Virginia Tech Cornerback Derrick Canteen Announces He’ll Enter Transfer Portal

Derrick Canteen played nickelback, cornerback and safety for Virginia Tech in 2023. (Ivan Morozov)

Virginia Tech is losing a versatile cornerback after Derrick Canteen announced Tuesday night that he’s entering the transfer portal after participating in the Military Bowl.

Canteen, who could have two years of eligibility left if he pursues a medical redshirt, transferred in from Georgia Southern before the 2023 season, played in all 12 games and started three. The Evans, Ga., native finished with 42 tackles, the sixth most on the team, and had one interception, wearing several hats on the defense that included playing nickel, corner and safety.

Speaking to his versatility, Canteen’s 91.5 rush defense grade, per Pro Football Focus, was tops on Virginia Tech’s defense.

The departure of Canteen, who will need to finish his degree for immediate eligibility elsewhere without seeking a waiver, could accelerate a youth movement at cornerback, where All-ACC second-teamer Dorian Strong, who had as good a season statistically as any cover corner in the country, has an NFL decision to make in the next month. 

Mansoor Delane just finished his sophomore season as a starter, making 47 tackles and picking off one pass. The next wave of cornerbacks who signed in 2023, including Dante Lovett and Braylon Johnson, got their first taste of action and should take on a larger role in 2024. 

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  1. Good for him. Dude showed he could play at this level. Probably wants to go somewhere to be full-time or focus on playing a single position. He helped us this year, we helped him: his versatility and solid play will help him earn a shot at another program to hopefully live out a dream. This is the new world of college football with portal and NIL. I like that Pry is letting some guys play in the bowl games that are going to be leaving; they helped get us there and if they’re good guys and team guys, why not? Same thing with Lofton; he got squeezed here, and wants to start. He will likely transfer somewhere where he can start next year, so good for him. Hope they both ball out in the bowl game and again wherever they end up. as long as they’re not jerks, why not let them play? Bowl games outside of the playoffs are not much more than exhibitions anyway.

  2. It’s a new world out there. Transfer portal is affecting everybody. Best to embrace it and trust the coaches to replace the players lost with equal or better players. They’ve done a good job so far imo.

    1. exactly… the key word is TRUST.. and fans just need to chill….

      My gut.. Pry and company already knew what he was thinking… and moving on. however, I think is masterful, that he’s allowing the transfers to play in the bowl. That kind of strategic thinking is good to not burn any bridges……..

      1. Think he wants to win the game, period. all hands on deck. Bridge is already burned from the other direction so not sure how Pry can re-burn it. But, pragmatic decision on his part, win the bowl game first then move on.

        This does answer a question i had though, is Pry the “you portal, you’re gone” kind of guy? Apparently not.

        1. Why is the bridge already burned from the other direction when it is possible (not likely) he could stay with the team and not transfer? It has happened before.

    1. exactly, and the coaching staff knows it.

      That is why they invest so much on the high school recruiting. and the criteria.

      1. Do you really want to come to VT , and if you do we have “competitive NIL opportunities.

      2. VT will not look at any candidate who first word out of their mouth , how much money you can put on the table. Guess what.. with that VT will recruit a VT type player,.. many of the 5 stars from other power 5, NOT interested…..

  3. Other than a couple OL and a WR, I can’t really name a player that’s had a significant contribution at a Power 5 school once they transfer. Even worse has been a few guys with eligibility leave for the NFL early, not get drafted, and never hear about again… Need a S, a LB, a couple DTs, and an OL to keep up the momentum for next year.

    1. I think I would of preferred Hendon Hooker as a QB for a couple more years, his transfer hurt.

      1. Hooker would have still had one more year of Corn and Fu. No telling if he’d be the same QB we saw in Tennessee after that.

      2. sorry that’s history, the train is gone, As far as Im concerned FUENTE IS DEAD and out of my thought, and his program to me just black out.

    2. So one hand is saying portal guys don’t really have an impact with one hand and the other hand saying VT needs to get (impactful) portal guys to keep up momentum?

    3. It would have helped to have Hooker, Hudson and Nestor stay.
      It would help next year to have Wright stay.

  4. Gonna miss this guy. I do understand his desire to be an every down corner back. I’m glad he will play in the bowl game before he leaves and like others searching for a bigger role somewhere else, I hope he finds it. I am looking forward to the talented players that red shirted last year and hopefully help improve the defense.

      1. Versatile. As in a Swiss army knife has a blade, screwdriver, can opener, etc. Canteen plays corner, safety, nickel…

        1. Haha I think ombandit was clarifying that the top comment’s “army swift knife” phrase was actually intended to be “swiss army knife” rather than asking for the meaning

  5. I’m confused here. I thought that once you enter the portal, you do not play in a subsequent bowl. But Canteen talked about playing in the Military Bowl, didn’t he?

    1. It becomes a coach’s decision. Fuente really hated that players left and never let them play. It is more common that they don’t play but definitely possible because bowl games are still this season and as long as he isn’t signed to another team I guess it is fine

      1. You can enter and transfer a 2nd time without sitting out only if you graduate. You can transfer a 2nd time without graduating but must get a waiver or sit out a year

      1. No. Just wants to be full time starting corner. Could mean Delane & Strong are expected to return. This one hurts though. Very solid player

      2. Its not money. He is a good player, but he isn’t good enough to do significantly better than he is doing here. He wants a chance to be a starting CB and not a utility DB/Nickel like he has been here.

    1. I concur when you move up from Georgia Southern to VT that’s a pretty big leap with him having some pretty good results. There seem to be many factors that are driving this portal bus

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