Virginia Tech C Lynn Kidd, F John Camden Enter Transfer Portal

Virginia Tech center Lynn Kidd has entered the transfer portal. (Ivan Morozov)

On Tuesday, Virginia Tech center Lynn Kidd and forward John Camden entered the transfer portal. They are the first and second Hokie men’s basketball players to do so this offseason.

The Kidd news was shared by 247 High School Hoops and was also reported by 247Sports, while Verbal Commits broke the Camden news. Camden confirmed his departure in a post.

The 6-foot-10, 235-pound Kidd finished third in voting for the ACC’s Most Improved Player this season after averaging 13.2 points and 6.5 rebounds per game, upticks from marks of 5.0 and 3.4, respectively, last season. He led the conference in field goal percentage and ranked fourth nationally at 66.8 percent.

A senior from Gainesville, Fla., Kidd has one year of eligibility remaining due to COVID. He spent three seasons in Blacksburg after transferring from Clemson in 2021. He scored in double figures in 24 of Tech’s 33 games this season, highlighted by a 31-point, 11-rebound double-double on Dec. 21 vs. American.

Camden, a 6-8, 220-pound redshirt sophomore from Downingtown, Pa., played in 37 games over two seasons for the Hokies and scored 55 points. Originally a top-100 recruit out of Brewster Academy, he transferred to Tech from Memphis in 2022 but never found a role. He made seven of his 15 3-pointers this season but played in just five ACC contests.

The departures give Tech at least eight scholarship players for next season, and center Mylyjael Poteat still has the option to return.

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  1. The NCAA and the courts have made mercenaries out of college athletes. Turns out that getting a free college education just wasn’t enough.

  2. Remember Kidd when he was in his first and second years playing here? Not very effective. At all. Wessler is more effective than Kidd at the same point in time. It would be foolish to sleep on Wessler. If he hits the weights hard this summer and works on his game he will be VERY difficult for other teams to deal with next year. It’s all about making him STRONGER so he can move that body around quickly. Defensively, that alone will make him a beast.

  3. I’m sure a lot goes into these decisions. Kids that decide to stay at a school because they love a particular experience are going to be much more the exception than the rule. I honestly don’t blame anyone from the men’s BB team for looking at options. Mike Young is a great guy and an exceptional offensive coach but the program doesn’t appear to be on an upward trajectory when you think these past two years should have been the time to make a run (more upper classmen with key contributors near end of eligibility).

    Whether it be NIL money, the opportunity to go to a program with a better chance of making the NCAA’s, or more player time for reserve players, there aren’t a ton of compelling reasons to stay at VT at this point.

  4. I posted after the ACC that I would not be surprised if Kidd & Pedulla hit the portal, to play with a top 20 team. Just the other day I posted CMY should tell Camden & Wessler to portal, neither are D1 talent. Now expect Pedulla to leave since he know how little talent we will have. Unless CMY can find 4 high quality players in the portal, we will be really bad team come next season.

    That said, good luck to Kidd and Camden.

    1. Not D1 talent? LOL Hope you don’t try to make a living trying to evaluate basketball talent. They ARE D1 talent, just not ACC level. Camden may land with a LaSalle or St. Joes, which is more his level. Wessler may not even portal but if he does, he’ll find a spot somewhere in a P5 program. You can’t teach 7’0″.

  5. The portal will eventually kill all of major college men’s and women’s sports. Those of US who pony up the majority of outside money to these programs are jaded and tired if this and our contributions overlooked and devalued by the college athletes…no loyalty except for alumni..not enjoyable anymore!

    1. Portal, NIL and conference realignment makes college sports less and less enjoyable to follow every year. It’s putting ‘me’ before ‘team’. And it was the team aspect that used to make it great.

    2. 100% agree. Talk about loyalty , let’s talk Brooks.The Hokie Nation held him in highest esteem but that was obviously not tit for tat on his part . I can not imagine how his players must feel. He sure could not care less about them. Not sure how I would react if I were a player’s parent. Wonder how long his talks with Kentucky have been going on. I am very disillusioned .

      1. I agree. While some will most likely go with him to Ky., I could see some kids, and parents as well, say WTH? My daughter loved CKB but she also loves VT and has a lot of non-basketball friends there. Puts a lot on some of these families. My son went through a college coaching change with a coach he absolutely would have walked through fire for. When he left the program for more money, he was devastated but decided he wanted to finish his basketball career there. What will these ladies decide to do? No clue. All may leave, a few may depart. We don’t know. I would hope WB has talked to each player and their parents, until the new HC can contact them all. Maybe I’m naive. Just hoping the program doesn’t fall as far as many believe it will.

        1. Yeah, I wonder how kids will feel. Because they are attached to VT. They won’t blame him. But, I assume that if they had to choose to root for UK vs. VT they would choose VT and be more passionate about the VT women’s program.

          1. I am sure one of the assurances to KB may have been NIL related to help get the best talent, If WB was truly offering him top 10 $$ to stay and it isn’t the $$ that had him bolt. Many college players commit to a coach. When you add in financial reasons for them to leave (which many of them will not be pro bound, so NIL is huge to start their life after college), then the money will be a huge decision maker.

    3. Agree 100%. I will continue to support my alma mater financially but I am over the current state of college athletics. I have always purposed my donations to the scholarship fund. I am probably going to discontinue that direction for its use.

    1. For what job? Men’s asst.? There’s no men’s hoops HC job open at VT.

  6. Kidd couldn’t play when he got to VT but to his credit he worked diligently on his game and improved greatly. At time though this year he looked like he was not having fun.. he is smart know in seeing what the market can do plus also knowing our current bball team is adequate at best so the chances of making the dance is slim. Good luck Lynn Kidd

    1. Kidd improved quite a bit at VT, but he does not have the bulk that we need to compete in the ACC or any other major conference. I wish him the best. His talents may be a plus along side a muscle big man.

    2. I considered him a stiff when he got here, and give lot of credit for his development to MY. Be interesting to see where he lands of course.

  7. David — does mens staff have someone dedicated to just the transfer portal aka~ similar to football?? That is to present good matches to VT system for Coach Young or connections to our program??

  8. I imagine Lynn is going home to play for Florida so his Mom and sister can see him play every game his senior season!! Good luck Lynn!!🏀🏀

    1. I’ve heard that before. 😉 If it becomes true, Tech will continue to be the U of Florida’s farm system for men’s basketball.

      1. 2 Centers no less. Kerry Blackshear was the SEC preseason POY when he transferred. He didn’t pan out that well. I don’t know if UF even has a need at Center or if Lynn would be good enough to be recruited by them.

      2. Although much improved this year, Kidd isn’t good enough to play for Florida.

        That said, I wish him luck wherever he ends up. You only get one chance to chase your dream.

  9. Kidd was the man coming back ! I don’t get this one unless somebody offered by bucks!

    1. It’s all about the money. No loyalty at all. Portal and NIL has destroyed college sports. From football to field hockey and every sport in between.

      1. You’ve got that right. I think as a fan you can’t count on a player or a coach to stay so you just stay detached to protect yourself emotionally. That leads to disinterest and lack of support across the board. I think sports are being run for the gaming industry. That’s it.

    2. His minutes were decreased as year progressed. He can’t bang for 35-38 minutes like Sean who will probably be the next to leave.

    3. Let’s put it this way: He wanted WAY TOO MUCH NIL cash and none of the coaches were begging him to stay. Apparently was a bit of a cancer in the locker room and even got into a fight. I’m sure he’ll land somewhere.

  10. Camden…understood. Kidd…not as understood. So, we rely on TSL for analysis, which no doubt will emerge in the coming days.

    1. Here’s your analysis: a center with Kidd’s offensive skills can probably get $250k in NIL money.

    1. 🏀 board gossip has him and Sean leaving.

      Lots of opportunities for transfers and the rookies coming in.

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