Hokies Receiver Da’Wain Lofton To Enter Transfer Portal But Stay Through Bowl Game

Da’Wain Lofton had 35 catches for 410 yards in his Virginia Tech career. (Jon Fleming)

Another offensive player will enter the transfer portal for Virginia Tech, though he plans to stick around for the bowl game.

Receiver Da’Wain Lofton‘s name will soon appear in the transfer portal, a source confirmed, though he’ll stay with the team through the Military Bowl on Dec. 27.

[Editor’s note: Lofton officially announced his decision to enter the portal on Wednesday, Dec. 6.]

That’s three scholarship players from the Hokies to hit the portal since it opened Monday. Lofton will join tight end Dae’Quan Wright and running back Bryce Duke in looking for a new home.

A third-year player out of Fort Worth, Texas, Lofton has caught 35 passes for 410 yards and three touchdowns in his Virginia Tech career, though his playing time dwindled in 2023 after the Hokies brought in several transfer receivers.

After playing a prominent role in 2022, with 22 catches for 254 yards in 549 snaps, Lofton played just 164 snaps last season, catching six passes for 58 yards, with Jaylin Lane getting the nod as a starter in the slot. With the possibility that all of Tech’s top receivers return in 2023, playing time could have been limited again.

A 2021 signee, Lofton was part of Justin Fuente’s surge in Texas recruiting, signing with the Hokies after playing for one of Fuente’s former players from his time at TCU in high school. Counting Lofton, 15 of Tech’s 28 high school signees from that class will have moved on.

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  1. Actually had the chance to meet him when me and a friend were checking out facilities in the summer. He was one of a few players around for team picture day. He saw us checking out the locker room and said “come on in, it’s ok”. Wonderful young man! Very friendly. Made a great first impression. Have always pulled for him since then. He deserves what’s best for him.

  2. Agree it’s a good thing. Obviously he’s not leaving on bad terms. Pry said (paraphrasing) if the player behaves the right way, Tech will help him find a new home. Lofton is showing he’s a team guy. Or, maybe he knows where he’s going and his new team is fine with him finishing at Tech that way.

  3. Transfer for both Lofton and Canteen makes sense for them in terms of PT and the ability to show their capabilities as an every game player. Certainly they see it that way. Doubt NIL $$$ is a big issue in these cases.
    Allowing them to finish the season with their teammates in the bowl game is a good move on Pry’s part. I have no doubt it is a morale boost in the locker room. Pry is looking out for the player. Good for him.

    As another poster noted, Pry may have encouraged the moves, based on the development of younger players, expected returnees, and portal needs elsewhere.

  4. Hey Andy, Speaking of Wright, Chris Coleman calls him a 4 month football player, what does that mean?

    1. I took that as he only practices and works out over the fall. So he doesn’t try to better himself during winter and spring workouts

  5. Kudos to Lofton for staying with his teammates through the bowl – glad the staff allowed it

  6. With all our FR. receivers he would get less chances if he returned. This is not a surprise.
    Hope 0-9-12-83 also return. GO HOKIES!!!

  7. IMO – Thank you for being a Hokie, but your services won’t be needed for the bowl game. If I’m Pry, Lofton’s Hokie career is over. No hard feelings, but you don’t get to have it both ways.

    1. He plays a lot on special teams and seems to have a good attitude. If he wants to play he can play in my book.

      1. Agree Hokie Chris. I’m glad to see a player want to support his team through the end of the season. I hope he excels at his new team.

        1. Agree, it’s a different time. The portal was just part of college football today. You cannot blame players for making use of it. The fact that he wants to finish out the year through the bowl game is to his credit in my opinion. He’s a player for whom the portal probably makes sense. Thank him for his service, and wish him the best, and glad he’s sticking around through the ball game. Good luck to you.

    2. This makes absolutely makes no sense. It’s not 1993 anymore (and it would have made no sense even then). Would a pro team tell a player who hasn’t signed a contract yet for the next year – or has even indicated they planned to enter free agency – that they’re being dropped from the post-season roster? No, of course not. In this day and age of players opting out of bowl games, college teams should welcome anybody to the bowl roster who is willing to play and has put in the work for months or even years, but will have a better opportunity athletically, academically or personally elsewhere going forward after the season. Most fans don’t seem to realize that transfers are often mutually beneficial – and if anything benefit programs more than players.

    3. Whoa Nelly Pithokie – no need for an opinion here…
      Its the coaches decision to allow him to stay if he wants to – and the coaches said YES cause he’s a great teammate – its a win win for the bowl game team and he gets a chance to show another team more reps (if he gets them)…

    1. Sounds like an amicable split. Can’t help but look at the snaps and see why he’s looking to go elsewhere. From my understanding, he’s a pretty stand-up team guy too.

      1. He’s always been a worker. His weight room numbers are great. It just didn’t work out for him at VT.

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