TSL Podcast 342: Virginia Tech Basketball in ACC Play

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TSL Podcast 342: Virginia Tech Basketball in ACC Play

Virginia Tech men’s and women’s hoops are battling it out in ACC play. The TSL Podcast brings you up to date on hoops and football as well. (69 minutes)

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About the TSL Podcast

Launched in August 2017, the TSL Podcast is the most widely listened-to and watched Virginia Tech sports podcast. It began as an audio-only podcast, then started streaming live on Facebook in March of 2019 with Episode 66. In the summer of 2019, we built the Tech Sideline Podcast set and started streaming live from the set on YouTube in August of 2019 with Episode 73. The last live podcast we produced was No. 285 in February of 2023; they are all pre-recorded and uploaded now.

You can listen on your favorite streaming platform or watch every episode on the Tech Sideline YouTube channel. Be sure to Like and Subscribe while on YouTube.

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Tech Sideline is an independent publication, not affiliated with the university or its athletic programs, so we provide a unique perspective that appeals to the large and growing fan base of Virginia Tech Athletics.

Tech Sideline was launched on March 12, 1996 by 1987 Tech graduate (BSEE) Will Stewart as a small, personal web page. In 1997, the site evolved into HokieCentral.com, and in August of 1999, joined the SportsWar network of college sports web sites. In November of 2000, the site changed names to TechSideline.com, or TSL. Over the years, TSL has grown into what you see before you: a full-time Virginia Tech sports media company, complete with web site, podcast, YouTube channel, and large and active social media presences.

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  1. You know, I can’t help but feel that there must have been some rule changes for on-ball defenders to reach-in and contact ball handlers. I mean looking at some of the fouls not called or called the wrong way, both in the men’s and women’s games, it’s as if the refs are prepared to make a no-call when an obvious foul is made. I’d like to see someone look into that and see if a rule change in that regard has been made. If not, then what the heck is going on?

  2. to Chris’ point about Amoore being out having a silver lining, it’s a conundrum that a coach would never do that deliberately even though it may end up helping the team longer term. You may not be able to recreate that artificially anyway, it may have to be a real crises to which the other players can respond heroically which gives them more ownership of the team. But yeah, it just seems like there ought to be a way to hand the ball to players and tell them Georgia and Liz aren’t playing tonight, it’s up to you to win or lose the game.

  3. With the turnovers for men’s basketball they can not create the same pressure in practice that they go against in the game might be a reason they don’t turn it over in practice.

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