Collin Schlee Commits To Virginia Tech

Collin Schlee
Quarterback Collin Schlee has committed to Virginia Tech. (UCLA athletics)

Collin Schlee
Transfer, UCLA
6-3, 225
1 year remaining

Virginia Tech picked up a commitment from UCLA transfer quarterback Collin Schlee (6-3, 225, Sr.) on Tuesday night. He has one year of eligibility remaining. He’ll strengthen a quarterback room behind Kyron Drones that, after Dylan Wittke’s post-spring departure via the portal, only featured redshirt freshman Pop Watson and incoming true freshman Davi Belfort.

Schlee is originally from Ijamsville, Md., (just outside of of Frederick) and signed with Kent State out of high school. He earned the starting quarterback job for the 2022 season, completing 59 percent of his passes for 2,109 yards with 13 touchdowns and five interceptions. He transferred to UCLA in 2023 and appeared in seven games for the Bruins. Though he didn’t get much time as a passer, he had three touchdowns and 425 rushing yards on just 42 carries (10.1 average) with a long of 57 yards.

Along with his overall experience level, it’s his legs that make Schlee a good fit for the Virginia Tech offense. He has amassed 1,126 rushing yards on 172 carries during his college career, averaging 6.5 yards per carry and scoring 11 touchdowns. He’s similar to Drones from a size/skill standpoint, meaning if he can beat Watson out for the backup job and something was to happen to Tech’s starter, the offense wouldn’t have to change very much.

Schlee also visited Kentucky and ultimately chose the Hokies over the Wildcats.

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  1. Looks like starter material to me. Is he just a backup, or are they going to work him in for some plays like an H-back? Can’t believe he’s going to replace Drones. I would imagine if they put in a backup QB, such as in a blowout, Pop’s the guy.

  2. I wish he had one more year. If Drones has a good year and leads VT to a good year he could declare for the NFL. Leaving us with Pops with little game experience and a Red shirt at QB for next year. Yes, a portal guy could come in but that’s a newby to the system.

  3. I like this as it is a one year stop gap to give Pop Watson his r-FR year to fully develop to starter down the road. If Drones gets hurt, the play calling won’t change as similar playing capability. I’m sure Pop would like to just get in there, but it is better for him to develop now, and not get thrown to the wolves too early. Some players want to play now, but development is not a bad thing.

    GO HOKIES!!!

  4. I know this is a football thread but does anyone think Patrick Wessler will start at center for Coach Young this year? I’m worried he will hit the portal at some point. Where is he in his development? A big man like that is a real asset. Thanks,

    1. I feel like if he was going to do it he would have already done it. And, I feel like if coach MY and his assistants are unable to get Wessler to the point where he’s a giant (pun intended) asset, then they aren’t good at developing talent. He needs more strength. He needs 3 or 4 unstoppable post moves (baby hooks). He needs to NEVER dribble when he receives the ball at the post. He needs to maintain his stance, feet and arms vertically on defense and never swat at anything…his size will be enough of a deterrent, and it will save his fouls for the end of games.

      1. CMY and staff don’t need Wessler to develop in order to prove they can develop players. They’ve already done that many times over.

    2. No. Poteat is your likely starter at center this year, with Luwal and Jones getting time at center behind him. Luwal will also have to play minutes at 4 when Burnham is out of the game, most likely paired with Jones at 5.

      I don’t see Wessler moving ahead of any of our other centers, including Jones, who is already ready to be in the rotation.

  5. This is a solid move by the Hokies. It doesn’t impact Pop’s trajectory at all for next year. Pop’s concern is Davi’s development and whoever else appears in the portal next year.

    1. Pops size is always going to concern me. He is not built for a lot of contact. I have heard he gained weight but he is small framed guy, dicey!

  6. Hope Schlee is not here to replace Drones if Drones transfers. Hope he is here in case Drones gets hurt

    1. well don’t worry about transfer, the portal is closed….

      also KD is NFL material and probably be in the NFL next year.

  7. Weird that a 19 year old possibly isn’t ready to play in front of more than 3k people… Good signing and hope Schlee enjoys the start of his grad degree and GA coaching. Hang in there, Pop, be ready, and everyone tell your ego to chill.

    1. always remember what Pry tells all players

      1. this place is always about competition to get better,. there is always someone challenging you for your job. His job as a recruiter is finding guys that will take your position… This will make Pop better.,

      2. Perfect fit, POP is no 2, and if he gets hurt along with KD, there is only Davi Balfort, true freshman. This guy from UCLA has one year left, experience, and cool in the position (he also is from Frederick and nice to have one more year with family close to him.

  8. He’s played a lot of ball. So let’s hope that translates into learning our playbook very quickly so he will be an effective QB if called upon.

  9. i get the talk about pop but this year 100% has to be a success; and he gives a little more insurance

  10. Well at least someone finally picks the Hokies over Kentucky. Welcome to the Hokies

  11. While I understand the why, I hope the coaches come to the conclusion that Pop Watson is the #2 to get more reps and be ready to take the starting role in the future.

    1. This can only reduce the number of reps that Pop gets in August. I hope this new guy is a quick study.

      1. Pop wasnt going to get a ton of reps in August , his development was happening this spring and will continue this summer

      2. If he’s not he won’t play. This season is one of our most important in memory- must have someone who’s been there taking snaps if needed.

  12. Pretty impressive film vs Washington and Oklahoma. I like him! Welcome to the family!

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