Video Interview: Willie “The Paperboy” Byrn

Scot Loeffler calls Willie Byrn “The Paperboy” because he delivers.  He chatted with the media on Tuesday night.

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  1. Willie Byrn is exactly as you see him. What a great guy and helluva ball player! He’s serious about his football!

  2. Willie lives in my neighborhood and I watched him play throughout high school. He played along-side Nick Dew (never made an impact at Tech) who was our 4-star recruit from First Colonial. If you went to their games, however, it was always Willie who looked like the 4-star guy. Various coaches have told me that if he was a couple of inches taller and 10-20 lbs. heavier, he could have named his school for a scholarship. I’m really glad this kid is finally getting reps. He is definitely not a one game wonder – kid’s a baller. And yes, he is a really mellow and cool guy.

  3. Who was the guy that comes in on the right near the end? He looked pretty high strung…or he had to pee really bad.

    1. Yeah he definitely had a bad case of “happy feet”. It is also amazing how heavy those recorders must be. he kept having to change hands holding it up in Willie’s face. By the way Willie seems to be a really cool guy.

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