Ryan Jones Jr. Commits To Virginia Tech

Ryan Jones Jr. committed to Virginia Tech on Monday. (Will Stewart)

Ryan Jones Jr.
Power Forward, Class of 2024
The Rock School, Gainesville, Fla.
6-8, 225

On Monday, four-star and top-70 forward Ryan Jones Jr. committed to Virginia Tech and Mike Young. He is the second commit in Tech’s 2024 class, joining Tyler Johnson, and the fourth-highest rated recruit in program history.

A 6-8, 225-pound forward/center from Gainesville, Fla., Jones visited Blacksburg in early September and committed a month later. He chose the Hokies over Florida, though he had a plethora of offers, ranging from LSU, Miami, NC State and Illinois to Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Louisville and Xavier.

Jones is a consensus four-star and top-100 prospect by recruiting services. Here are his rankings in the class by outlet:

ESPN: No. 63
Rivals: No. 67
247Sports: No. 69
On3: No. 98

According to the 247Sports composite rankings, Jones is just ahead of Rodney Rice in the program’s all-time commits. He’s behind Dorian Finney-Smith (2011), Nickeil Alexander-Walker (2017) and Landers Nolley (2018).

Jones is the third top-100 player to commit to the Hokies in Young’s tenure in Blacksburg, joining Joe Bamisile (No. 98, class of 2020) and Rice (No. 73). At No. 67 according to the 247Sports composite, he’s Tech’s highest-ranked recruit in the Young era.

Funnily enough, the lowest-rated recruit in the Mike Young era was the ACC tournament MVP when the Hokies won in 2022.

Jones’ commitment gives the Hokies 10 scholarship players for 2024-25, two of which are big men. Centers Lynn Kidd and Mylyjael Poteat also have the option to return for next season thanks to COVID.

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  1. David, perused this article when first posted; after your ‘five observations’ post, came back to read thoroughly. Really appreciate the scholarship player eligibility chart and your updates of same. Keep up the good work.

  2. Interesting that you don’t automatically bracket in Kidd and Poteat for 2024-25 season.

    Kidd in particular will be positioned to be the #1 option in the post in 2024-25 if his continues to grow as a player this season. If he has an exceptional year, I could see him going pro – but with Beran and Long in the mix at the 4/5, I’m seeing Kidd as the #3 option down low this year.

    And I’m not so sure Poteat will have any significant pro options following the 2023-24 season, so why not pick up that masters degree and bank some NIL.

  3. Obviously, Tech showed Jones tape of how Aluma and Basile were used, and how much is skillset for his position is valued. Now, if we can close on 4* center Eli Delaurier, who is supposedly down to Tech, Miss St and Texas A&M, this will be a super recruiting class.

  4. I suppose some of these services didn’t exist way back in the ’80s but isn’t Dell Curry our highest rated recruit? I think he was considered something like a top 20 or top 25 recruit at the time and the best shooting guard in the country.

      1. And (at least the story I heard) Terry Holland, then the coach at UVA, told Dell that Tech would be a better fit for him than UVA…

            1. I know I won’t let him and others forget. As smart as Seth Greenberg would like to make everybody think he is….boy DID HE BLOW IT with the Curry Brothers! Greenberg totally wrote Steph Curry off as too small. Steph immediately makes a NATIONAL impact at Davidson becoming the 2nd highest scoring freshmen in the nation behind Kevin Durant. You would think Greenberg (&Tech) would learn the lesson when its time to recruit Seth and get a second chance to make things right with the Curry’s second son. But NOOOOO, Greenberg only offers Seth a Gray Shirt instead of a full scholarship. What a slap in the face! The nerve of him after both parents are Tech Alum, Played, Bled, Excelled in their individual sports, and Donated generously to the Orange & Maroon over the years. Seth had to go Liberty out highschool before Duke because it was totally unexpected that he wouldnt get a full ride at VT and be in a VT uniform. Can you imagine what VT basketball AND Football, for that matter, would have been like had we offered and had both Curry brothers as Hokies knowing they were destined to be great like their father and mother. We would probably have a Basketball Championship trophy by the time they graduated or left the program. The publicity would have been unbelievable. It would have been our version of Deion Sanders publicity today. I like Greenberg on TV but I will never ever forgive him for missing out on both Curry brothers like he did. How do you disrespect the Family like that? Thats what got him got in my opinion. What Seth did is like knowing and hearing Michael Vick has a son and Michael Vick Jr is killing it in middle and high-school football but as coach you deliberately choose to stick your head in a rock and not invite or recruit MVJ out of arrogance for yourself in an attempt to show the public that you refuse to be favorably prejudice towards Mr Mike Vick & his family like the rest of the Hokie Nation despite the greatness Michael Vick Sr did for our university. Thats what Seth Greenberg did in my opinion; he couldn’t stand that Tech held a special place in their hearts for Mr. Dell Curry and he wanted to send a message that this was HIS program to run. That was a wrong bet to play and it changed our future forever. It becomes the biggest “What If” in VT Program history just as much as “What if” we had fired Fuente a year earlier than we did and hired Shane Beamer before South Carolina and before Coach Pry. Thats not meant to be a knock on Coach Pry who took over in 2022 but what if VT had given Shane the keys in 2021? Did VT try hard enough or did we Seth it?

          1. I am hoping this is in jest. Why keep beating this dead horse? Nigel Munson was chosen over Seth Curry (even though his dad’s jersey hung in the raftors) and he left after 2007. This is the biggest fail in VT recruiting. Yes all other D1 schools passed on Seth, but we had his dad’s jersey in the rafters. Lesson Learned: Give all our Legends’ legacy’s’ the benefit of the doubt even if it doesn’t work out. The hard part is that Steph Curry has become a top 10 player all time. It will never stop hurting.

  5. Lol, Young’s lowest rated recruit stands with Randolph Childress and JJ Redick at the top of the mountain for ACC Tournament Championship Game shooting performances.

  6. Go Hokies! Strong “get” because it will draw other 4 star caliber players to at least give the Hokies a look.

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