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“I don’t pay for web sites,” you say. “I get everything I need from [fill in the blank].”

Are you sure? Because we’ve got content that no one else has, anywhere, and it’s the type of interesting, in-depth stuff that deepens your appreciation for Virginia Tech athletics … and more importantly, makes you the smartest fan at the tailgate.

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  • We’re competitively priced with other subscription web sites covering Virginia Tech.
  • We have more content than anyone else, and it’s all good. No junk.
  • We have two full-time writers with 38 years total experience covering VT athletics, plus a phalanx of freelance contributors.
  • We’re Hokies, just like you.

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We Have More Content (Free and Pay) Than Anyone Else, and it’s Good Content

Seriously. Just go look at our home page, and start stepping through the archives. And we never let up. We cover Virginia Tech year-round.

We have over 12,000 articles in our WordPress database, and that doesn’t even cover several thousand articles that we wrote before we started publishing in WordPress.

We have run nearly 1,000 articles in the last year alone.

Do you like to read about Hokie sports? Then don’t sweat it, we’ll give you plenty of stuff to keep you occupied.

And it’s not three-paragraph click-bait garbage or the Hokie sports equivalent of cat videos, either. You won’t see any “What Bud Foster said today is jaw-dropping” or “The photographer was not ready for the picture he got at Virginia Tech’s practice” headlines from us. Our content is in-depth, educational, and informative stuff. When you’re done reading a TSL article, you’ll have learned a lot of stuff you didn’t know before you started. That’s our promise, and the real value in a TSL subscription.

We Have Two Full-Time Writers With 38 Years of Experience Covering Virginia Tech Athletics

TSL’s two principal writers have racked up many years writing about Virginia Tech athletics:

  • Will Stewart: 22 years (1996-2018)
  • Chris Coleman: 16 years (2002-2018)

It’s not just about the writing. Will Stewart has been obsessing over Virginia Tech sports since about 1983, when he was a freshman at Tech. Chris Coleman went to his first Virginia Tech game in 1991 or 1992. (He was so young, he’s not sure.)

There are a few great writers covering Virginia Tech athletics who have been at it a long time … but almost none of them have been doing it as long as we have, and almost none of them do it year-round, like we do. And almost none of them grew up as Virginia Tech fans, like we did.

That segues into our next comment….

We’re Hokies, Just Like You

Almost no one that covers Virginia Tech athletics on a regular basis is a Virginia Tech graduate. Newspapers rarely hire beat writers who are graduates of the school they cover. Even sites you might expect to be run by VT grads, like Rivals.com’s Hokie Haven, are not run by Virginia Tech graduates or alumni.

But everyone at TechSideline.com is a Virginia Tech graduate. From our About Page:

  • Will Stewart: BSEE, 1987
  • Chris Coleman: BA in History, 2005
  • Ivan Morozov (photographer): MS Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 1998; PhD 2004

Many others who produce content for TSL — Chris Colston (the Go Tech Go series), OXVT, Brandon Patterson, Eric Carr, jerseyhokie29, et al — are VT graduates, alumni, or current students.

Samples of Our Work

We’ve got a tagged archive called “Best of TechSideline.com” that collects some of our best pay material from the past, now classified as free material, so anyone can read it.

Click here to take a look, and you might just go down the rabbit hole — there are many hours of fascinating reading here:

The Best of TechSideline.com

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