Weaver to step down as Tech’s AD

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Jim Weaver will step down as Virginia Tech’s athletic director effective January 1, 2014.  Ray Smoot, former chief executive officer of Virginia Tech, will chair a national search for his replacement.  Smoot was also chair of the search when Weaver was hired in 1997.

Sharon McCloskey, Virginia Tech’s senior associate AD, will serve as interim AD effectie January 1, 2014.  Virginia Tech expects a new AD to be hired “early in 2014”, according to the press release.

Weaver, who suffers from Parkinson’s Disease, found out recently that he must have hip replacement surgery on both hips.

“I can’t do my job if I can’t travel,” Weaver told David Teel of the Newport News Daily Press.  Weaver couldn’t travel to either road game against BC or Miami. “You know the expression ‘lead, follow or get out of the way?’…well, I’m stepping aside.”

We’ll have much more on Weaver’s retirement.  Stay tuned to TSL.

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  1. The whole issue of granting press credentials is an interesting one, It may be at the discretion of the organization, but does invoke the ethics of the freedom of the press. VT/Weaver cannot be entirely arbitrary on who they let into the press conference, they need to have fair standards, it would have been interesting to know what would have happened if VT sued them (with unlimited resources to do so, of course.)

    Granted the internet was/is a new thing and didn’t look like old media so it would have been easy to discriminate in the early days. but that changed. I was digging around and found the Washington Caps rules for “Press Credential for Bloggers” circa August 2006. I would suggest that as a standard for Will’s comment about his denial of press credentials being “less and less defensible” Ted Leonsis probably didn’t do it completely out of the kindness of his heart, perhaps could see the legal issues and/or ethical issues coming. That would have been about the time that it was no longer defensible and Mr Weaver was ethically wrong.

  2. I fully respect Weaver for geting us into the ACC and running the program in the black. The biggest head scratcher is letting WBB go down hill. That and Football were our two best programs coming into the ACC. Losing Bonnie has to be he’s low point.

    1. Weaver had nothing to do with Tech getting in to the ACC. It was WAY over his head (like governor and Steger, Casteen) … the AD office had no idea what was going on that day. I know, I was there that day.

  3. Weaver has been great we all owe him a lot of respect and gratitude. My first year at VT was 1997, and when I was looking at colleges in hs(central pa) I had never even really heard of VT. Obviously VT’s rise to natl prominence is due to a # of things, but overall, he’s done an incredible job. Just saw we had the
    #2 recruiting class in wrestling! #1 seed in women’s soccer! Hosted a regional in the baseball tourney! Top track and field! Facilities, finances, I could go on and on. This man did one hell of a job here. Thank you Mr. Weaver!

  4. Excellent ad jus time to step down. Best wishes. But now is it time to drop hokie respect program and bring lane back to life. Stick it in chant was the best!

  5. He has done a fine job for the most part, but can’t give him a Pass on Men’s Basketball at all. The Greenburg hire was a Shocker in the 1st place, the Johnson hire didn’t please Me either. He hasn’t made wise moves in his whole career-He’s killed BBall for Me for years-He has held us back in that regard-did He hire Stokes as well-that was bad. His hiring of Wolff as the Women’s BBall Coach was just plain lazy and stupid. I give him a 75 grade, I wish him well, but wish He’d of left 2 or 3 years ago, but He just wouldn’t go.

  6. Thank you Mr. Weaver for the leadership over the years. I have seen all of our
    sports grow and get better as well as the great facilities that we now have. I
    know that you worked hard, smart, and always had V.T. and future needs @ heart,
    by your hard work everyday. I hope that the next Athletic Director is as trusting
    and hard working as you have been. I hope you will have good retirement and that
    your health problems will be greatly improved. Thanks again Mr. Weaver.

  7. Better too late than never. I do not understand old people – just get the F out of the way. If I’m working when I’m 60 please shoot me.

    Now that’s how you troll.

      1. How does that 401 K look dude?
        If you don’t have at least $1. 4 million by age 63-65 you will be the permanent greeter at Walmart the next 20 years

    1. Your comment shows a complete lack of class. Secondly you way want to do a little research. You will find that most men are still working at age 60.

    2. Hey Dude, you haven’t been paying attention. You’re going to be working until you’re 70 …….you’ll wish someone shot you.

  8. I feel JW has done a great job ,can not please everyone !From Dutch ,to Braine ,to Weaver Tech is soo much better off when Dooley was here .Still would like to see Frank come over as AD!!

  9. There is no such thing as a perfect AD. Having said that Jim Weaver has done far more good then he has bad. VT is in good shape and Jim Weaver had a lot to do with that.

  10. My opinion is that Weaver should go immediately into the VT Sports Hall of Fame. Despite protestations here to the contrary, Weaver has been an extraordinarily effective AD.

    We’ve been blessed.

    1. Good: Managing money and facilities management.
      Not-so-good: Hiring head coaches in all of those non-football sports.

      While I have an overall positive opinion of him, I think your proposal is a reach.

      1. Seems like the mens baseball,womens softball,cross country, track, and wrestling have enjoyed much success over the years. Which non football sports are you referring to sir?

        1. Baseball, Softball, Men’s and Woman’s Basketball, VT was very fortunate in getting its Wrestling Coach down the street; which all serve to show that the coach’s salaries were his driving function, do you need more.
          I am glad Mr. Weaver has decided to retire on a relatively high note, and he deserves VT Nation’s respect and thanks for his financial and facility management of VT athletics. I hope and pray that he will be able to fully enjoy his well earned retirement. But I am concerened that he is leaving more coaching problems than VT Nation deserves. Good Luck and Thanks for all your work for VT Mr. Weaver.

      2. I daresay his hiring of non-football coaches has been outstanding, with one glaring exception – basketball. Every other sport we compete for ACC championships regularly. Heck, women’s soccer has a 1 seed in the NCAA tourney.

      3. Isnt our women’s soccer in Final Four? Isn’t Wrestling team ranked in Top Ten? Wasn’t Softball in World Series Finals? Hasn’t our men’s indoor and outdoor track won multiple ACC titles? Didnt baseball go to college WorldSeries?
        You read the message boards too much.

  11. I have been calling for JW to get the golden parachute for some time on this board. Still, I recognize the great job he has done at and for Virginia Tech, so this news has a sad tone to it in that regard.

    But I hope the search committee finds a young, dynamic, energenic AD with a fresh approach to Virginia Tech athletics in the 21st century. I hope he will continue JW’s astute financial management (he’s one of the best in the business in that area).

    I hope and pray JW has a happy and healthy retirement that he deserves.

    Now if we can just get a new ACC commissioner.

  12. He can leave his job knowing that the University Athletic programs are in great shape, we are making money (a real feat in college athletics these days) and that we have a bright future.

    Thank you Mr. Weaver.

  13. I will remember him most for having the paperwork ready when the ACC came calling. There are many of “other” kinds of memories, but no one is perfect. On the whole, he has been a great AD for VT, I thank him, and I wish him the best.

    1. Weaver had nothing to do with Tech getting in to the ACC. It was WAY over his head (like governor and Steger, Casteen) … the AD office had no idea what was going on that day. I know, I was there that day.

  14. Thanks to Weaver for his great leadership over the years. He is leaving Virginia Tech athletics in great shape. Well wishes and prayers for his health to improve!

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