Announces New Subscription Pricing

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VERY IMPORTANT: ALL OF OUR SUBSCRIPTIONS AUTO-RENEW, SO PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY. We include instructions on how to cancel auto-renewal, as well as instructions to NOT renew early.

  • Our monthly subscription will increase to $8.49 per month.
  • Our annual subscription will increase to $84.99 per year.

Your subscription – monthly or annual – will renew automatically at the new rate. You don’t need to do anything to stay on board as a subscriber. (The only exception to auto-renewal are our student subscriptions, which do not auto-renew and are now $29.99 per year.)

Please DO NOT renew early; this will result in double-charges in our system. Simply let your subscription reach its expiration date, and it will renew automatically.

If you are not sure you wish to renew at the new pricing, we ask first, if you haven’t read our “State of the Union 2018” series, to do so here. If you wish to cancel, you must turn off recurring billing. To do so, make sure you’re logged into the site, click here, and look for the “Cancel Subscription” link. (If you don’t see the link, it’s because your subscription was previously canceled.) Click it, and your subscription will not automatically renew upon expiration. You’ll still be a subscriber for the duration of your subscription, but it will not automatically renew when it expires. If you are unable to stay on board as a subscriber at the new price, we thank you for your support as a subscriber to and hope to have you back on board someday.

As we detailed in our recent State of the Union 2018 series, an increased subscription price will provide us with the funding to improve our coverage, enabling us to afford newer/better equipment, more travel, additional writers, and new initiatives to improve our site and its offerings. It will also provide us with the additional revenue to ensure that we remain for a long time as a strong and viable business in this ultra-competitive market.

This is our second major recent announcement, along with the news that we have relocated to the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center to improve our ability to cover Virginia Tech athletics. Please look for more announcements throughout the summer, as we revamp our business and our offerings for you, the fans of Virginia Tech and

If you have any questions for us, please email us at [email protected], and we’ll attempt to answer your email as soon as possible, but it may take a while, as we expect a lot of emails following this announcement.

Thank you for your support of!

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  1. Anybody that has a problem with necessary business price increases, should immediately cancel their internet service?

  2. Will – I think you need to add value to the subscribers vs non subscribers to justify the price. At $85 I can unsubscribe and have a similar experience. If you can keep TSL Wahoo free- name your price!

    1. Hi, Josey: Based on that comment, I’m guessing you don’t read any of the subscriber articles. I’m also guessing you don’t frequent the Recruiting Board, where there is a lot of informed, intelligent discussion about recruiting. If you’re not doing either of those things, it does remove A LOT of the value of a subscription.

      If you’re just hanging out on the boards, the experience is very similar in terms of functionality, but there is much more discussion this time of year on the subscriber boards. Yesterday (6/26/2018), there were 50 threads started on the Subscribers-Only and Recruiting Boards, and just 5 threads started on the free Football Board, 1 on the Basketball Board, and none on the Baseball Board.

  3. Part 4 of the series mentioned structured pricing. Will the $84.99 plan will be the base plan or the premium experience?

    1. Hi, Chuck — the only subscription extra we plan on offering is an ad-free option. We currently don’t have that; it’s going to require some programming.

  4. I’m not going anywhere. This site is worth every penny. I hope everyone else stays as well.

  5. This will impact seniors more than others. Have you considered a senior rate?

    Now, let me make a suggestion. I read your articles on the “State of TSL”, and have a better understanding of the challenges TSL is facing. However, none of the articles give a clear picture to me of the added value received by the subscribers with the approximately 40% price increase. Perhaps a phased in price increase (maybe 10% per year) over a few years might work better. In any event, you need to spell out the added value subscribers will receive before any price increases kick in.

    I want TSL to last and grow, and, I understand the need for more revenue. However, I am afraid TSL will lose enough subscribers to offset the additional funds generated through the price increase.

    1. Thanks, Jack. “Added value” is something that will be determined over time. Hang tight and see what we do over the course of the coming year, and decide at that point in time if we have “added value.”

      To be honest, this price increase isn’t just about increasing the rate and using the increase to add value. TSL has been terribly underpriced relative to its competition over the years (basically we were charging about half of what our competition charges), so this price increase is also about bringing our pricing inline with the marketplace. We have handcuffed ourselves by being so underpriced for so long.

    1. If you don’t see the link, then you have previously already canceled the auto-renew. (I added a note to the article to include this, thanks for the heads-up.)

  6. Seems like a smart move; I suspect your current subscriber base is pretty inelastic to price changes like this. It will raise folks’ expectations, but it sounds like you understand that and will be providing more/better content as well.

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