Marshawn Williams suffers torn ACL

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2014.11.15. VT at Duke.

BLACKSBURG – Virginia Tech head athletic trainer Mike Goforth announced Tuesday that true freshman running back Marshawn Williams suffered a tear of his left ACL in Saturday’s game against Duke and will miss the remainder of the season.

Team doctors will let the swelling in the knee subside before operating in a few weeks. The Hampton, Virginia, native will miss spring practice.

Williams, Tech’s starter, has played in nine games with eight starts, rushing 124 times for a team-high 475 yards and a four touchdowns. He becomes the second Tech tailback to tear his ACL this year as Shai McKenzie (53 carries, 269 yards, 3 TDs) tore his right ACL in September. Additionally, tailback Trey Edmunds broke his clavicle in October and has yet to return.

Tech (5-5) returns to action Saturday, taking on Wake Forest in Winston-Salem. Game time is set for 12:30 p.m. at BB&T Field.

2014.11.15. VT at Duke.

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  1. Hang In there MW – you and Shai can help each other back – great 1-2 punch in 2016! Use 2015 to get it all back together and ready to go! Then we spank UT in Bristol with a new three headed monstor – MTS, STM, TMS, – whatever order – Trey, Shai, Marshawn!


  2. From where I was sitting in the stands, look like the Duke guy took a low hit. Is all the concern over concussions causing more knee injuries? It has not just been our games that I have noticed this, but in other college an pro games as well. Good luck Marshawn and get well soon!

    1. I was a freak accident at the plant of foot…1st Dookie knock his balance off but only hit his foot…then the plant…then the tackle…

      thats what i saw at least…
      GO HOKIES!

  3. From watching the play in slo-mo, I was also concerned that MW tore his MCL as well. Not that ACL surgery/recovery is a snap, but if he had also sustained MCL and/or meniscus damage, it would have been a longer road to recovery. Had my ACL surgery performed by Nebraska’s team Ortho, and I was 80% after 6 months. You have to be careful not to work rehab too hard as you could develop tendinitus. Having said all that, it would not be unreasonable to see him back by next August. Of course, there is the mental aspect as well and it takes a while to trust the repaired knee.

  4. Serious question: Why did UGA know that Gurley had a torn ACL Saturday night/Sunday morning, but it took our medical stuff until Tuesday to announce an ACL for Marshawn?

    I mean, we all knew…but why wait so long to announce?

    1. He had the MRI yesterday evening. I happened to be registering at the hospital at the same time yesterday. I would imagine the results were “officially” given to the doctor and then to the VT staff on Tuesday morning.
      So while we all pretty much assumed we knew, official confirmation came late yesterday or early this morning.

    2. not all injuries are the same either. some knees are a loose and sloppy mess immediately, while others can still feel tight or intact but still be torn. severity of the tear, immediate swelling, etc are all things than can affect the ability to know right away or need confirmation.

  5. Terrible news. However, look at the picture of the top of the article. Wyatt Teller appears to have just knocked a defender off his feet. Love that guy!

  6. Really sorry for Marshawn — I can’t see how he’ll be able to play next year, nor do I think he should try…

    1. 9 months is a reasonable timetable for ACLs now. MW is VERY strong, the more muscular the legs around the joint, the quicker someone can get back. It’s not unreasonable to think he will be back in August.

      He’s 2 months ahead of the timetable for Antone Exum and Exum had multiple tears and bone chips

      1. Exum was really not ready when he came back. I hope he can fully recover soon. Shai has two months head start on him. Redshirt would be great if it helps his long term health

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