Triumph NIL Launches Athlete-Centric NIL Portal, Acquires Commonwealth NIL

Triumph NIL

In the month of April, Triumph NIL made two moves that advanced the ability for Virginia Tech student-athletes to leverage their NIL opportunities and brought clarity to the Virginia Tech NIL space: it launched the Triumph Digital Network and acquired Commonwealth NIL.

The Triumph Digital Network

On April 14, the day before the 2023 Virginia Tech Football Spring Game, Triumph launched the Triumph Digital Network, a portal described by Triumph as “an innovative Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) portal to benefit Virginia Tech student-athletes and agency clients. The re-envisioned site consists of individual channels through which supporters can connect, engage and conduct business with their favorite Hokies.”

Through the Triumph Digital Network, fans and supporters can access exclusive content from student-athletes, view livestreams, participate in meet-and-greets, purchase a “shoutout” (customized audio/video message), receive a handwritten note from a favorite VT student-athlete and much, much more.

The portal offers individual channels for all Hokie student-athletes who are Triumph clients.

Triumph NIL

Triumph offers varying levels of memberships that provide access to exclusive content, livestreams, shoutouts and more. Memberships range from $10 a month to $6,000 a year with many levels and benefits in between.

“Triumph continues to innovate within the NIL space,” said Kelly Woolwine, Triumph CEO. “Through this project, we intended to aggregate the student-athletes’ star power and personalities.  On the new platform, we have delivered the power of their combined individual followings to create value for the fans, sponsors and most of all…the student-athletes, themselves.”

“Our approach to the NIL space has always been to think creatively and offer sustainable solutions for the student-athletes, fans and all key stakeholders,” said Brenden Hill, Triumph partner and strategic lead. “This platform combines innovative offerings and unique content, all in one place, to make the user experience as frictionless as possible. It’s a game changer!”

To access the Triumph Digital Network, including its roster of student-athletes, its membership plans, access to shoutouts, events, and more, click here.

Triumph NIL Acquires Commonwealth NIL

On April 28, Triumph announced the acquisition of Virginia Tech NIL collective Commonwealth NIL (CNIL). As of that date, CNIL ceased operations. The press release can be seen here.

Triumph’s acquisition of CNIL brings clarity and simplicity to a Virginia Tech NIL space that has seen various organizations and collectives spring up in the (nearly) two years since NIL was legalized by the NCAA in July of 2021.

At times, the Virginia Tech NIL space has included Hot Route Marketing (merged with Triumph), Commonwealth NIL (acquired by Triumph), and NRV NIL (which has ceased operations). Virginia Tech NIL efforts are now organized and administered by two entities: Triumph NIL and The Hokie Way.

Triumph is best described as an agency serving to help student-athletes not just leverage NIL opportunities, but to create and manage their individual image and brand. Triumph provides the mechanism for Virginia Tech fans and corporate partners to directly connect with student-athletes and support their NIL efforts.

The Hokie Way connects student-athletes with charitable organizations and enables Virginia Tech fans to support NIL and charitable organizations through tax-deductible donations. Any relationships created by The Hokie Way for student-athletes are administered by Triumph NIL. The Hokie Way does not sign athletes to contracts or directly broker deals for athletes.

What Should Virginia Tech Fans Do to Support NIL?

To connect directly with student-athletes, purchase merchandise and experiences, and support NIL through memberships, visit

To support Virginia Tech NIL efforts via your tax-deductible donation, visit

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  1. This is what NIL should be. A system where ALL athletes can gain support, not just football players and not just recruits. I hope the NCAA is taking notice of the VT NIL efforts and use it as a pattern throughout the NCAA. The recruiting aspect of NIL needs to be banned.

    1. Agree but don’t have much confidence in the NCAA doing it the right way. The fact that the NCAA launched NIL as it is currently says it all about what a screwed up organization it is.

  2. This is clearly now the best approach for VT athletes in terms of NIL. The new portal and the consolidation of the various organizations bring clarity to the situation and makes it easier for fans to choose their path of support.

    A question: Are athletes the only individuals to take advantage of NIL opportunities? Are other people in athletics like coaches, administrators, staff support, media personalities, trainers, etc allowed to participate? Or is that solely done through their own personal agents/managers or the University? I would assume the latter but just wondered about it. Thanks.

    1. Athletes only. Triumph’s focus is getting as much NIL to the athletes as possible, to be a more competitive athletics program overall.

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