Ten in a row!

Ten in a row for the Hokies!


Virginia Tech took a 16-6 lead into halftime, sat on the football for much of the second half, and beat UVA 16-6 on Saturday night in Scott Stadium.  The Hokies finished the regular season 8-4, while UVA dropped to 2-10.

Duke beat UNC on Saturday afternoon, and that game prevented the Hokies from playing for the ACC Championship.  However, they still beat UVA for the 10th consecutive season.

Both teams made field goals on their first two drives of the game, and later the Hokies added a third field goal to make the score 9-6 with 2:32 left in the second quarter.

However, the Hokies put the game away late in the first half.  Facing third and 10 from the UVA 26, Logan Thomas hit his checkdown – Trey Edmunds – and Edmunds broke a tackle and raced to the endzone for a touchdown that eventually proved to be the game winner with 21 seconds left on the clock in the first half.

Edmunds, a r-freshman tailback, played a great game for Virginia Tech.  He had 11 carries for 93 yards on the ground, as well as that catch for 26 yards and a touchdown.  He’s played good football for the second half of the season.  Unfortunately, he broke his leg in the second half, and he’ll miss the next 4-5 monts.  He’s expected to have surgery on Sunday.

Virginia Tech outgained UVA 364-285.  They had 253 yards at halftime, but spent the fourth quarter sitting on the football to protect their 10-point lead against a UVA team that put in their backup quarterback.  David Watford played one of his better games this season, but he was still benched in the fourth quarter.  Greyson Lambert did not do so well…

Watford: 13-of-23, 122 yard, 0 TD, 0 INT, 7 carries 37 yards
Lambert: 4-of-16, 54 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT, 3 carries, -33 yards, 3 sacks

Bud Foster turned up the heat when Lambert entered the game, and though the Hoos didn’t stand much of a chance with Watford in, they stood even less of a chance with Lambert.  Kendall Fuller broke up four passes, and he also intercepted Lambert once.

Though we didn’t know it at the time, the entrance of Greyson Lambert into the game meant that UVA had no chance of completing the comeback.

Thanks to Duke’s win over UNC, the Hokies will now sit home and await their bowl fate, though as of yesterday most signs had them going to the Sun Bowl in El Paso, TX.

box score (hokiesports.com)

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  1. Speak for yourself, CC. The second Lambert stepped on the field, I was fully aware that the game was over. Take away the threat of the read option and let Bud dial up whatever blitz he wants. Rinse and repeat for 10 minutes.

    1. I fully agree. I was happy to see London take Watford out of the game. Watford had been playing well and the UVA offense had been moving with him at QB. As you say, once Watford’s running threat was removed, it made things much easier for our defense.

    2. Exactly. Watford gives a run threat, so the defence has to hold their positions. Lambert is no run threat, so Bud could turn them loose. Ehnd Lambert went in, I told the group of Hoos around me to expect three sacks and an interception. After the game they asked me to go to Vegas with them.

  2. We’ll never be good in the red zone till we bring back the “Stick it in” cheer.

  3. I am glad VT won. I don’t understand the use of all of the trick plays in this one game, other than to reward the players for their practice work against a team they felt confident to try them against. Which kind of defeats the purpose. Again, we need a coach that better understands rhythm, tempo and disruption. These could have made the difference in one of the losses if used to change momentum.

    1. Well, I kinda think that’s exactly the purpose, something like that at least, to have some fun. I’m guessing Logan dug catching a ball, a fullback running a reverse, onside kicks. Heck, you can even include the supposed smack talk at the news conference and Derek’s Offensive series a couple weeks ago. Maybe it’s just been a long season and everyone’s dragging a bit and coaches realize maybe lightening up is needed instead of digging deeper and also passing out a few rewards at the end of the year. I think it worked, they didn’t score on the onside kick series but I think it carried over and they scored on the next series, more a psychological boost than the immediate yards.

      1. I think you summed it up exactly Lag. Frank took some risks to gain advantage and the risks worked out. Reconhokie…sometimes we just got to enjoy a win for what it is. Thankfully, the Hokies have 4 weeks to get most players healthy, coached up and put their best product on the field to represent its fans and the ACC.

        1. I enjoy a win for it being a win. I would prefer enjoying a loss for being a win had one of those trick plays had made the difference against DUKE, maryland or Boston College. Thinking that using a trick play to have fun is just silly- it is used to help the team advance the ball in the interest of winning through causing disruption.

          If you spend only 15 min a week practicing one play, that is 2 1/2 hours of practice time out of 10 weeks- would any coach utilize that 2 1/2 hours to turn one of those losses into a win? I played hs ftbll, so I have at least a basic understanding of the time and effort put into practicing one play, and if we look around to any other Top-15 coach, you see these plays being used in critical games to achieve the difference between that loss and a win.

          That’s the point I made above (after first making the point that I was ‘savoring the win’). Most other schools don’t wait to use critical plays against 2-9 teams- that’s just not effective coaching (and if it took 12 weeks to perfect that one play before it could be used…)

  4. Nice to know that we have 3 more years with Trey (maybe). He looked like a very good D1 back for the future. Need some olinemen. that UVA ‘coaching staff’ is about the worst I have ever seen.

  5. Both Trey and J.C. were finding holes yesterday. I haven’t seen that kind of vision from our running backs most of the season. If a running play didn’t make yards, it was usually because we didn’t block someone, not because the back ran into a blocker or chose the wrong hole. I think our young running backs are growing up! Unfortunately LT has not been a solid running option for too many games this season. With Trey out, that could make the bowl game tough.

    1. A few games ago, Trey finally seemed to start getting the knack of running the outside zone stretch play. He looked very good against UVA on Saturday.

  6. They beat UVa. the rest at this point doesn’t matter! Just win your bowl game, finish your recruiting on a high note, get ready to improve, starting with spring game. Hope the new Coaches can work out their position so next year we can win games when we are suppose to.


  7. Feel badly for Trey, he was most definitely seeing holes and looking like the guy you could plan around for next season. JCC? well, like the guys behind me said, “3 yards and a cloud of dust” On one play the D guy just wrapped his arms around him and picked him up completely like a wrestling move and just threw him back. He did get a couple first downs though so … I dunno.

    Ah well, Goal one is to beat UVA congrats Hokies!

    1. I am very happy to say that I was dead wrong about Trey not having what it takes to be a quality D-1 running back. During the second half of the season, he really seemed to get the knack of finding that seam in the defense off the zone stretch play, planting the outside leg, and cutting back upfield to hit it. I was hoping that perhaps his injury was only an ankle sprain, but a broken tibia is better than a torn ACL. He’ll be fine. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do next year along with Marshawn Williams, D.J. Reid, and (hopefully) Shai McKenzie.

  8. Congrads to Hokies as any win over the French is a good win! I was very glad to see some creativity on Special Teams with both reverse and onside kick. While running game seemed to finally pick up, we also had our usual turrible O-line moments with giving up several sacks on 3rd down attempts! Hoping we get the Sun Bowl with UCLA as it would be rate opportunity to play PAC 12 team and if somehow we can pull off a W, it sets up nicely for going into spring ball/next season on a positive note! Also, any chance we get Irish in the Russell Athletic Bowl?

  9. Would think Clemson loss costs ACC a BCS at large. Clemson to Atlanta, duke to sun, VT to Russell gain….or Charlotte? Really not interested in El Paso .
    ACC made a real mess yesterday.

    1. Because TE needs a chance to rest every now & then. For the most part. Coleman ran well when he was in the game. He had a couple of very nice runs late in the game after Edmonds went out to help salt it away.

      1. Under Hite, most years The #1 back would get 2 series, then the #2 back would get 1 series.

        I still believe our #1 back doesn’t get enough work to really get in a groove. I’m sorry, but your best back shouldn’t have only 10 carries, especially with him running so well.

  10. Excited for the win. Disappointed in the inconsistency this season. That’s all I can say at this point.

  11. Always relieved to get this win, but very disapponting. Discipline and decisionmaking still not adequate. DJ Coles unsportsman penalty inexcusable. Red zone offense is puzzling. 1st and goal from the 2 yard line, and in 3 downs don’t gain an inch. And why catch the [first]kickoff 5 yards deep in the end zone, run sideways, and then try to run it out. With the new rule giving receiving team the ball at the 25, surprised so many teams try to run it out at all. Usually end up well short of the 20.

    1. Can’t blame him for that if the french players acted like the fans I was sitting besides, It was worth it just to get the shot in.

  12. Good win. Good to see some creativity on offense early in the game but still have to learn how to score TDs in the red zone.

    1. yes indeed. some creative plays – at GOOD times in the game! yet some puzzlers too. enough to win and give us relief…hope for a good bowl showing!

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