Debuts Virginia Tech Class of 2019 Target Board

Justin Fuente Virginia Tech 2019 Football Recruiting Target Board
Virginia Tech’s Class of 2018 is wrapped up. Now, the Hokies are turning most of their focus to the 2019 class. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

With National Signing Day in the rear view, Virginia Tech football can now turn just about all of their focus to the Class of 2019. Sure, the Hokies are already recruiting further ahead, but the 2019 class is now the focus.

The Class of 2019 is now the focus for TSL as well. Our Virginia Tech 2019 Football Recruiting Target Board is now live, for your viewing pleasure. We’ll keep this page updated throughout the recruiting cycle, updating it with commitments, decommitments, rating changes, etc. The Target Board will have the most up-to-date information available when it comes to Virginia Tech recruiting.


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  1. Could’nt help but notice at this point there are no offers to anyone out there less than 3 stars. Certainly a departure from the past and not that that is a bad thing. However, so much for the “we don’t pay attention to star ratings, we do our own evaluations” mantra. LOL

  2. Whoa. Hokies swinging for the fences at a lot of positions. Targets have some huge offer lists.

  3. that’s quite a board. looks like CZB was right::: there’s a(nother) 2019 5* and 4* talent draught in 757, and Virginia, in general, … so far. i know, i know; it’s early.

    Go Hokies!

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