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Tech Sideline readers, subscribers, and fans: as we prepare to embark on the 2023-24 academic year, we want to know what you think about the Tech Sideline Podcast.

It’s a brief, nine-question survey, and your answers will shape the future of the podcast. At the end, we ask for more general feedback.

Let’s get started.

TSL Podcast Survey

Do you consume (listen to or watch) the TSL Podcast?

  • Yes (92%, 1,491 Votes)
  • No (7%, 119 Votes)
  • Don't know / Don't care (0%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,616

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How often do you consume (listen to or watch) the TSL Podcast?

  • Most episodes (40%, 654 Votes)
  • Every episode (32%, 522 Votes)
  • Occasionally (19%, 302 Votes)
  • Rarely (5%, 84 Votes)
  • Never (3%, 52 Votes)
  • Don't know / Don't care (0%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,615

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Do you listen to the TSL Podcast audio, or do you watch the video on YouTube?

  • Video (42%, 669 Votes)
  • Audio (33%, 519 Votes)
  • Both (23%, 362 Votes)
  • Don't know / Don't care (3%, 45 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,595

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Rate the audio podcast on a scale of 1 (not good) to 5 (excellent)

  • 4 - Very good (42%, 664 Votes)
  • 5 - Excellent (26%, 403 Votes)
  • I don't listen to it (18%, 281 Votes)
  • 3 - Good (13%, 199 Votes)
  • 2 - Meh (2%, 30 Votes)
  • 1 - Not good (0%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,580

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Rate the video podcast on YouTube on a scale of 1 (not good) to 5 (excellent)

  • 4 - Very good (36%, 567 Votes)
  • I don't watch it (28%, 443 Votes)
  • 5 - Excellent (22%, 354 Votes)
  • 3 - Good (12%, 182 Votes)
  • 2 - Meh (2%, 27 Votes)
  • 1 - Not good (0%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,576

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Check the podcasts that you listen to or watch on a regular basis (at least 1/2 of the episodes)

  • TSL Podcast (42%, 1,384 Votes)
  • Sons of Saturday (15%, 494 Votes)
  • Official VT Podcasts (Hokie Sports Insider, Level Seven, and others) (9%, 293 Votes)
  • Queens of Cassell (Kitley and Amoore) (7%, 218 Votes)
  • Two Deep (5%, 181 Votes)
  • Vick757 (Dwight Vick) (5%, 179 Votes)
  • Inside the Tunnel (VT Scoop / 247) (5%, 149 Votes)
  • Others (4%, 147 Votes)
  • Boundary Corner (4%, 131 Votes)
  • Hokie Hangover (2%, 61 Votes)
  • Tales from the TerrorDome (2%, 54 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,485

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Audio listeners: is the TSL podcast too long, too short, or just right?

  • Just right (64%, 915 Votes)
  • Don't know / Don't care / Don't listen (16%, 227 Votes)
  • Too long (15%, 208 Votes)
  • Too short (6%, 79 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,429

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Video watchers: is the TSL podcast too long, too short, or just right?

  • Just right (55%, 810 Votes)
  • Don't know / Don't care / Don't watch (26%, 381 Votes)
  • Too long (15%, 225 Votes)
  • Too short (4%, 59 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,475

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Do you listen to or watch the TSL-produced Triumph Spotlight podcasts?

  • Yes (44%, 671 Votes)
  • No (41%, 621 Votes)
  • Don't know / Don't care / Don't know what you're talking about (15%, 235 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,527

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TSL Podcast Feedback

Multiple choice questions are fine, but we also want your written feedback. What do you like most about the TSL Podcast? What needs improving? Should we do more? Less? Shorter? Longer? What should we be doing that we’re currently NOT doing? What are we currently doing that we should STOP doing?

Before commenting, start by telling us if your feedback is on the audio version or the video version, how you consume the podcast (watch on my phone, listen in the car, etc.), that kind of thing.

The floor is open. Fire away.

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  1. I watch it on YT, 99%. I enjoy it the way it is…great job!
    What I’ve read above, I agree with:
    Consistency-it’s hard in the Summer, I know, but with more staff members/interns now, it needs to come out “every Tuesday”, or “every Week”. Maybe it can’t, just my wish.
    Football, MBB/WBB, BB/SB, other sports-know what topics are most desired. You’ve done a good job with this.
    Length-let the subject matter dictate how long it is…45 mins.-90 mins. I never mind the length because it keeps my attention. Should maybe have a goal of 60 mins. max., w/a stretch of 90. You’ve mostly kept to this, I think.

  2. I consume both vid and Spodify.
    1. Much appreciation for all of your efforts.
    2. Please allow each other to finish thoughts. There is a lot of interuptions (particulaly Chris loudly), often off topic which makes the cast even longer. Please respect each other’s comments.
    3. Please, more of Will’s insights on program direction and history. He knows his stff.

  3. Folks, TSL sports a fantastic podcast. I’ve enjoyed listening and watching as it has evolved over recent years. The maturation of the set and the addition of increasingly complex production equipment have really added to the quality. From a production stand-point, I agree with others who have suggested implementing the ability to switch into audio/video clips to punctuate or prod the discussions.

    The content is stellar and should continue to be allowed to organically evolve, as has been the hallmark of the HC/TSL brand development over the years. Podcast length should NOT be arbitrarily etched in stone. There is no magic in one hour or 45 minutes, etc. Let the content, dictate the length. Don’t be afraid of taxing our attention span. You can’t. We are invested in VT sports, all sports. Why would we be listening or watching you otherwise?

    Thanks for the opportunity to more formally comment. Keep up the great work. Keep growing and improving! Life is good. Geaux Hokies!

  4. Having just read through all these comments, I’ve got another 2 cents to add. First, I had no idea you all interrupted each other until I read about it in the comments here. Next, I watch you on YT on TV, and have never had an audio problem (one person louder than the other). And make sure you keep reporting on women’s sports. WBB is vying to be the biggest thing in VT sports.

  5. Overall the podcasts are great and I find myself looking forward to the next one as I finish listen to the most recent one. I consume the podcast via my phone and earbuds during my daily walk. Length is a minor issue. My walk is typically about 45-50 minutes, so podcasts exceeding 1 hour are just too long. If you have that much content consider doing them more frequently. I particularly enjoy the interviews with the AD, university officials, coaches, players and other “college sports related celebrities”. I also enjoy the ones providing more in depth analysis of a topic, but sometimes I’ve read Chris or Andy or David’s article and it feels like we are just “repeating” content. Women’s basketball has emerged as a huge sport at VT and I would like plenty of coverage just like you have done with men’s hoops. Keep up the great work.

  6. I watch the podcast via Youtube. I like the format and content of the podcasts in general. I do wish they were 10-15 minutes shorter on average (particulary the ones going past the 1 hour mark). Other than that, I think they are very professionally done and provide a great service to the fanbase!

  7. I don’t tend to pick presentations apart, but just enjoy the moment and appreciate the effort that leads to great value as a TSL subscriber.

  8. I’m a video watcher . I really enjoy the podcast . One suggestion is when you have a guest on – ( Example : Whit or a coach ) ask them at the end of the interview if there is anything they want Hokie Nation to know – in other words give them the opportunity to say anything on their mind . Otherwise- great job – I watch as often as I can – Thanks

  9. For me it seems a little long and I can never listen to it in one sitting. About 45 mins seems about right. The interviews have been really good, would like lots more of those! Can’t remember if Kenny Brooks has been on recently but would be great to hear him on and talk about the new transfers and incoming recruits before the new season kicks off.

  10. Commenting on the Video podcast.

    For “Is it too long, too short, or just right”, I voted “Just Right”, but I do feel it’s probably 5 minutes too long. Not a lot, but a little. I didn’t want to say “Too Long” and have you knock 15 to 30 minutes off of it.

    And so far I’ve watched all, or almost all, of the Triumph spotlights. If I was pressed for time, I’d skip watching one of those instead of skipping the regular TSL podcast.

  11. Love the You Tube podcasts. I wish more time could be spent on Women’s sports, especially Women’s Basketball, soccer and softball. Wish you all could do a podcast on the new players on the WBB (maybe get Coach Brooks or one of his assistances to be interviewed and provide some information). I think you could grow you listeners by giving our Hokie Ladies more air!

  12. Keep it natural and don’t overthink it. The more scripted it feels the more I lose interest. Guests and plunges into old stories and nostalgia could fill the gaps when news is slow.

    Keep it fresh and original. Talk tech sports and I’ll listen.

  13. I particularly would not mind 3 hour long podcasts per week as I really find the podcasts an escape from all the YouTube tv channels. I look forward to watching the YouTube podcasts most of the time, especially football. For those that like to read, it seems you could have assisted transcription like MS Teams has under one of their programming apps. You could maybe have some of your student workers add titles to the video per time hacks for both video and transcript so viewers could jump ahead if they are looking for particular content. (I do some of this kind of work to help my fellow Fed Employees and Soldiers to go back and review items they missed during live meetings. Also, I like seeing you get upcoming student hosts and participants involved . I agree with others about Ms. Adam’s as it was refreshing to hear a female voice and someone who liked VT Sports. I even liked the segments where you had students doing podcasts on their own production. I think it is great TSL has student interns getting real experience as they prepare in their chosen field of sports reporting and broadcasting. I joined TSL because of originally reading some of the free articles then hearing and eventually seeing the podcasts. Keep up the great work! Kudos to all.

  14. I generally enjoy the podcasts, but I’ll make several observations:

    1) I wish I had a dime for every time a truly interesting topic comes up and someone cuts it short by saying “we could spend an entire podcast on this topic”. Yes, you could and yes, you should – on many of them instead of…
    2) Personal gripe here but I care mostly about football and men’s basketball. I think too time is spent on other sports – particularly women’s basketball. Way too much discussion on that. I know it’s a popular narrative that its popularity rivals men’s sports, but sorry, it doesn’t. Fortunately I can just fast-forward past those discussions.
    3) Please disconnect the affiliated podcast(s) from the main podcast subscription. My phone gets cluttered with stuff which is either just a variation on a theme or covering topics/sports I don’t care about because they come with the podcast subscription. It’s not the end of the world, but it would be nice if I could just subscribe to the main TSL podcast on my phone.
    4) It’s amazing that the audio quality (and volume) of the TSL podcast is so much better than the official stuff out of VT – particularly given the financial investment in broadcast facilities and eqpt at VT. I often listen when running and have to stop listening to the VT podcasts because cars drown out the audio. No such issue with TSL.
    5) I’m fine with some redundancy. I think each format can bring different things to the table with same info if done right. But multiple podcasts covering the same ground…not so much.
    6) I’m also fine with going off on tangents (see #1 above). But again, maybe turn them into a strength and use them as ideas for future segments rather having them be a double negative by cutting off a discussion at the knees and getting nothing in return.
    7) I wish the podcasts were longer (again see #1 above), but not if it’s being dragged out with non-revenue sports talk (see #2).

    1. You may be in the majority with your views on women’s sports but I guarantee there’s a lot of interest and support for women’s basketball and Hokie Chip’s reporting has brought a lot of attention and interest for VT softball. IMO it would be a shame for the TSL podcast to ignore the top women’s sports.

      1. I too think it would be a shame to ignore women’s sports but ignoring them was not what was suggested.

  15. I really enjoy and look forward to the podcasts. I listen thru the apple podcast app and don’t watch the youtube channel (maybe twice since you started). I agree with some of the constructive criticism posted but won’t stop listening if it doesn’t change:

    1) You all tend to interrupt each other
    2) A consistent release of a new podcast is a must. During the off-season, it’s very hit or miss
    3) the information can be duplicative as I am a paid subscriber and already know the articles. New info on the podcast is preferred
    4) Often times, the original question is forgotten after a 2 minute rant…that makes me laugh and at the same time scratch my head
    5) I want a segment every podcast called “inside info” or something that is paid content. Chris seems to have some sources and I am sure Andy does as well. But let’s get that to subscribers first and then give it out on the podcast after the paid peeps get it.

    My how far you have come. Well done all around with a tweak here or there.

  16. I watch the YouTube version and catch almost all of them during football and basketball seasons. I like how the show has evolved with the upgraded studio sets and more student involvement. I’m a Katie Adams fan and like the female touch. No specific comments other than keep moving forward and making improvements. You guys are the best when it comes to VT sports.

  17. I’m a dinosaur and don’t care much for social media so I never know when it is being broadcast until afterwards and then listen only to audio. I would probably watch/listen to live video if I knew in advance when it would be televised.

  18. It’s a really well done podcast. I enjoy the commentary and the interplay between the hosts. I almost always listen to it on Apple podcasts; I rarely have time to sit down and watch the video.

  19. I love the podcast and listen through an app on my phone. I’ll offer one small critique that I haven’t seen in any of the other comments (disclaimer: I only read about a third of the 100+).

    The TSL Today feels like a totally different podcast, and I think it should stand on its own. As a listener, I don’t like the mix of long and short format. I’d prefer to have the long version (keep it long!) and a separate quick hits / news one. Both have their benefits, but are different enough it’d be nice to let them stand on their own under their own heading.

  20. I listen to the podcast pretty regularly through the Apple Podcasts app on my phone. Rarely watch the video version.

    It’s interesting to read some of the comments about audio levels, but I generally agree that it can be inconsistent. I find David to be the most difficult to hear on a regular basis, though not always. And I do get the complaints about Chris and David having a tendency to talk over/interrupt each other, but it doesn’t bother me too much because I think that’s pretty typical for friends having a discussion about sports. Which is kind of how I view the TSL podcast most of the time.

    With that said, I too would like to hear more guests from time to time, even if it’s support staff from the various teams who may be able to provide some behind the scenes color around the teams and the operations. The other thing I’d love during football season would be a legitimate analyst with actual college playing experience who can break down the games and really talk about why certain things are or aren’t working. No offense to Chris, but I played HS football too, and it’s not the same as the college game. I realize that may be a tall ask, but a guy can dream, right?

    Keep up the good work!

  21. I have been listening to/watching the podcasts for a number of years and really enjoy it. I usually either listen in the car on Apple Podcasts when driving somewhere and also at times watching it on YouTube while going to sleep.

    The primary thing I like about the podcast is the high quality. The set, the audio/video, the hosts, the professionalism and typically the content are all very high quality. I have occasionally listened to other podcasts but many of them have people that are geographically dispersed and at times the audio quality is very poor which makes it much more difficult for me to really get into the content. In particular, the hosting from Evan Hughes, Jake Lyman, Katie Adams and Gio Heater have really set the podcast apart from others as they really give it a prepared and polished appearance. I have also really enjoyed the addition of Andy Bitter to the podcast as he brings a unique blend of experience, humor and perspective.

    In terms of areas for improvement, one of the biggest would be to optimize the combinations of people on the podcast. I have found when Chris and David are the primary guests, they have a tendency to talk over each other which can really distract from the dialogue and make it difficult to get through. David can make some good points but his delivery can be a little too deliberate and long-winded at times and I think sometimes he is best suited for the fourth chair or as a guest alongside Andy.

    The other suggestion I would have is continue to try and bring in special guests. Some of the best podcasts have been with coaches, players, etc. so the more guests you can get the better. I know it is tough to get in-person guests given the location and format but I would really enjoy seeing guests that are in the extended staff and get more background on what happens with the different support areas in the football program as an example. If there are any former coaches (such as Bud Foster) or former players (such as Sergio Render) that are in the area, they would be interesting interviews.

  22. I’m a big fan of the podcast. I generally watch via YT app, but sometimes I just listen to the YT podcast while I am driving and running errands around town. Personally, I like the off-topic banter and chit-chat, as it makes the show seem less scripted and more genuine to me. If I only wanted to read about Hokie sports themselves, then I would focus on reading the articles and not watching/listening to the podcast. I really enjoy the other sports that are covered such as MBB, WBB, BB and Softball. And, the occasional special interview is good too. The length of 1- to 1.5 hours is fine with me too. I have enjoyed getting to better know the VT SMA interns over the past several years via the Podcast, though it would be good to add some diversity there too (or bring Katie Adams back ☺ ). And, as several others have stated, it’s probably time to upgrade the curtains that are used on the set – they do appear to be a little long-in-the-tooth. I am glad to see that we are now coming out from the summer doldrums and getting the Podcasts back up and running – I have missed them this summer. Keep up the great work, TSL and Staff!

  23. The show is good, but it needs to be limited to 30 minutes, and not repeat information already included in the written articles.

  24. I watch on laptop, mostly from my home office. I catch it on either youtube or the TSL website. I never miss an episode. I think 60 minutes would be optimum length. Much longer, you either have too much material (save some for a separate broadcast) or Will got carried away. I like when you have guests (coaches, AD, NIL leaders, etc) Would like you to push the admin on what is going on with the Hokie Club and other fan engagement. I like that you don’t have a set schedule in the summer, only when there is news. I like to see you utilize student interns (a positive for the student, Roth’s program and for TSL).
    Keep up the good work and keep us informed.

  25. The podcasts are informative as well as entertaining. I look forward to them, especially during football and basketball seasons. Two minor suggestions for improvement are to more consistently edit and delete dead air time at the beginning of the podcast (video) and the break. It is done sometimes, but not always, and I don’t need to see empty seats or people walking around talking to each other. Secondly, please stop talking over each other. All are guilty but David seems to the worst offender. I don’t mean to be overly critical as I appreciate all the tremendous improvements you have already made to the podcast and I look forward to seeing it get even better.

  26. On the Triumph spotlight I tend to wait until other people watch them and let me know if they are worth watching or not

  27. I would like David to speed up his delivery a bit. Too many pauses and sometimes he parrots what somebody else has already said. He’s young and improving. Not meant to be critical.

  28. I watch YouTube video. I would watch it more often if it were shorter — limit to maybe 30 minutes. On one hand, the relaxed pace and “filler” chatter adds a folksy touch, but on the other, I just don’t want to start watching something with a 1-hour or more run time. I click ahead to skip the intro and sometimes skip through the content, but I would prefer if you could find ways to tighten up instead of making me do it. I’ll take less folksy and more efficient every time.

    1. I should add: i’m an occasional listener who rated the podcast “very good.”

  29. Love the podcast. Your content has gotten progressively better and I’m impressed with your willingness and ability to reinvent TSL over time. My feedback is to keep the high profile guests coming (athletes, coaching, administrators) and think about trying to take the podcast on the road from time to time. I know it would require different equipment and that may be prohibitive but being in the community more would expand exposure and help local businesses fill their seats.

  30. I mostly watch the YouTube version of the podcast – either on my TV or on iPhone.

    What do you like most about the TSL Podcast? The comradery of Will, Chris, David, Andy, etc; (Side note: I don’t think David (or anyone else) interrupt each other. I see the podcast as casual conversation between friends/colleagues which guess what? involves people sometimes not waiting for the other person to finish speaking before speaking themselves. David-I wouldn’t take what was said on the MB lately to heart. I never thought you interrupted anyone. #GettingOffMySoapBoxNow) I love the studio setup (faux wall, VT knick-knacks, etc.) which gives it a homey comfortable feeling to me (vs. the cold unappealing look of everyone’s office setup); the guests (in the past year or so, since Coach Pry was hired) has been top notch.

    What needs improving? File this as my pet peeves – would like to see the faux brown wall extended a little further on the ends (instead of the black curtains). I’m sure there’s a reason the wall wasn’t extended further; Spruce up the 4th seat – perhaps with more of the faux brown wall? Or something totally different? Get Chris an actual blinking Always Be Redshirting sign; more guests in studio that were former players (for any sport); do podcast interviews with people/players/etc via Zoom (if they can’t/won’t come into the studio).

    Should we do more? Less? Shorter? Longer? I’m in the miniority, but I love long podcasts (I love me some 2-3 hour podcasts). Unless the guest is under a time crunch, don’t end the podcast for the sake of ending it. If it’s flowing well and everything, keep going. I HATE it when I listen to other podcasts and they say something like, “Well its been an hour or so, so looks like we need to stop.” NO. Keep going.

    What should we be doing that we’re currently NOT doing? I would love to see a more structured/predictable podcast release schedule (during football season; prob too difficult in bball season) and stick to it. You don’t necessarily need to have it say, like 4 pm on Mondays the podcast will be released. Something more along the lines every late Monday afternoon and Thursday mornings we’ll be releasing the podcast. The podcasts I enjoy the most and listen to the most have always had a predictable/reliable release schedule (examples: It’s Always Sunny podcast, Talkville podcast, Rebel Force Radio podcast).

    What are we currently doing that we should STOP doing? Stop apologizing for not doing podcasts in the summer time. Everyone vacations in summer, listeners need to realize that and get over it. The fact that you do a few throughout the summer is good enough for me.

    Assuming the Friends of TSL thing is reignited, maybe one of the perks of people who contribute X amount of dollars and/or contribute to the Friends of TSL can either come visit the studio during a podcast recording (or sit in the 4th chair, if they want).

    I got lots more comments, suggestions, etc. but this is off the top of my head. 🙂

  31. Love the podcast! I try to watch on YouTube if I can but will listen to Spotify occasionally too. I’m always super impressed with the students you have involved on the show. They just all have natural talent and really do a great job hosting and contributing.

    One suggestion…have some occasional Q&A episodes and answer questions that don’t make Andy’s mailbag or Chris’ Q&A articles.

  32. I’ve been following the podcast for several years now and am really happy and look forward to when they are posted. It’s one of my favorite podcasts. Great updates have been made over the years and it’s a well tuned show now. Keep up the hard work, eventually the subscriber and view counts will be there. I’ve heard getting to over 10k Youtube followers is the hardest hurdle, and you all are almost there with around 8k.

  33. I enjoy the podcast, but think it just takes too long, which keeps me from listening regularly. You guys do a great job otherwise.

    1. Same – plus I find that the content frequently is just what appears in the articles. Unfortunately, no time to listen/watch something that lasts an hour.

  34. Listen regularly. I appreciate scouting players from opposing teams. Only negative is mike levels. Pretty often one mike is allot lower than everyone else.

  35. I really enjoy the podcast. I watch more often than I listen. I’m not sure what you could do better, though the above comment about incorporating video footage is intriguing. Maybe there are other cool things you can do that are more akin to a traditional sports news show than a podcast. But if it stays the same, I’ll continue to enjoy it immensely.

  36. Maybe it’s an “age” thing, but I think that the podcasts are too long. Maybe if I had a long commute, I would listen more often, but as a retired guy (who one would think has all of the time in the world), I’d prefer more frequent and shorter podcasts.

    1. Agree – I like when the some sections are broken down and posted on YouTube.

  37. I typically don’t comment on articles but here it seems necessary to give some feedback. I love the podcast! I watch or listen to every episode, and believe it is easily the best Hokie sports podcast out there. It’s easy to see y’all make an effort only to record when well prepared or good topics are on hand, and the viewer can tell. I think Chris does a fantastic job and always articulates the state of the program in a way that is clear and interesting – and you can tell he is passionate about the subject matter. Appreciate all that y’all are doing, and hope to see it continue.

  38. Too much of wandering thoughts on most podcasts. Prefer to not have Will as the emcee. Certain business related podcasts that is necessary. Let each person speaking complete their thoughts before being interrupted. Limit them to a max of 1 hour and prefer 45 minutes.

    1. Agree with 45 minutes. Tighten things up. I feel like a lot of what is said is also written in available articles.

  39. I either watch or just listen strictly via Youtube. I watched about 90% of what you put out, 50% of Qs of C and S of Sats, and 15% of other VT podcasts. Some of the comments here seem nitpicky. Overall, content is entertaining, but definitely like the shows with guests the most. If you’re looking for a negative, I’d have to say the segments where you graphically ranked the ACC teams. Might just be me, but I always found that time boring and a bit tedious. Every week seemed to have same info, so I’d usually shut it off when you got to that part.

  40. Love the content and length. Only comment is the sound level on the audio version is too low. In any somewhat noisy environment I can’t make it loud enough to hear everyone. Chris is especially low.

    1. I totally agree with this. I listen to a lot of podcasts on a variety of topics, and the TSL podcast has easily the lowest sound level and the most inconsistent. And in particular Will, while we all love you, you need to speak louder/more into the mic. It’s not uncommon that I crank up the volume to hear Will and then the next speaker is too loud.

  41. I absolutely LOVE the TSL podcast, especially during Football season it is the highlight of my week. I love the two-per-week rhythm during football season. I think the content is insightful and really helps me stay educated as a fan. One thing I would like you to continue – is keeping it ‘clean’ so I can listen to it with my whole family in the car. Typically I listen on my commute and I’m all alone, but sometimes I want to listen to it while I’m with the whole family and I like that I can trust the language and topics will be appropriate. I also think ya’ll do a great job with rotating through the SMA students in that host role, etc.

    I would like to see TSL continue to bring in more coaches and administrators for interviews. One suggestion is to not be so easy on them, feel free to represent the audience and push them more on things the fans would love to say if they were there too, ask the tougher question, etc. TSL has so much credibility, but it feels like TSL is a little too afraid to jeopardize the relationship and they’ve erred a little too cautious in my opinion.

    One other suggestion. I live in Georgia and also listen to Dawgnation podcast for UGA football, and one major difference is the number of sponsorships they include. Various different segments within the show are all are ‘brought to you by ____”. Its not that cumbersome to the listener and I’m sure brings in a lot more money to help fuel the show. TSL could add more sponsorships I would think.

  42. I love the podcasts and the videos from TSL. You need a dress code for the video shows since some of you look like you’re dressed for happy hour or mudboggin’. Ditch the ball caps! It might be interesting to see the panelists wearing various VT jerseys from sports like football, basketball, baseball and track.

  43. If you insist on keep the silly misspelled championship pennant, please untuck it and mount it with some two side tape or a command strip. Thanks!

  44. Mostly video on YouTube and based on topic, coach or player. Will watch in the evenings. Overall presents well, at times can get a little off topic in the discussion or use of “right” staff/members for the discussion.

  45. Love the podcast. I mostly listen to the audio in my car or through my phone with airpods while doing stuff around the house. Every once in a while I catch the Youtube stream.

    I love the insider information you guys provide. What you’re hearing from sources in the program. The data driven player and game analysis for football and basketball are top notch.

    Sometimes the microphones are inconsistent. Meaning, Chris’s voice is hard to hear and then David’s is SUPER loud. I find myself having to adjust the volume up and down.

  46. Really like the video podcasts; I would just limit them to one hour.


  47. I’m a reader, not a listener/viewer. So, I don’t mean any disrespect to the podcast. I don’t pay attention to any podcasts. Keep up the great work on everything else 👍

    1. Same here. I read nearly every article on this site. I just feel like I don’t have the time to read the written content, and then also spend the time to watch or listen to a podcast.

      1. I listen to the podcast when driving around town rather than local sports talk.

    2. I agree, would be interested if it was transcribed. I don’t feel like watching the live broadcast. I could read it faster.

  48. I’m not a great source of info here, as I don’t listen to many podcasts; only TSL. I like to watch and listen on Youtube, but only catch it when I am at my computer for a stretch (I often listen to a bit at a time). I am not in front of my computer as much as I used to be for long stretches, so I miss some entirely.

    I DO like the Podcasts as they are presented and probably listen more during football season, but that is just a “me” thing.

  49. Good studio, setup etc. Like that you bring interns into the mix and allow to host, but find it funny when a big guest comes on and Will bumps the intern from hosting who does a better job hosting than Will since they do it more regularly. Enjoy the former players and coaches coming on the most and sometimes the analysis can get too much into the weeds but overall a very good product. The only other podcast I watch is the Vick757 which is also great.

  50. The podcasts are great. I mostly just listen to them because I do it when I’m doing something I’ve enjoyed the few times I watched on youtube, but just don’t have the time to watch them all. The guests are great. I enjoy when you talk about the historical happenings in Tech football and basketball. My last comment is I enjoy general state of the programs or teams stuff more than a hard core analysis, but I do like a mix. The shows are great. Thanks!

  51. I listen to all of the podcasts on Spotify and get pretty bummed when there is a long time between podcast releases. I have tried to listen to a lot of other Hokie podcasts but they don’t measure up: less knowledge of the program(s), more annoying announcers, more biased. Keep up the good work.

    1. I do with TSL had more content, BUT I would rather them maintain their level of quality rather than producing content for the sake of having content.

      An occasional “What if-” question is fun but that shouldn’t be the majority of off season content.

      I know with TSL, over some other Hokie Podcasts, the content will be informative and relevant.

  52. Love the TSL podcast. Didn’t know about the others. I listen on Google podcasts. Thank you guys for providing all that you do. You’re awesome. Where would we be without you? I shudder to think.

  53. I listen to the TSL Podcast while working out, really helps the time fly by and I really enjoy the information provided. My only critique would be the interruptions and talking over each other which kills the flow.

    1. Totally agree. Chris interrupts a lot and it’s annoying. Other than that, I really enjoy it.

  54. I enjoy both the video and audio podcasts. With the audio, sometimes people are at all different volume levels when I listen in the car.

  55. I listen in the evenings while doing my follow-up work for my job. It allows me to watch when I want and listen when I need to be concentrating more on my work. I think the podcasts are very well put together and I like the quality of the students supporting the podcast. Thanks for making them available…

  56. I listen to the TSL podcast on Spotify in the car to and from work. Generally I am more interested in program insights (football trends, what’s working with the vasketball team, conference rumblings, etc.) than i am about individual player interviews.

  57. I listen to all the podcasts. It’s just one of the reasons that TSL is the best…

  58. I listen while I drive so the longer the better. It makes the trip go quicker.

  59. enjoy the podcast especially when you have guests that are athletes, coaches or administrators affiliated with the VT sports program, I always make a special effort to watch those episodes. This is one of the few podcasts I try to watch because it is HOKIE based. I’ve been with Will and Hokie Central/Tech Sideline since just about the beginning. I even have the t-shirt. Keep up the excellent work and expanding your talent as you continue to grow.

    1. ditto for me on the video podcast when you have a guest of interest, but think shorter better than longer for them. Also been on board since the very early days, still have my HokieCentral zip up jacket with my user name embroided on it!

    2. Agree – I do watch the special guests one although maybe not all at one time.

  60. I have watched all of the video podcast (302). I like the format, the set and and all of the staff. Your interviews with coaches and players have been outstanding. I love VT sports and the podcasts and Tech Sideline are my go to for information. Keep up your great coverage.

  61. I don’t do podcasts of any kind that much, not just TSL. I am more of a reader than a listener. I think the articles you guys provide have always been sufficient to keep me up to speed on my favorite Hokies sports.

  62. I watch the podcast on Youtube on TV. I find it mostly very informative, although sometimes you guys get sidetracked talking about personal stuff that I don’t care about. I also like the mix of coverage on a variety of sports- FB, MBB, WBB, BB, wrestling, sometimes SB. Don’t here too much about the other sports, but that’s ok. Chris, a wealth of information, has a delivery that is sometimes difficult to listen to, but he’s gotten better over the years. David C. also needs to improve his delivery, but I like his stories and insight. Will, who sometimes seems to be the least prepared of anyone, makes up for it with his smooth delivery.

    I love the fact that you bring in some of the students into the podcast (I forget the name of their major right now, but you know what I mean). There are some real budding stars in there. I only remember one women student, Ms. Adams (Sorry I forgot her first name), but I thought she did well. You might need to bring some more women on board.

    All in all, I enjoy the podcasts and am always looking forward to watching it. Everybody is very professional (nobody is drinking beer like some other podcasts), and the podcast hosts do a good job of keeping things on point and moving along.

  63. Might want to consider when people watch/listen. I like to sneak in my TSL breaks, along with other web browsing, in between meetings as a way to mentally reset on long work days. So for me, I would love to have mini segments where I could just listen to something for 5-10 minutes. Stopping and starting a long podcast just doesn’t work as well. And it is rare when I have the time to listen to a whole podcast at one time.

    And for content, stats and analytics are good up to a point, but it is the unique stories that get my interest.

  64. I watch on YouTube and never miss an episode. You provide so much insight, data, good research and thoughtful commentary and analysis. Each of you brings something unique to the podcast and I often quote things I learned or a viewpoint you shared with my family of Hokies. I also think you’re fair in your analysis. I don’t think it’s too long at all. Great job! Keep it up!

  65. Positive feedback: I love it that I no longer have to fast-forward through the “podcast will begin shortly” portion when I watch on YouTube.

    Constructive criticism: It cava be hard on the listener when two people talk over each other. I notice it most with David and Chris.

  66. I like the podcasts but two ideas for future content would be to have more sports covered and figure out a way to get students involved. Especially some of the sports that don’t get as much coverage like tennis or track and field. There could be a student contest for questions or some connection to a major that would benefit from being involved with the podcast.

  67. I really like like the podcast. I like the format with a host that keeps things moving and asks questions that serve as the point of departure. Love the dynamic with AB, CC, dcunna, going back and forth but always with a good cadence. Everyone respects each other and it shows.

    I think you have football and BBall (men’s and women’s) well covered…would love if you could work in a little more wrestling content.

    Very professional product, AB, Will, and CC especially back up what they say with excellent research and imagination prodding stats. I can’t imagine any other school is as well served with an independent podcast.

  68. Watch mostly video but sometimes audio. Only suggestion would be more guests – as someone said video conference might be option to explore.

  69. I have no constructive criticisms, I think it is great the way you are doing it. I started listening to the audio, but once I found out about the video, that is all I watch/listen to. I like the way that you are fairly objective in your appraisal of the VT sports programs.

  70. I watch yours because I think your show works great on camera. Y’all took the time to make it more than two dudes in their bedroom on decent mics. I have zero suggestions for you because I like what I watch. I feel like the team you’ve assembled is among the most knowledgeable and in touch with the athletic department because you’ve been doing it for so long. The perspective of former players on other podcasts is great, too. My only note is that I think you’ll get a decent view into how influential you guys are in this space when all the podcasts you listed above start reaching out to listeners in some form or another for feedback. Great idea, and thanks for asking.

  71. More guests, especially out of season. Bring on all the former players from all the sports. I could listen to old stories all day.

  72. I like the podcast. I have been a subscriber less than a year. Andy left his previous location without a forwarding address. I finally located him,.and signed up for TSL immediately. One hour for the podcast should be max. One episode seemed to drag and continued without a purpose.


  73. All excelllent content – a couple of suggestions;

    One get zoom interviews of guest- will help bring in more guests

    I would sprice uo the set a little. The curtains look a little worn.

    Interviewers appear a little more cynical than the other podcasts. Its more appears commentators wont believe it unless we see it.

    Another small thing is annoucers give a persoective that vt ks just sw va school and they dont have any persoective of the rest of the state.. the comments of up there in dc northern va hampton roads or richmond and no understanding of the fast growing fredericksburg area which is more nova every day.. the podcasfs give a more statewide perspectiive. Vt is the flagshio university of the state

  74. I listen on apple podcast every episode related to football or basketball. Only complaint is the audio level is too low and sometimes hard to hear compared with any other podcast that I listen to. This is a minor issue. I look forward to every episode except the ones dedicated to baseball or wrestling or softball discussions I am just not very interested in following those teams.

    1. I agree for some reason the audio level on apple podcast is low. I have to turn the volume in the car up almost double compared to the other podcasts I listen to on apple. The audio is clear and crisp but the volume seems very low.

    2. I agree with this. Audio is too low on Apple compared to other podcasts. I listen while I am working out at Gold’s Gym, which is noisy to begin with, and it makes it harder to hear. Don’t have that problem with other podcasts.

  75. I generally watch the episodes. I’m not sure that I’ve seen it as a problem lately, but please make sure opening chitchat is held to a minimum. I’m not concerned about the podcast being too long as I can watch a my own leisure.

    I’m happy that the opening moments have been reduced from what it was in the beginning. I don’t have to fast forward anymore.

  76. I really enjoy the pod cast and think you do a great job. Try to keep them to one hour. Love special guests you have had.

  77. I watch / mostly listen to every football podcast. I did listen to one hoops interview – mutts? He was awesome.

    Sometimes there is too much talking over the guest – not saying names .

    I really do enjoy and look forward to it each week during the season or other football interviews throughout the year.

    I check the site everyday.

  78. I understand why they were dropped but I miss the live videos. I enjoy the podcast. Keep up the good work

  79. Very much enjoy your podcasts as I travel quite a bit and excellent way to unwind and stay in tune with VT.

    As for your video, perhaps one day you can license/ sell the media content to the ACC Network as VT will one day need it’s one content. –just a thought.

    Please keep up excellent work!

  80. The podcast is the only reason I subscribe. Obviously I know the podcast is free, but I wanted to show my support, as I am a huge fan of the podcast.

  81. Too much talking over each other and not enough special guests. Personally not a fan of CCs so called analytic insight. Would prefer to hear Andy Bitters analysis who has much more knowledge, experience and analysis insight Don’t listen to the audio version. I mainly listen when there is something of interest to me subject wise.

  82. I listen to a lot of podcasts on a variety of subjects. TSL is my absolute favorite. I get excited whenever I see that a new episode has dropped. Keep up the great work. Btw I listen audio only because I listen while taking walks

  83. I think TSL is getting better and better. Personally, I wish the podcasts were a bit shorter because I would be more likely to listen and with them being longer, it’s more of a time investment.

  84. Love the Video but if I’m unable to watch the video I’ll fire up the audio while doing yardwork. I think some of the suggestions others have made regarding the addition of visual value adds for the video version would be fantastic, player profiles while discussing, stat charts, etc. Sometimes too many people on set, and while all valuable, no more than 2 should discuss any one topic (host asks, primary answer and counterpoint). Change out the two in the seats for different topics if need be. While there is a fair amount of overlap with content and written articles, this is a great opportunity to mention a highlight from an article and then push, if you want to read the full article, subscribe. All in all one of the few podcasts I rarely miss. Great work.

  85. Make an effort to differentiate the Video podcast from the audio podcast. Video highlights, video analysis, play reviews, what went right or wrong with a particular call etc..

  86. The TSL podcast is great. The only minor issue I can bring up is on the video on You Tube; I generally find that the video cast starts with several minutes before the intro. Since I listen while I commute, it just makes sense to get the audio podcast.

    The content is fantastic. I cannot say enough how much I enjoy listening to Hokie insight and analysis from the TSL team, especially Chris and now Andy. The overall quality of the program rivals any national program. Keep up the great work. Go Hokies!

  87. You guys do a tremendous job. The articles are well written and insightful. I look forward to watching or listening in. If I am not able to watch or listen in a single sitting then I come back to it later. I would not change a thing! Thank you for all you do!

  88. I love the podcasts, but alas, I don’t listen to the individual interviews with players. I generally don’t listen to any interviews/podcasts with any athlete.

  89. Because I think the TSL podcast is the best one out there, I wouldn’t change much. I like the various opinions on each topic so I like having everyone there each week. I think you’ve done this before but having a pregame and post game slot each week would appeal to me. As for length, it should probably vary depending on the topic being discussed. I think most people probably want to hear more during the season. In the off season Maybe the time could be cut back a little bit. I think it would be great if there could be more content about new players for each season and also more content about recruiting. It doesn’t have to be what all the other recruiting sites do but if we could just have comment and discussion about what players we think we are recruiting and what the chances are of getting them. You do some of that but for instance right now I would like to know more about who we might still be trying to sign and what our chances are.

  90. The podcasts are informative and above average relative to alternatives. Like others said, a bit too long. I understand that some conversations drone on and while this is natural, a keener awareness of content vs. time would improve the podcast. Avoid going off on tangents and coming back to the subject 10 minutes later. All of that said, I enjoy the podcasts and feel TSL is the place to find the real time, accurate, skinny.

    1. I think you all do a fantastic job with the podcast. I really look forward to the episodes during football season. The pregame episodes are very informative and Will, CC and David give great postgame analysis (can’t wait to hear Andy’s contribution). One thing that I have always appreciated about TSL is the rational perspective offered by the writers. They are not quick to throw folks under the bus or to call for people to get fired left and right. I also enjoy the episodes where you all look back at greatest games, etc. those are always fun.The only suggestions that I would have would be to get rid of the “4th chair.” I don’t think it works from a visual standpoint but that is just my opinion. Just bring back the couch! One other suggestion-Have more guests. I’ve enjoyed the interviews with coaches and players. Lastly, keep up the good work!

  91. I prefer watching the videos on Youtube because they’re closed captioned. 🙂

  92. the duplication between the pod cast and written articles is frustrating and could be one cause of being too long. the rambling on and on by the tsl regulars is also frustrating and another cause of being too long. do you feel like you need to fill an hour whether you have enough content or not?

    i might well be interested in those other pod casts but don’t know when or how to reach them. does tsl have links? i have occasionally enjoyed some of them when someone has suggested listening and provided a link.

    1. Other than the subject matter, the unscripted, rambling on is part of what makes this production so appealing. This is a conversation, not a canned, prewritten screen play.

      1. I agree with this statement more than any of the others posted here. The podcast video is like sitting in a bar talking with friends. Comfortable and usually very informative; alive, just like a real conversation.

  93. Listen on Spotify when I missed the live on YouTube but I try to go back to YouTube to ensure you get the Like.
    I enjoy the live episodes when there are the watcher input and questions at the end.
    Enjoy the different focuses and themes which if published in advance would increase the likely hood of listening live.
    Maybe some cross collaborations would bring in other customers?

  94. Could the video version be edited down to cut out the breaks before it’s uploaded? The podcasts don’t have the superfluous breaks, so I usually prefer listening to those so that I don’t have to skip forward.

  95. Usually watch on YouTube and like the different viewpoints. Having guests from various sports is a plus. The podcast is a little too long in some instances and at times gets off the topic.
    A very good production.

  96. I would have said slightly too long, but the latest was only 30 minutes and I was wanting to hear more.

  97. I enjoy the podcasts for the most part. Some of the info is redundant with the written articles. Some are also a little to long

  98. Best Hokie podcast out there, and it ain’t that close. Two suggestions: 1) add something of visual value to the video portion (charts/tables, videos of plays that you’re currently discussing, etc.). Currently it’s just a video of the podcast. 2) Additional subscriber-only episodes. I’ve been consuming the free pod more than sub-only articles the last couple of years and feel like I’m getting almost as much out of it. Sub-only episodes could have extra goodies like deeper dives, subscriber Q&A, Brandon Patterson recaps, etc. Keep up the great work!

  99. TSL is the only VT related podcast I listen to. Number of episodes in and out of season is perfect for me, length is typically fine and I like that you mix in info on non-football and MBB when appropriate.

    I don’t listen to the Triumph episodes, but I’m also not an alum, donor or season ticket holder. I recognize the importance, but typically fast forward when Will gets into the NIL discussions.

  100. Biggest concern is some are too long, 45 minutes is about my maximum . Really enjoy Coach, player interviews, enjoy the podcasts a great deal! Pet peeve, articles and podcasts should not be “free”. If you want them, subscribe!

  101. Between Will, Chris, David, and Andy, I enjoy listening to everyone’s thoughts on VT. With so many, I think it’s difficult to get everyone’s complete thoughts and commentary every single episode. I would suggest splitting up and having two on (3 including the host) where interruptions would be fewer. For example during football season, maybe have two on for the previous game recap and the other two for the next game preview. Andy and Will seem to have thoughtful insights so use them for the beginning of the week episode and Chris and David for the pregame analysis episode.

    1. I agree with the interruptions. David needs to learn to wait until Chris is finished talking.

  102. I like the podcast a lot. If I had to add a criticism, it’s that a good amount of the podcast info is also found in the subscriber articles so there is redundancy there. The podcasts are free while the subscriber articles are only accessible with a paid subscription. This is an incredibly minor gripe by the way.

    1. I agree with this. I like watching anyway — there’s a Cheers/”Norm!” element to it that transcends the content. Just like seeing the guys and their banter. Redundancy is kind of the name of the game when a bunch of friends get together to chat about their favorite teams. But I tune in knowing that I’m probably not going to be hearing much that I haven’t already read — or I sometimes skim articles having already seen the pod because I know there’s going to be a fair amount of overlap.

  103. The video is a little too long. If they were broken into half, or 2 parts, I think it would be better.

    If you are discussing football and other subjects, split the podcast into football, and then other subjects.

  104. I listen in my car or while doing yard work.
    Some episodes get a bit long, but overall the length is good.
    I cannot think of a TSL podcast that I thought was not good. I enjoy hearing from coaches/admin/athletes but most enjoy the “insider information” on athletes, teams and issues.

  105. I like the video but admittedly will close my eyes and relax while listening via headphones. I like the visual interaction and expression along with the spirited discussion/debate. But I will zone out visually and listen at times.

  106. If you could somehow incorporate video footage of highlights occasionally during the season on the YouTube version that’d be next level

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