Virginia Tech Basketball To Play Penn State In Baltimore In November

Mike Young and Virginia Tech will play Penn State in Baltimore next season. (Jon Fleming)

On Thursday, The D1 Docket reported Virginia Tech men’s basketball will play Penn State on Thursday, November 14, in a neutral-site game in Baltimore, Md., at CFG Bank Arena (14,000).

It’s the second addition to the Hokies’ non-conference schedule for 2024-25 after their participation in the Fort Myers Tip-Off from November 25-27 was previously announced.

Tech last played in Baltimore on Nov. 26, 1949, in a game at Loyola (Md.). It’s appeared in the city on three other occasions: 1921 at Collegiate Stars, 1920 at Johns Hopkins and 1914 at Mount St. Joseph.

The Hokies last met Penn State in the 2022 Charleston Classic, a 61-59 victory. They’re 7-4 all-time against the Nittany Lions and 2-0 at neutral sites. The other instance was a December 1966 meeting in Jacksonville, Fla., a 67-65 Tech win.

Former VCU coach Mike Rhoades is the current head coach in Happy Valley. He took over for current Notre Dame coach Micah Shrewsberry and posted a 16-17 record (9-11 Big Ten) in his first season. Tech assistant J.D. Byers worked on his staff in Richmond and at his previous stop at Rice.

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  1. I agree that this is a baffling announcement for TSL to repost given the timing. Most of us TSLers are scratching our heads this week wondering what in the world is going on with the attrition in the MBB program. Personally, I am hoping for a TSL Subscriber article very soon offering insights into the current state of the MBB program. From my viewpoint, something appears to be awry in the program.

  2. This is a tremendous loss of athletes, all at the same time, and all having come in through the portal. There has got to be more than one reason why they do not want to play basketball for Va Tech…….or is there???? We had best find an answer quickly.

    1. My guess is one of the bigger reasons is we’ve probably been paying most of them chickenfeed and this is their way of letting it be known.

      1. I was wondering if that was the case too, but has any other team lost their entire starting lineup to the portal? Just took a quick look at the and saw no headlines about players entering the portal. So, WTF is going on in Blacksburg?

  3. Well, let’s see, first Liz Kitley tears an acl just before tournament time, thereby ending any hopes of making a highly anticipated deep run into the WBB NCAA tournament. Kenny Brooks decides to head for Kentucky two days after the season is over leaving the future of the WBB program up in the air. And all the returning starters and one backup for the men’s basketball team enter the transfer portal leaving just three seldom used scholarship players. As they say, when it rains, it pours. And right now it’s raining cats and dogs in blacksburg. Not to mention Rodney Rice, the program’s highly coveted player, decided to leave the program before the season even started. The latest news is that we’re playing Penn State in the fall. Well now, that seems out of place. I mean I can’t fault you for reporting the news, but c’mon….what’s going on here? Did somebody make a deal with the devil and now we have payback?

    I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life. Not that I know anything, but I wonder how much of this is connected, if anything. It’s like there some major event looming on the horizon that might explain all of this, but I don’t know what. I have seen some click-bait on youtube indicating that VA Tech might be left out of some future conference re-alignment, but that seems like a stretch. Maybe there’s nothing on the horizon and we recover just fine. Or maybe we end up in the (gulp) Sun Belt Conference. It all seems kind of spooky, if you ask me.

    1. “when it rains, it pours”

      It’s simple – the Virginia Tech sports curse. The game was probably planned before the ship tore up the FSK bridge. And the curse is why VT has never won a team National Championship – one of only now two Power 5 schools not to have. Doesn’t include Oregon State and Wash State now that they’re floating in the wind. .

      As for Rice – his comments about why he finally chose very self-serving at best. Bottom line – VT didn’t fit his style – of play. But – he’s just some more spilt milk. .

  4. a couple of the above comments are a bit rude. Don’t shoot the messenger for the message. Having said that, David, it would help if you either get an interview with CMY or White, or both, about what is going on with the program. No matter what a few posters say to lose this many players this quickly is just not normal. We need a little investigative reporting. Thanks.

    1. Really? I know fans are all upset, but it’s news that came out. Would be weird if Techsideline didn’t post this info. “Moron”? Really? Cmon…

    2. Of course he prints this article, it’s news. And we will be getting players over the coming weeks

    1. Do you eligibility left? Maybe you can go out there and give it the old college try! Doubt it but go ahead anyway and try. Need players for the team, seems like you may be the answer!

  5. Living just outside Baltimore, I’ll be there no matter who suits up. It’s interesting that VT played Mount St Joseph in 1914. I went to high school there before I became a Hokie. MSJ has been around since 1876. My sons go there now. But back then it must have been considered a college. I guess Towson is not considered Baltimore because I remember attending a Seth Greenberg team beat Towson during his reign.

    1. Ha! I was at the Towson game, Bryan Randall and Jeff King from the football team played as walk-ons. Beat’em by only ten points. Not that game but remember a GT poster wondering when was the last time you ever heard of a ACC walk-on.

  6. If we did not lose our TV money, we could self exile the basketball program for one year. Move the saved NIL money to the football team. Unbelievable.

  7. Penn State wins due to forfeit by VT- maybe we can recruit a few intramural players to fill in.

  8. Taking the Blacksburg HS Varsity up there to play, in case our 3 scholarship players get injured.

  9. I had a very good day shooting in my 70+ league this morning and have eligibility remaining as I was cut from freshmen team in Fall 1970. I’m available to suit up in Baltimore.

  10. Holy absolute terrible timing of a press release!!! Who sent this press release out???

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