Sean Pedulla Enters The Transfer Portal

Sean Pedulla
Sean Pedulla has entered the transfer portal. (Virginia Tech athletics)

Virginia Tech point guard Sean Pedulla has entered the transfer portal and will “strongly consider” a return to Virginia Tech for his senior season.

Pedulla appeared in 102 games for Virginia Tech during his career, starting 66 of them. A two-year starter at point guard, he helped the Hokies win the ACC as a key backup in 2021-22 before taking over the starting duties last season. For his career, he averaged 12.1 points, 3.0 rebounds and 3.2 assists per game.

In 2023-24, Pedulla started 32 games and averaged 16.4 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 4.6 assists per game. He shot 42.4% from the field and 32.5% from three-point range while connecting on 80.1% of his free throw attempts.

Pedulla’s decision has been considered likely since mid-February. Starting center Lynn Kidd entered the portal on Monday.

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  1. On a side note, I like his post. No emojis, no exclamation points, no hashtags, no gratuitous statements about loving Blacksburg and Hokie Nation. Just lays the situation out there.

  2. I always say, “Live by the Peds, die by the Peds.” Couldn’t be more true now!

  3. Saw on 247 that he is an Oklahoma commit. Best of luck SP! I enjoyed watching you the last three years.

  4. Seems to me Sean received more criticism than he deserved. He has his days, both good and bad. We just didn’t have the ability to win on the road. The portal and NIL have made college sports more and more unwatchable. In most cases money corrupts just like power and in both cases, the more you have, the worse it is.

    1. I hope the fans who have been on his case are happy w/Sean’s decision ans all the others. .

  5. Hope you guys are happy now. He was trashed on this board over any mistake he made. Bunch of idiots on this board.

  6. School and team loyalty is a rare commodity these days – not to mention integrity.

      1. For sure – although probably happens at a lot of schools I don’t blame him a bit if he leaves.

  7. In the NIL world it is not surprising or insulting for someone to “test the water.” I hope he comes back. PGs that average 16 ppg are quite rare and I love his “petal to the metal” approach. This approach does result in a few painful TO’s; but he has been an excellent Hokie and teammate.. He will be missed for sure if he leaves.

  8. I am so confused about these portal entries. First of all, I am happy Pedulla is entering. It’s not all his fault but he was not used to suit his skill set. He was never a point guard by nature. Loose with the ball, slack passes that got turned over. He could shoot the rock though. I would have had Collins run the offense (since he was a non offensive threat) and have Pedulla and Catoor coming off screens and setting up on the wing for shots. Pedalla loved to drive to the rack with no idea of how he was gonna finish. Alot of blocked shots and steals as a result. Any ACC team with a fan base like ours can find ballers out there. Just look at some of these tournament teams. There are ballers everywhere! Go Hokies. Not sure about Youngs talent eval. To me Sean was not a D-1 point guard. Just saying

    1. Collins is a below average ball handler for a wing, let alone a point guard. The less he’s putting the ball on the floor, the better.

  9. I hate he and the others are entering the portal! Unfortunately, that is college sports today!! That being said, VT should not consider taking anyone back once they put themselves in the portal. I hope it works out for him and I wish all of them the best.

    1. Wrong. He has earned the right to test the financial market, just like all the rest… if we can pony up money for him, then why not take him back?! One year left…

      Our old reasons to not accept anyone back from portal are age old and defunct thinking…

      1. Agree. He’s looking for a better deal. Hard to blame him. Also hard to be a fan of all this.

        1. I don’t fault him looking for a better deal but I do not think it has to be a two way street. Once that mind is made up to do this we need to move on and not take the player back.

          1. Just wrong. We are recruiting the portal. He is in the portal. He should be recruited by VT.

      2. You are wrong! Once you have made up your mind then the program needs to move on and make other plans. The program should not be held hostage and in my opinion you decided to test the market and for the most part a reason to leave. If I have an employee the same way I do not even accept their notice. I pay them that day and move them out. Age old I think not, If disgruntled will be poison to the rest.

    2. Such a hypocritical comment. I guess you are never allowed to look for a different job either.

      1. Once I decided to tell folks I was leaving I was leaving. This is not hypocritical but if you are to that point you are no longer an asset but rather a poison to the program. If he has gotten to the point of saying I am getting into a portal and yet if I don’t get what I want leave the door open for me!! Now what could possibly be hypocritical about that mindset! No close the door.

  10. I love how this board views people differently. KB vs Pedulla comments are hilarious. Somewhat different situations, but not too far off.

    Men’s basketball is turning into a trainwreck. This has gone from downward trend to tailspin fast. Just think if the coach was someone that people didn’t like…like Fuente. The fake stories would be flying left and right. But with this much time in to get his team, CMY’s teams are looking not so great.

  11. Let him go. He is a mediocre point guard in another program. Now, do we have anyone to replace him, no. Can we get someone thru the portal, probably. We have to consider that CMY could replace him. I’m not sure a top 20 program needs him. Most of the blue bloods have their pipeline, and it stays pretty full. I’m over the leaving for greener or blue(er) pastures. Be a HOKIE or don’t. Let’s go all in.

    1. I don’t think he is a mediocre point guard, and he knows the Mike Young system. Any replacement through the portal would have a learning curve to conquer unless they are younger. But we do need to hit the portal heavily.

    2. When you consider the win record at home against teams that have now gone to the sweet sixteen, I don’t consider them in a tailspin. A lot of the road games they lost were very close. We’re better off today because ofCMY and like many teams just a piece or two away from being very good. He attracted taller players than ever and three point shooters. He’s done well and deserves the credit. This whole portal and NIL has changed the landscape of all college sports. Before some criticize to much they should pony up more in the NIL so we can compete with other programs. Otherwise we’re like a VW running in the Daytona race. I do agree to not take him or anyone back that enters the portal.

      1. Totally disagree. Sean had no help as backup. Rechtsteiner is not an ACC caliber player. Look at his stats the last half of year. He essentially didn’t play because when he did it was turnover city. Sean took a ton of heat and Young did him no favors with his recruiting misses. Next year will be very interesting

      2. Herbie (VW bug) won those races

        We go look / take people we want and if there is a space available when he is ready to decide then it’s CMY to make a call but don’t hold any spots (go get who you want/can get and call it a day and move on). Let’s roll out our new 10 and see how it plays out.

  12. As expected, he knew next season will be “train wreck” and he will be asked to join a top 20 team.
    Also, he was “hurt’ by all the negative critics on this board. Best of luck Sean, you gave us all you had and was bad-mouthed too often.

    Ok Coach Young, please provide us Old Hokies a miracle next season.

    1. That’s assuming a lot…I find it hard to believe that fan criticism is part of this. EVERY passionate fan base has message board morons and drunks in the crowd that spout off when the team loses. As for the “train wreck”, is Tech really that far behind in basketball NIL? Look at the avalanche of players leaving Louisville. Their NIL is supposedly the best in the ACC. There’s more to it.

      1. Agreed. You don’t have to search very far on the internet to find criticism.

        It’s not a unique thing to VT at all. Clemson’s hoops board was burning the coach and team to the ground two weeks ago. Glad they didn’t get their feelings hurt and transfer before the ncaa tourney.

  13. Money ruins everything…except when you have it and then it’s really, really great stuff!
    I appreciate someone leaving for more money, i do the same. And if the product put before me on the Hokie court or field isn’t deemed worth the cost i will put my money and time some place else. I will support whoever is a Hokie but i wont make the trip and spend the funds to watch a poor product. Reinforce success. so for now my money will sit on the side.

  14. This is one of those instances in life we all have had and look back and say, “what if”. For him it will be, “what if” I would have entered the portal and gotten a little NIL $ that I would have never received otherwise. Best of luck young man and thanks for all your hard work and representing the school.

  15. We will definitely need a program when we watch games next year to know who is on the court for Va. Tech.

  16. What a tough two days for basketball at Tech. I doubt we are done with portal moves. Feeling sad for both men’s and women’s basketball today.

  17. He has been wrongly criticized. The only player that can drive fearlessly to the basket while also shooting it. The ball always had to be in his hands as there weren’t many other options until the end of the year. I would hate to see him go. Appreciate his level of play in comparison to rest of the team.

    1. Yes. In his shoes I’d do the same. He has a chance to make 6 figures next year, which could be his highest basketball payday ever.

      1. $100,000
        Minus taxes and other expenses
        Might cost him a good job with Tech alum
        Is it worth it ??

        BTW it is stupid to watch what social media posts about you….imho

        1. Might cost him a job with a Tech alum?? No one is that petty and if they are, I wouldn’t want to work for them anyway. Let the young man make his basketball money now while he can.

      2. This I’m afraid is the likely progression of most athletes. Play a year or two and then find out what you are worth. And I don’t blame them one bit. Maximize your earnings when you can.

  18. Sorry Sean, all available resources are going to football – besides, next season’s MBB isn’t going to make the NCAAT with or without you. Good luck on your portal effort.

    1. Our ability to retain him absolutely could make a difference in making the NCAA. He’s testing the market for his value and has much as said in this post that he’s open to VT meeting his market value to retain him.

      That is how the player retention game is played now. If I were him I would be doing the same thing.

  19. Fans have been criticizing him and his turnovers for months. Now, he enters the portal, and they are up in arms. Which one is it?
    Our team was thin, and he was asked to do a lot. He won some games that we would not have been in without him.

    1. I blame Rice
      Jew than Pedulla. His turnovers in losses were critical but he also was asked to play way too much PG. Between Rechsteiner being less than ready & hurt some too, it was too much
      It’s not a coincidence that spelling him with Collins handling the ball more helped him play better down the stretch

      1. So, you blame the Jews? Do you follow Stanford, Cal and/or the Ivy League too?

        But I agree with Collins handling the ball more helping out.

        1. Easy does it. “Jew” most likely a typo and spell check correction. Some things are best ignored.

    2. Any fans who criticized him in the vile manner they did, should just shut up about him leaving.

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