TSL Podcast 241: What Was the Biggest Hokie Sports Story of 2021-22?

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TSL Podcast Episode 241: What Was the Biggest Hokie Sports Story of 2021-22?

The TSL Podcast talks about Hokies Baseball in the Super Regional, and then we discuss all the big stories of the 2021-2022 year. What was the biggest story? (82 minutes)

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  1. Love Pry hire and bb/sb seasons, but the biggest story, by far, has to be VT’s historic ACC men’s bball tourney run and winning it all to become first time ACC Men’s Basketball Champions!!!

  2. In this order –

    1) Coach Pry hire and all that is coming out with his appearances.

    2) Basketball ACC tournament

    3) Baseball/Softball seasons

    4) **PERSONAL ALERT** Being in Lane Stadium North For JC Price’s victory.

  3. Pitch counts are kept at every level – including high school and travel ball and college. You guys know that these pitchers threw innings during the summer travel baseball season; I don’t buy your hitting the wall theory about Hack………

  4. Hard to get it to one.
    *CF/Pyr Firing and Hiring
    *ACC Basketball Championship

    Those are the biggest IMHO. If I had to name one it would be NIL/Portal

    1. Agree – would have to put portal in a prior year.

      ACC Basketball Championship gets #1 for me.

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