TSL Podcast 361: How TSL Hired Andy Bitter (And More)

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TSL Podcast 361: How Tech Sideline Hired Andy Bitter

In this episode of the Tech Sideline Podcast, founder Will Stewart sits down with Senior Staff Writer Andy Bitter, diving into Andy’s journey to joining Tech Sideline. They discuss Andy’s layoff, his prior journalistic stops, and talk a little about life in the sports journalism world. (105 minutes)

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First Bank & Trust Company

About the TSL Podcast

Launched in August 2017, the TSL Podcast is the most widely listened-to and watched Virginia Tech sports podcast. It began as an audio-only podcast, then started streaming live on Facebook in March of 2019 with Episode 66. In the summer of 2019, we built the Tech Sideline Podcast set and started streaming live from the set on YouTube in August of 2019 with Episode 73. The last live podcast we produced was No. 285 in February of 2023; they are all pre-recorded and uploaded now.

You can listen on your favorite streaming platform or watch every episode on the Tech Sideline YouTube channel. Be sure to Like and Subscribe while on YouTube.

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About TechSideline.com

Tech Sideline is an independent publication, not affiliated with the university or its athletic programs, so we provide a unique perspective that appeals to the large and growing fan base of Virginia Tech Athletics.

Tech Sideline was launched on March 12, 1996 by 1987 Tech graduate (BSEE) Will Stewart as a small, personal web page. In 1997, the site evolved into HokieCentral.com, and in August of 1999, joined the SportsWar network of college sports web sites. In November of 2000, the site changed names to TechSideline.com, or TSL. Over the years, TSL has grown into what you see before you: a full-time Virginia Tech sports media company, complete with web site, podcast, YouTube channel, and large and active social media presences.

TSL is a member of the SportsWar network of college sports web sites. Visit SportsWar.com for more information.

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  1. I don’t fully believe you Andy. You are slowly becoming a secret fan. Fully agree with Palmetto.

  2. Great podcast. I love the personal insights. Especially with folks I’ve “known” for what seems like a long time

    I remember when Andy transitioned in from Kyle. I recall it was seamless because Andy took over all his “socials” at the time. That was also back in the day when I came to Hokie Central for the “Hokie News” links.

    I always wondered if he was getting paid at the Athletic based on some sort of commission based on how many followers he had. It seemed odd that there was a VA Tech section in the first place. I literally only read Andy’s columns on the Athletic

  3. Brilliant hire by you guys! Andy not-so-Bitter is one of the best… not only as a writer, but as a man.
    His addition has been the brightest move for this site in a while, and has certainly caused me to spend more time listening/reading the content.

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