TSL Podcast 244: Stories from the Frank Beamer Era With Special Guest Greg Roberts

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TSL Podcast Episode 244: Stories from the Frank Beamer Era With Special Guest Greg Roberts

Today we feature special guest Greg Roberts! Roberts was with Frank Beamer from the very beginning and has interesting insights, stories and anecdotes about the Beamer era. (104 minutes)

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  1. Late to the game, but wanted to say this was an amazing podcast. Need to bring him back. Gotta hear more post game hand shake interactions.

    Bud would have killed Kiffin.

  2. Woyw! I could listen to that for hours. Great testimony to Frank and, yes, Greg. Again, like special teams, Frank plowed new ground with Beamerball. HoF for innovation in sports media, also.

  3. Very nice interview – I listen to GR frequently on the radio and this was soo much better. More focused.

    Possibly – just more and engaging content.

  4. This… was absolutely amazing!!!! YES!!! PLEASE have Greg back sometime! I had no idea about probably 90% of the info he shared!! This may well be my favorite Texh Sideline podcast ever!

  5. Distinctly remember talking to a guy before a banquet at the Blacksburg Sheraton in 1987. He told me about a friend of his who drove by a TV station, thought he always wanted to work in TV sports, and somehow talked his way into a job there. Said his friend was country boy, but had developed a TV voice.

    Had not thought about that for 35 years until today.,

    1. That’s awesome. I sent your comment to Greg, and he got a kick out of it.

      1. By the way, I laughed out loud at your impression of the Bill Dooley show. Definitely fit my memory of it!

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