Former UM QB Commit Headed To Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech didn’t offer a bunch of quarterbacks in the class of 2015. If the right prospect wanted to come on board, however, they would certainly take him. It appears Dwayne Lawson is that prospect.

This evening, Virginia Tech received a commitment from the dual-threat signal caller, a senior out of Hillsborough High in Tampa, Florida. Lawson announced his decision during the 2015 Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl.

“All the players, they’ve got the same thing in mind. They’re hungry. They want to play. Young. They’ll be on the rise,” Lawson replied when asked why he chose Virginia Tech.

Tech’s gain comes at the expense of ACC division rival Miami, the school Lawson committed to in May of 2014. Virginia Tech emerged as the heavy favorite when Lawson, who had taken an official visit to Blacksburg the weekend of the UVa game, tweeted last month he had de-committed from the Hurricanes.

The 6’6”, 215-pound Lawson threw for 2,444 yards and rushed for just under 900 yards his senior season. He totaled 38 touchdowns, 21 of which came through the air. 247Sports, Rivals and ESPN all rank Lawson as a 4-star prospect.

Lawson will join a quarterback group projected to include senior Michael Brewer, junior Brenden Motley, and red-shirt freshmen Chris Durkin and Andrew Ford next season.

(Lawson’s junior season highlights are below)

TSL’s Take

Aside from Brenden Motley, Virginia Tech didn’t have another true dual-threat quarterback on the roster until Lawson committed. Lawson enters as a much more highly rated quarterback than Motley was when he arrived at Tech. Brewer returns next season to give the Hokies an experienced senior signal caller. The jury is still out on what Motley can do. Lawson gives Tech a third talented freshman signal caller, joining Durkin and Ford, who again will be red-shirt freshmen next season.

If Brewer struggles next season, there could be an opportunity for someone else – Lawson included – to take the reigns as the starting quarterback. The ability is there for Lawson to do well early. He has great size, and his athleticism is a plus. However, as is the case with many, he could need some time to develop. A very good addition to the quarterback position nonetheless.

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  1. The Hokie Nation welcomes you with open arms!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a great day to be a HOKIE!!!!!!

  2. At 6′ 6″ I would think he could also add some pounds without losing anything.

  3. Gosh folks this is great but I personally do not want to see Brewer start next year! He cost us quite a few games and although he is a tough kid bit limited in size and ability! But I am sure now that he has a year under his belt they will let him start! Please hokies we need the experience at QB but we don’t need experience at the expense of ability–we were desperate this year and Brewer was a logical choice. There is too much talent to waste now! Brewer and Motley are not our future at QB —Ford if he has a great arm could be the one to distribute the ball effectively to our incredible receivers but this Lawson kid if he develops quickly could give us what we really need which is another dual threat We really miss Tyrod and Michael!

    1. CSL and the entire staff is well aware the offense needs to improve. If Lawson comes in and is better than Brewer, Motely, Ford, or Durkin he will play. I don’t see this being a sit the best guy and play the senior type situation, after all Brewer only has one year of experience, and Ford and Durkin are ready for their chance…I foresee an open competition in the Spring and Summer…CSL will do this to encourage competition and improvement if nothing else.

      May the best QB win!

      1. Michael redshirted, and that worked out well… Also would have liked to have seen Tyrod redshirt, but circumstances dictated that he and Glennon were necessary to bring a Conference title home in ’07. All that to say that Lawson will be better in the long run if given the extra year to prep. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

  4. Great get, live arm, doesn’t appear shy of contact. Definitely needs to shorten his delivery and bulk up his lower body. Should be a beast after a redshirt

  5. CSL can teach him to hold onto the ball and not turn it over this kid can play next year as a true freshman. jmo

  6. Dual threat QB! Yep, that’s what you need at the college level today. Cost us multiple games when we ran up against dual threat QBs this year.

    Welcome to Hokie Nation, Mr. Lawson!

  7. Not an indictment at al! Didn’t FSU bring in 3 blue-chip quarterbacks in this class alone?

  8. He will redshirt and be a serious contender for the starting position the following year. Durkin will never play QB1 (maybe wildcat, but TE, LB, FB Safety are much more likely a fit). This could be an indictment of Ford and Durkin that we brought in another QB right after they were brought in. This kid did not leave Miami to come sit for a long time. He must have had some reassurances he woukd get on the field first.

      1. True. Look at Ohio State. Their 3rd string QB looked better than Alabama’s 1st string QB.

      2. Stop making sense, people around these parts don’t want to hear it…all you have to do is look at the running back situation this year to figure out that you can NEVER have too many options at any skill position. Somebody is going down, somebody is going to out do somebody else, somebody is going to get sick, somebody is going to get homesick, somebody is going to get arrested for doing something stupid, somebody is not going to make it academically.

        These are 18-22 year old juveniles, they are going to screw up, and they are going to have bad days, and…we aren’t goin to get all of them we want, etc.

        One thing we all have to remember is that we have a very very good staff that can make things happen if the pieces are there to do so, that said, it’s really rare to have all of those pieces if you are doing it legit…so be patient, don’t expect too much, and for god’s sake stop bitchin about not getting somebody that didn’t want to be in BBurg in the first place!!


    1. I’m sure they offered him the same thing they offer everyone else…a chance to win the starting job…which isn’t much of a stretch considering we don’t have a clear starting QB on the roster at this point.

      Reassurances…doubtful, but his chances to play early are certainly better at VT than Miami with the year Kaya just had.

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