TSL Podcast 240: Hokie Baseball is Hot!

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TSL Podcast Episode 240: Virginia Tech Baseball is Hot!

The TSL Podcast goes over the latest Virginia Tech football and basketball news, then gets hyped up for Hokies Baseball. (100 minutes)

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  1. Kidd 6’10” 230 played at IMG…no senior year hs. Mediocre stats good athlete- film average showing bunch of tomahawk dunks little to no mid distance hooting. 4 * rating because of IMG experience and athleticism, i’m guessing.

    Wessler slow start freshman year. advanced greatly in Jr then again Sr year also playing at elite sports prep school.

    Jr year concentrated on facing basket, developing soft bounces off backboard and rim. Also in process of using both hands for short to mid range hooks. 7’+ more than likely by second year. arm length over 7’ looks to be 250 + right now…will play over 260 as body firms up.

    Imo, Wessler has better upside if his foot speed and balance continue to improve. Media in NC named him #1 center in NC after season. Mike has a potential 2-3 year center better take his big man coach and attach to his hip.

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