BOV approves Indoor Facility financing plan; football opens 3 scrimmages to public

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Virginia Tech has released their 2014 spring practice schedule.  The Hokies will practice 15 times as usual, and that includes the Spring Game.

Tech normally holds Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Saturday practices in the spring, but their schedule has changed this year.  They will practice Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week to get the required light practices out of the way, and then they will progress to practicing in pads next week.  As a result, there will be three open scrimmages this spring, NOT including the Spring Game.  Tech fans will have four chances to see the Hokies in action.

Scrimmage #1: Saturday, April 5, 3-5pm
Scrimmage #2: Saturday, April 12, 11am-1pm
Scrimmage #3: Saturday, April 19, 11am-1pm
Spring Game: Saturday, April 26, 2pm

Fans will be asked to sit in the West Stands for all open scrimmages.


BOV approves interim financing plan for Indoor Practice Facility

The Virginia Tech Board of Visitors approved an interim $21.3 million financing plan for the new indoor practice facility.  Construction is set to begin this summer, and the new facility will open in August 2015.

Virginia Tech has already raised $12.3 million in private donations for the project.  The remainder of the amount will be paid through financing.

Right now, the football team holds indoor practices in Rector Field House, which is outdated and lacks the needed space and ceiling height.

For more information, see this link:
Athletics department ready to begin construction on new indoor practice facility

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  1. This thing is just not good looking at all. The one HKS did for the Naval Academy is better looking…
    I love hokie stone as much as the next person, and it should always be used on campus. That doesn’t mean the buildings need to look so heavy and brutalist. You think Oregon would build something that looks like this? No, they would build a modern, attractive building which would wow recruits. I think fundraising would be easier if the thing looked nicer, too.

  2. The large side “doors” will open allowing them to use the full-sized field and have easy access from the outside fields. So they’ll have 50yd+ fields and a full 120yd field to practice on. I think they’ll figure it all out and have enough to work with.

  3. Save the practice fields and move it further back. It looks a lot like UVA’s practice field. However, they put their field up on a hill like Tech’s should be. You can see UVA’s practice field roof driving down 29 and it’s impressive. There are more trees than business in SWVA. Do the right thing and move it back before it’s too late. Once again Whit needs to make a great choice.

    1. Did you miss the huge fight about protecting the trees (Stadium Woods) back there? It delayed the project for years and ultimately the trees won. The building will stay there where you see it in the pictures.

  4. For your info, football fields are 120 yards long and 160 feet wide. Everyone knows they’re 120 yards long, but practically no one knows they’re 160 feet wide. (You can win some bets with this one. Most folks guess 50 yards wide.)

  5. I really wish they had gone with the Washington Street location or the South Endzone location.

  6. I don’t believe that the University of Texas has any full-sized practice fields. Their indoor practice facility appears to be only large enough to house a half-field, and it is UGLY – think “Jiffy-Pop Dome – junior sized”!

    1. Aren’t football fields 45 yards wide? If so then specifically for kick coverage they could operate across both fields. If not then you are correct that they could also practice inside.

    2. According to mock-up pics, the field inside the new facility will be a full-sized field. Only the outdoor (existing) practice fields will be half-length because of the new facility in order to preserve the holy trees.

  7. Field space is weird and limited. Perhaps I’m incorrect, but I thought most programs have a couple of full size fields for practice. Looks like we’ll have two half fields. The building looks great, but the practice fields do not look impressive to me.

    1. All of that is a result of not putting the facility further back, where the Stadium Woods are located.

    2. Full sized practice fields sacrificed on the alter of political correctness.

      I am very familiar with the “saved trees” and the tree stock of Montgomery County and SW Va. There was and is nothing special about those trees but they will now be forever sanctified as a “thicket emeritus” .

      Building looks great though.

  8. I remember when the baseball field was there. Good times watching games on a Friday afternoon.

  9. It is my understanding that fundraising will continue for at least another year to minimize the amount to be financed. This and the associated conversion of Rector Fieldhouse is the only big facility fundraising activity on the books.

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