing they have to follow through. I was amazing to see Mueller try to guard Christmas during the later part of the game.
    can’t wait until he gets the pecies in place and see what happens.

  8. Win ot loose, Buzz has brought life back to VT BB. For the last couple of years VT BB has been painful to watch. The past few teams were offensively challanged, demonstrated a poor BB IQ and seemed to get worse as the seasons progressed instead of better. This team regardless of who’s on the floor is exciting to watch. They play hard and they all look to contribute to the offense. If they can learn to defend without fouling and protect the basketball they will be a team that will make us all proud for years to come.

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