TSL Podcast 314: VT-Marshall Recap

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TSL Podcast 314: VT-Marshall Recap

The 14th edition of the Coal Bowl did not go to plan for Virginia Tech as they dropped their third straight game 24 – 17. (66 minutes)

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  1. Loved Chris’s response to question on what changes would he make to immediately improve Tech’s football program. Thought his ideas were spot on-especially concerning coordinators and Whit’s lack of success hiring football coaches (heck…look at his last hire at Cincinnati! Tuberville! What a joke!!). An assistant AD in charge of football operations is exactly what Tech needs, as Whit has proven he will never get it right. Plus, that will allow oversight over all of CPB’s hiring decisions (which he has shown that he clearly can’t be trusted to make without supervision…his first set of hires were simply horrible).

  2. Maybe someone has already mentioned this but at what point do we point the finger at coach Price? I understand he is a VT guy but he has a more experience position group who is severely under performing.

    1. I’ve been thinking the same thing. I hate to think it, but I am.
      That’s an experienced group and they’re are not performing as you’d expect. I can probably count on two hands (might be generous here) the times I’ve heard Pollard or Kendricks mentioned on a broadcast. That wasn’t the case last year or even the year before.
      What happened there? Have they regressed or has the coaching failed?

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