Virginia Tech Forward Mylyjael Poteat Announces Return

Virginia Tech forward Mylyjael Poteat is coming back for 2024-25. (Jon Fleming)

On Saturday, Virginia Tech forward Mylyjael Poteat posted on Instagram that he’s returning for his fifth season.

“After speaking with my family and my coaches, I’ve decided there’s no other place I’d rather be for my final year than Blacksburg,” Poteat said in his post. “Hokie Nation is special, from our coaches, our fans and our community. This is just the beginning, stay tuned. THIS IS HOME!”

Poteat entered the transfer portal on Wednesday but pulled his name out. He was one of six players from this year’s Hokies team to look at other opportunities — Sean Pedulla, MJ Collins, John Camden and Tyler Nickel all entered their names while Lynn Kidd already committed to Miami — but is the first to announce his return.

The 6-foot-9, 265-pound senior from Reidsville, N.C., played in 68 games over the last two seasons for the Hokies. In 2023-24, he averaged 6.4 points and 3.5 rebounds per game while shooting 64.4 percent. Poteat scored in double figures on six occasions, including four straight games from Feb. 17 to Feb. 27. He was an impressive 20-of-29 (68.9%) from the field in that span and averaged 5.8 rebounds.

As it stands, Poteat is the lone veteran returnee for Virginia Tech, who has seven open scholarships for next season.

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  1. Hey guys players are taking offense to the idea that they’re just chasing checks. Some of our guy choosing to leave have always wanted to be Hokies. It’s not all about money for everyone, its also how folks feel treated. Does anyone really believe Rodney Rice who could have been a 2 and done player intended to scratch an entire year? Let’s be more sensitive to the guys and maybe players will find Blacksburg a more attractive destination.

    1. I think you are right. If a player is happy with everything and has a chance to make some noise and play in a winning program that gets to the big tourney regularly then they wouldn’t leave. Even well-seasoned and experienced basketball coaches and announcers posed the question about the Hokies: “They have all the pieces and talent, I just can’t figure out why they aren’t winning more games”.

  2. Awesome. MP is a beast and a heckuva player. We’ll need him next year. If Wessler can lift weights and get strong enough to move that body around more quickly he will be a beast as well, at a minimum, as a defender and rebounder.

  3. Am I the only one who keeps looking for that big David Cunningham article to drop explaining exactly what is going on or at least write several paragraphs saying that “its the NIL money folks”. David, you have spoiled me (us) with your insights, so please send that one up.

  4. My guess is that Poteat was influenced by Kidd’s signing up with Miami. He was probbly tired of being a back up. Now thinks he will be a starter. Maybe he was eve assured of that. And maybe not. But he has a shot at it.

  5. “seven open scholarships for next season”
    – so these players are making hundreds of thousands and still get a free ride for whatever schooling they may happen to participate in?

  6. Great to have Poteat back for another season – I hope VT finds the money for Pedulla as well.

  7. Does this mean that (I’m assuming some stipulations) players who have entered the portal are welcomed back?

    1. We need another center out of the portal as our starter. Poteats a great backup. The guy we get needs to be a stretch center

  8. No way that Duke was going to pick him up. They are loaded and not going to spend &500k on a ten minute guy

    1. And you know this how? If you have almost unlimited NIL you do what you need to have a super team. Duke can afford whoever they like.

      1. Well, maybe not. Back in the day, big men were terrible FT shooters. so I’m still amazed by that, sure, like being amazed at power steering. Anyway, this was a cheerleading exercise, good to have someone back.

  9. Meaning “I couldn’t find more NiL money so I’m coming back”

    I guess they have to do this, but doesn’t mean I have to like it.

    Whatever…..I still feel like the guy whose wife cheated on him but begs forgiveness and “won’t ever do it again”.

    1. Or, maybe a family member who left home, realized they made a mistake, and came back. It happens sometimes, and you’re both grateful they are back.

    2. We don’t all have the same experiences that affect our decisions even if we do think the same way.

    3. Wait a second – one of our basketball players created the same feeling as a cheating wife does?

      1. Betrayal……u get the point.

        If he could have got more money he wouldn’t have come back, now it’s this BS “I’m coming back home”.

        Just not buying it….but u can.


    4. Wow, Did you ever look at another company and decide not to leave? I sure did, and there was absolutely nothing but dedication to my current company. Glad he is staying. Best

      1. +1 Hokie TC. This is the primary fundamental fans seem to not get. Collegiate Football & Basketball is business (for coaches & players). It’s all about BEST PLACE available-always has been. Seeking a $50 – $100 an hour job when you’ve been making $25 – $50 doesn’t make a coach, player, or every-day person a horrible person. Seeking more is being accountable to yourself and your self-potential.

  10. “the first to announce his return”. I hope that is a subliminal message for more good news.

    1. Why?

      Our team was average and didn’t even make the tournament…..why do we want them back?

      Just to be average again?

  11. But, but, but, another board’s poster said Duke was offering him $500,000!! Guess he just doesn’t need that much cash. :>/
    Seriously, welcome home, big guy!!

  12. Ending solid career as a Hokie is gotta be worth a few free beer at TOTS over a lifetime!

  13. So glad to see Poteat returning- first good news for HOKIE fans in a while. My guess is you will see more players returning after they see that the grass is not as green on the other side of the fence as they thought it would be.

    1. One of our women’s recruits 6’3″ Myah Hazleton said her commit is still good yesterday.

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