Slow Start Hurts Virginia Tech In 39-17 Loss At No. 5 Florida State

Bhayshul Tuten and the Hokies roared back after a slow first quarter, but they were no match for No. 5 Florida State. (Virginia Tech athletics)

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida State scored 22 straight points in a dominant first quarter and repelled every Virginia Tech comeback with a long touchdown run the rest of the way, pulling away for a 39-17 win at Doak Campbell Stadium on Saturday.

The No. 5 Seminoles (5-0, 3-0 ACC) ran for 282 yards, getting 200 from tailback Trey Benson, who had touchdown runs of 62 and 85 yards.

The loss dropped the Hokies to 2-4 and 1-1 in the ACC at the midway point of the season. FSU outgained Virginia Tech 452-313.

The Seminoles shot out of the gates in the first quarter. Quarterback Jordan Travis twice connected with receiver Johnny Wilson for touchdown passes, with running back Lawrence Toafili adding a 28-yard touchdown run to make it 22-0 just 13 minutes in.

Tech flipped the script in the second quarter, getting on the board with a 29-yard John Love field goal after Kyron Drones ripped off a 40-yard run. A 16-play, 70-yard drive that included three fourth-down conversions right before halftime ended with a 5-yard Bhayshul Tuten touchdown run to get the Hokies within 22-10 at the break.

After Florida State outgained Virginia Tech 198-9 in the first quarter, the Hokies outgained the Seminoles 126-1 in the second.

Tuten took the opening kickoff of the second half back 99 yards to get the Hokies within 22-17. It was Tech’s first kick return for a touchdown since Demitri Knowles took one to the house against North Carolina in 2012.

FSU responded quickly and decisively, getting a 62-yard touchdown run by Benson, who was barely touched as he darted through the Tech defense and up the sideline, making it 29-17.

After the Seminoles went up 32-17 on a field goal, the Hokies threatened to score early in the fourth but got backed up into a fourth-and-22 from the FSU 36. Drones escaped from pressure and made a Herculean effort to get to the sticks but was pushed out a yard short for a turnover on downs.

On the next play, Benson went up the right sideline untouched for an 85-yard touchdown that put the game away.

Drones finished with 104 yards passing and a team-high 80 rushing. Malachi Thomas ran for 58 yards. Jaylin Lane was Tech’s leading receiver with six catches for 51 yards.

Up next for the Hokies is their homecoming game vs. Wake Forest on Saturday, Oct. 14 at 3:30 p.m. ET on the ACC Network.

Box Score: No. 5 Florida State 39, Virginia Tech 17

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  1. VTs offense is and will be fine. FSU is very good, but I thought VTs guys showed some steam here and there. More than I thought it would actually. It is their run defense that is the all out destroyer of this team’s chances to win against good teams. We’ve seen it since game 1. If our run defense were better, we’d be 4-2 or even 5-1.

  2. Wow to all the “too quick to judge”. Yes, we’d all like to have had a better last year and start to this year. But sometimes it takes a little time to rebuild. Pry has had to work with a lot of what Fu left him. He brought in some great players and has signed a good number more to arrive next year. Remember most new recruits won’t play their first year. We need help on the O line but they are not easy to find in the portal as we saw this year. I still have faith in Pry. I think he will continue to learn and improve as well. Glad all you haters weren’t in charge of things when Beamer started. VT would have never seen his greatness. Another school would have enjoyed those years. Go Hokies and here’s to all the faithful fans. The fans who are always there and don’t scream fire them all every time everything isn’t perfect; after every loss.

    By the way, anyone watch the Hoo Babies homecoming game yesterday. The stands might have been half full. At best. Gotta wonder how many of those there were W & M fans too. I remember going there to watch the Hokies play. We always had more fans than the home team.

    We’ve had a bit of a rough run but at least we have more than enough real fans to pack the stadium every game and not just after a win.

  3. In each of our 4 losses, I believe we have only had one good offensive quarter. It’s an odd pattern. It’s like it takes us a quarter to get going, then we get going, then they stop what got us going and we don’t have an answer. It is clear that we are a bit one dimensional with Drones although is a credible dimension. He doesn’t see the field well and overlooks open receivers. He either throws to the first target (which he focuses is on immediately) or scrambles to find someone else. I think it takes him too long to move through his reads. Hopefully, that will come with time. Still missing Jennings a lot.

  4. Was at the game, there’s a lot to take away from this.

    FSU is talented and VT gave them all sorts of trouble in the passing game. The team needs depth, athleticism, and experience at LB and Safety to stop allowing those long plays. That was a good OL and RB doing what talented players do at those positions, the talent and experience gap was real today.

  5. Team played hard but real frustrating to see our defense struggle so much on run defense. The fact that Stroman was our top tackler and didn’t play after targeting in 3rd shows how much we have linebackers and DE who are not getting it done. Where was Jenkins today and you could tell the coaches were trying other players like McDonald. Next week will have great impact on how the rest of our season goes

  6. FSU is the better team now. However we certainly did no embarrass ourselves. Drones and Tuten are quite a combination. I feel that almost every other game remaining is winnable if we clean a few things up.

  7. Andy – what’s the thought here in terms of the aggressiveness at times situationally (going for it on 4th down), but tepid play calls (qb sneaks or 2 yard passes).

    I honestly think the situation management leaves a bunch to be desired at times

  8. We are making progress on offense. Defense is regressing, especially our run defense. You would think that Pry would know how to have a better run defense. I am proud of the effort our guys put up,
    But please play better run defense.

  9. This game is a perfect example of why Tech is one of the worst Power 5 programs in the country. Babcock hires CJF from Memphis…and how did that turn out? 4years ago Florida State hire Norvell, who replaced CJF at Memphis. And look where FSU is right now? Crushing CJF’s replacement 39-17.
    It’s all about who you hire and then who those head coaches hire for their staff. Clearly Whit can’t get it right and neither can CBP.

    1. Totally Disagree. If you really thought we could be competitive in this game. Have another drink and dream. What year did you graduate from UVA ? Definitely sounds like a wahoo. You all are having a great season aren’t you. lol.

    2. go back to UVA, obviously you have absolutely no knowledge and experience in the college football. I even wonder if you have a degree. HokieCamp go back to your cave. I wonder if you have some social issues and just bitter with life. You need help. I feel sorry for your family… must be pretty abusive to live with

    3. Absolutely boneheaded take lmao, especially considering you’re completely ignoring how FSU fans were SCREAMING to replace Norvell after his second year of losing – he actually made the changes to his staff that were needed and their turnaround in the past 2 seasons has been impressive as hell.

      Despite getting smacked in the butt by a top 5 team, there were so. many. positives in this game. Between this and the Pitt game, I actually have a lot more confidence in the majority of the coaching staff and team in general going forward than I did going into this season.

    4. Fu was widely regarded as best available coach when hired obviously didn’t work out due to multiple issues including coaching and support issues. We have addressed some of the institutional support issues. I see some progress in this game and think we have had progress in recruiting as well but that takes time to show up in results. Not the time to bail on the AD and head coach yet yours seems to be a knee jerk reaction. Need to see how the rest of this season plays out

    5. Norvell won 3 games his first yr, 5 his second yr, and then last yr was a good one for FSU. This yr FSU has almost entirely redshirt Jrs and Srs in there 2 deep.
      Give Pry a chance and be a little patient. It takes time.

  10. We have 3 good players – Drones, Tuten, and Lane (yes including the D). Transfers all 3. Doesn’t say much for our recruiting and player development.

    1. You realize that FSU is the number 5 ranked team in the nation. They will be 3rd or 4th tomorrow. Tech may not have the talent of years past but to say they only have THREE good players is a stretch.

        1. We certainly lack coaching….and a large part of coaching is being able to recruit great talent. Thus Tech is on a long downward spiral for the foreseeable future.

        2. Yes. Let’s face facts. We threw up ON Dean Wormer.

          Q2-Q4 we played 17-17 ball. We covered the spread. We suck at run D. I think we’ll win 2-3 more games. We are better than last year.

      1. You realize too that the children will be posting after a loss and haven’t a clue about what Pry and staff really has to work with talent-wise. No, not just 3, but certainly not 44 players who could start for VT. You are so right. 21 FSU points today came on 3 plays against a defense with G5 linebackers!
        BTW, excellent post!!

        1. No matter what Pry and company have to work with talent wise that delay of game penalty on a very important 4th down was on the coaching staff and not the talent on the field. Decide to go for it and get the play in quickly.

          Pry is not acting like he realizes he is the head coach.

      2. Also, check out how many WR and others F$U brought in through the portal. With a portal transfer, there is a small sample of work in college ball. Those from HS have a sample against other HS. Often in HS there may be 2-3 real players on the team and 5-8 marginal. If you have more than that, then the team tends to roll over opposing teams. In college you start doiubling and tripling those numbers to 6-10 good players and 12+ that are marginal.
        1 BAD qtr, 1 good qtr, 1 poor qtr and another poor qtr. Rule of thumb, don’t give a team 22 points in the first qtr.
        GO HOKIES BEAT THE ‘deacs

    2. No it doesn’t say much for our recruiting in the late Fu era Pry has only been here for last season and this you are aware of that aren’t you???

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