Sidney Stewart Setting Up Spring Visits

Sidney Stewart
Defensive End, Class of 2025
Concordia Prep, Towson, MD
6-2, 230

It’s a careful, thought-out process that’s ongoing. That’s how Concordia Prep (Md.) three-star 2025 defensive end Sidney Stewart has tried his best to go about his recruiting.

Stewart claims 13 scholarship offers, most recently from Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh and West Virginia. The Hokies joined the group on Feb. 28.

In many ways, though, Stewart’s process is still in its infancy. He hasn’t taken any school visits since the first of the year. Tthat will change soon, as he has planned or is planning multiple trips for spring practices. After that, Stewart hopes he has a better feel of his options.

“I need to see more with these visits,” he said. “With the spring time, I think I’ll get some more offers. I’ve been blowing up more as a player. During the winter window, I got some offers, but I feel like the same thing will happen in the spring. A lot of guys have dream schools, then get there and say they don’t want to go there. I want to base my decision off the school itself, not just my perception of it.”

Stewart doesn’t have a set date to see Virginia Tech, though he said the spring game next month is a possibility. He’s developed a bond with the Hokies thanks to assistant coaches JC Price and Elijah Brooks.

“They’ve been talking to me since I was a sophomore,” Stewart said. “I’ve had a relationship with the coaches there, and they’ve spoken to me, my coaches and built a good relationship. And they have a great football program. The quarterbacks coach at my school played at Virginia Tech with Coach Price.”

Stewart said he talks regularly with both Price and Brooks, and they’ve kept his interest in making it to Blacksburg for a visit.

“A quality I like with coaches is when they hold you accountable,” Stewart said. “Sometimes, it feels like during recruiting, you get a false image of someone. But they’ve kept it real. One time, I showed them my highlight and they said good job, but they wanted to see more out of me. It’s a real interaction and doesn’t seem fake.”

The next planned visit for Stewart is March 30 to Maryland. Despite the proximity, however, this will be his first in-person trip there.

“I’ve already built a relationship with the coaches,” Stewart said. “For it being my hometown school and not that far, I haven’t been there. I have to experience it for the first time myself. I’ve always felt like it’s cool if guys at least consider their hometown schools, if not go there. All the best guys from Maryland are at Maryland. Not to say that’s my choice, not at all, but I’m definitely going to hear them out.”

On April 6, Stewart said he plans to visit Pittsburgh. It’s another option he’s not overly familiar with at this point.

“I just know that they’re very organized,” Stewart said. “Obviously, a lot of facilities are nice. The coaches have built a relationship with me. They’ve shown interest in not just me but my family, my mom and dad. They have a good football program, too.”

Right now, Stewart said he’s in no rush, but these visits and others will hopefully get him to a better position to get closer to any decision.

“I definitely want a place where I can be the most amazing football player, have a great career and go to the NFL,” Stewart said. “But I want structure for beyond football. I want people I can remain cool with, close with and when I graduate, I want to graduate with something that can help me. I want to major in chemistry. I just learned I love that this year.”

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  1. “The quarterbacks coach at my school played at Virginia Tech with Coach Price.”

    Who dat? Or did I miss something?

    1. Found a video from 2021 that said Scott Bailey was the new qb/ST coach. Doesn’t ring a bell but he could be gone already. Their website doesn’t give details on the position coaches.

  2. Chemistry is a tough major. Sounds like a serious student. Come give us a visit!

    1. Yeah…it’s the old-timer in me, but I really like getting kids that want to be STEM majors.

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