Tech Talk Live notes for October 20, 2014

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Pat Mason

The baseball team is in the last week of their fall workouts, and the week ends with the Fall World Series.  The World Series games will be held on Friday and Saturday, as well as Sunday if necessary.

As usual, Tech is doing the “Shave for the Brave” event.  The team shaves their head for cancer.  It’s something they do every year.  It’s a team bonding moment as well.  The players enjoy doing it every season.

Tech will rely on Sean Keselica on the mound this year.  It’s great that he’s back.  He had a very good second half of the 2014 season.

Brendon Haydon is back, and Tech will rely on his hitting.  Saige Jenco had a big year as a freshman, and he will play a big role.

Eric Payne is a SS/3B who transferred from South Carolina, and he’s going to help the team a lot.

The Hokies had a talented team last year, but it never came together for them.  The coaches have to do a better job of bringing the team together with team activities, competition, etc.  They have been doing that this fall.  They have to get everybody emotionally invested in what they are doing.

Tech lost a great catcher in Mark Zagunis.  He had a great summer in the Minors.  He finished the summer in Advanced-A ball.  He is the best hitter Mason has ever coached.  He played through a lot of injuries last year.

Frank Beamer

The Miami game is a critical game.  Lane Stadium needs to be lively on Thursday night.

Beamer hopes Marshawn Williams and Jerome Wright are available for Thursday.  The lack of a running game really hurt them against Pitt.

The Hokies have to play a clean ball game against Miami.  They have to cut out the unforced penalties.

David Wang will start at center.  He is more consistent with his snaps.  Wyatt Teller will start at left guard.  He doesn’t just try to block people, he tries to bury people.

Beamer has told the team that the Coastal Division is wide open.  They need to win out.  They are back in it with Georgia Tech’s loss to UNC.

Tech has been spending a lot of time in practice practicing the deep ball.  It’s a very tough throw and you have to have a knack for it.  They have to execute better.

Bucky Hodges keeps getting better, and the Hokies need to keep taking advantage of that.  He is catching the ball well right now.

Beamer feels like Joel Caleb has improved recently, and he’ll be in there in some situations on Thursday.  It looks like Marshawn Williams will be able to play.

Cam Phillips and Isaiah Ford are still a little banged up.

Duke Johnson is the all-time leader in yards at Miami.  He’s averaging 112 yards per game and 7.2 yards per carry.  He is dynamic.  You better swarm the ball against him.

Stacy Coley is a great returner.  The punting game will be critical this week.

In terms of the skilled positions, this is the most talented team the Hokies have faced thus far.  They are very athletic all over.  Their offensive line is more athletic this year.

Brewer’s arm has been bothering him a little bit, but he’s doing ok and he’s going to keep getting better and better.

Beamer is confident the fans will show up and help the team win on Thursday.  There will be a lot of major recruits on hand on Thursday.  21 recruits will be there.

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  1. Frank sounded like he wanted to be on the show last night about as much as I look forward to a root canal. Hope he isn’t sick or is losing enthusiasm.

  2. Come on folks. It’s bad right now but is there any place better ON EARTH than Lane Stadium on a Thursday night? I will be there rocking with MY team trying to help them as much as I possibly can. That’s my job as a TRUE fan and one I will take seriously. GO HOKIES!!!!!!

  3. As much as college football is a business – MOST of these players on BOTH sides are still amateurs and the FANS are in for a great game IF THEY SHOW UP…

    To sit home and thumb your nose at this team, coaches, players, and game is just SOUR GRAPES.


    1. Amen! But to be fair, they did show up against GT and UNC. They just kept getting in their own way (and against GT it cost them the game).

      But the Miami Thursday night game isn’t going to be a loud and electric as it should be. The boards have been flooded with ticket sales ever since the Pitt loss. Frank only has his team to blame for that.

  4. We the fans need to turn out and support this young talented team on Thursday! What better venue than Lane Stadium on a Thursday night! Go HOKIES!

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