Mylyjael Poteat Enters The Transfer Portal

Mylyjael Poteat
Mylyjael Poteat departs after two seasons. (Jon Fleming)

Virginia Tech center Mylyjael Poteat has entered the transfer portal.

Poteat played for the Hokies for two seasons after transferring in from Rice. Limited by injuries in 2023-24, he averaged 6.4 points and 3.5 rebounds while playing 14.5 minutes per game. He shot 64.4% from the field.

Sean Pedulla, Lynn Kidd, MJ Collins and John Camden have also entered the transfer portal. Virginia Tech currently has seven open scholarships.

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  1. Now we have 7 open scholarships? Has UVa had anyone go in the portal?
    Something is happening in our program, for that many to leave.
    I hope CMY can bring in that many quality replacements!

  2. Lol! Who hasn’t hit the transfer portal? Is there at least a couple of guys that haven’t?!!

  3. Of course, someone inside the program knows what’s going on. Hunter certainly does. But who is going to talk about it honestly?

    1. From an inside source, it’s mostly about NIL. Kidd, Collins, and Poteat want 6-figure+ deals. Pedula wants to play in the big dance. Camden just wants playing time.

  4. Would like to learn more about those who enter the portal and never find a landing spot or land at a place a couple of tiers below where they left.

    Nobody talks much about that from what I see. Does NIL and the portal have a dark side and who is advising athletes about that?

    1. I think I read it’s 40% who never find a spot. I imagine it’s 40% who drop down a level whether that’s D2 or a weaker conference, leaving 20% to make a move up or vertically. Some of that is subjective obviously. Fact is, kids want to play and if you can’t even get minutes as a soph/junior, you’re not going to the league, so might as well drop down a level and have fun playing basketball. See Joe Bamisile. Got minutes at GW and VCU. No minutes at VT or OU. Some are coach driven. Rice/Buchanan. Then again, some kids just want to play in front of family their final year. See Kidd/Pedulla. Or others are politely encouraged to look around. See Camden and maybe Collins.

  5. Too much smoke for there not to be a fire! What is really going on in the program?!?!

    1. Has to be MORE than just NIL. Coach Young in his 6th year, faces more challenges that he did in year one when Buzz left the cupboard bare. So yes PLEASE, “What is going on?”

      1. Nope – it is NIL. You guys are overthinking things. Players like playing for CMY. It isn’t just us as there are players all over the place looking for more $$$. Until there is more NIL regulation of some very deep unknown donor makes a huge investment, we will be on the hind end of things basketball wise as most of our NIL money is going towards football – which I understand but don’t like all that much.

  6. This is a total bunch of horse manure. This is what you get with NIL and the portal.

    1. Time to focus on baseball, softball, and other springs sports and let the folks in VT administration work out the details. We have 8 months to figure out basketball.
      The serenity prayer is in order.

      1. I believe you are right. Worrying about this stuff now, especially with everything happening all at once, will drive even the most loyal Hokie fan crazy.
        We have a NEW NATIONAL CHAMPION Wrestler in Caleb Henson, we need to honor and recognize his accomplishments, and the Baseball and Softball teams are doing well.

    1. haha, it was the entire starting lineup before he announced. Keep in mind, I think it was TCU who make a lot of noise in the tournament last yr or year before with entire squad of portal additions.

  7. This is not medical reasons, if he is transferring.

    It just feels like a trainwreck in slo-mo. Next is our big commit leaving.

    1. Tongue in cheek comment. I realize women may also be leaving and guys are looking for more money. At some point, if an education, building lasting relationships and the college experience aren’t that important to them, why don’t these players just go pro. Talking about decent players who are playing, not bench guys looking to play more.

        1. +1

          BTW, It makes what Pry has done this offseason retaining almost all OUR CURRENT talent + bringing in additional talent all the more impressive.

      1. They are going pro. Just looking for a bigger payday due to larger NIL package.

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