Darren Buchanan Commits To Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech men’s basketball picked up a commitment from 2022 forward Darren Buchanan on Saturday afternoon. Buchanan becomes the fourth member of the 2022 recruiting class.

Darren Buchanan is rated as a 3-star recruit and the No. 2 player in Washington, D.C. He plays for Woodrow Wilson High School, and he chose the Hokies over offers from hometown schools such as Georgetown and George Washington, as well as VCU, Rutgers, Seton Hall, St. Bonaventure, Richmond, Xavier, and others.

Buchanan is an AAU teammate of 2022 Virginia Tech signee Rodney Rice. Scouts aren’t sure whether he is a long-term small forward or power forward, but the Hokies need help at both positions, so Tech’s offer makes sense. It’s likely that he ends up as a power forward in Mike Young’s system, but that will depend on his development.

Buchanan is averaging 17.1 points, 10.3 rebounds, 3.0 assists and 2.2 steals per game this season for Woodrow Wilson.

Here is Virginia Tech’s current scholarship situation, including both current players and recruits.

Storm Murphy’s eligibility will be exhausted after this season, which takes the number of players eligible for 2022-23 down to 14. That is one over the NCAA’s scholarship limit of 13. Let’s try to sum it up simply…

1: If both Keve Aluma and Justyn Mutts decide to take advantage of their COVID year and return next season, someone would have to transfer out for the Hokies to get down to 13.

2: If one of Aluma or Mutts decides to return, and the other decides to leave, then the Hokies would be at exactly 13.

3: If both Aluma and Mutts decide to leave, the Hokies will have the space to add one more player.

Possible exits due to the transfer portal could potentially open up more spots, but that’s where Virginia Tech stands as of right now.

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  1. I thought I read on TSL that Jalen Haynes was not coming back.
    did I miss read a column or a post?

    1. That was a message board post. Nothing has been officially announced regarding Haynes.

  2. Mutts can move on. His flare for the dramatic pass is tired poop right now and he can’t shoot a lick. Aluma will probably move on…played to his max and if he wants to make some money go to Europe, if Europe is still around next fall.

    1. such appreciation.

      some things don’t need to be said. that was two + one more.

      hit the showers

    2. Wow you’re about an 11 on the negativity scale. Someone shot your dog or take you lunch money ?

    3. What an emotional outburst after a loss. Mutts is second on the team in scoring and leads the team in assists, blocks, and steals. I’m disappointed we lost today too but will not lash out at college student who pours his heart to his university. He will leave Virginia Tech with three degrees including two masters. I have my doubts with three degrees his aspirations are playing in Europe (but could be wrong).

      He’s done nothing but be a polished and professional representative of the university. He makes others around him better. He will be missed.

      1. Yep, I think he’s a great story, moving up through his third school to get better competition and get those degrees. This is what it’s about.

    4. Mutts is an excellent player for VT; I hope that he returns. He’s a big reason for our wins.

    5. Mutts has done an outstanding job IMO, and I have seen him play all home games, and some road games. I’d love to see Mutts and Aluma back next year with the HOKIES!!!

    6. As an ole’ ball coach, Mutts is a high energy stat sheet filler. He brings energy, enthusiasm, and competency to the table. He is one of the best ambassadors that the athletic department has had in a long time. Most of all, Mutts is a H-O-K-I-E. He does need to cut down on turnovers, but who on the roster doesn’t.

    7. He is responsible for only the second triple double in school history. No small contribution.

    8. I don’t think this is an accurate analysis of his value at all. Mutts is one of the best all-around players we have ever had – excellent on ball defender, interior passer, solid rebounder and shot blocker, solid offensive game, etc. – and is a key reason we have gotten into this position. He seems to be a remarkable representative off the court as well.

    1. yes; that clarifies the facts.

      after the tournaments the players, and maybe the coaches, will have decisions to make.

      my thanks also. good work.

  3. Ah, OK read the box. They do count against the 13, or to put it the other way around the NCAA is reposing the limit. I wasn’t crazy about the covid red-shirt to begin with, but once they got it implied a bring you’re own schollie credential to me. Anyway, water over the dam, back to normal. Didn’t realize they both had another year, though just Mutts did. Flow seems about right though, Lose 3/4 seniors and gains 3/4 Fr from here on out.

    Yeah, sure I’d like to have them both back, but at some point ya gotta move on too.

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