Virginia Tech Football Class of 2022 Signing Day Central

Welcome to Virginia Tech Football Recruiting Signing Day Central for the Class of 2022. Early signing day is Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2021. Recruits can send in their National Letter of Intent (NLI) starting at 7 a.m. We’ll begin providing updates at that time, and we’ll be here all day.

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Once commits sign their NLIs to the Hokies, they will have a green check next to their name in the table below and move to the top of the list. The rest of the commits are in alphabetical order.

For analysis of each signee for Brent Pry and Virginia Tech, check out our videos on Twitter. The commentary is also linked in the “Our Take” column of the table below.

Tech Sideline’s content of this year’s signing day includes a podcast around 2:30 p.m. ET on YouTube. David Cunningham will have a story at the end of the day on Wednesday to recap Tech’s December signees, and Chris Coleman will have a column (link 🔒) as well.

2022 Signing Day Commits/Decommits

Decommits: QB Alex Orji decommitted to Michigan; RB Ramon Brown decommitted to Maryland (Tuesday night).

Commits: OL Brody Meadows decommitted from UVA to Virginia Tech; DE Keyshawn Burgos (a Monday decommit from UVA) committed to the Hokies; OL Hunter Mclain was offered and committed/signed. Xayvion Bradshaw committed and signed on Friday, December 17. Devin Alves committed Feb. 1st and signed Feb. 2nd

2022 Signing Day Tracker

NamePosStarsStateSignedOur Take
Dec. 15, 2021 Signings
Cam JohnsonCBMDOur Take
Reid PulliamLBVAOur Take
Benji GosnellTEVAOur Take
Johnny GarrettOLMAOur Take
Lemar LawDTVAOur Take
Devin FarrellQBGAOur Take
Mansoor DelaneCBMDOur Take
Gunner GivensJATHVAOur Take
Rashaud PernellDEVAOur Take
Bryce DukeRBVAOur Take
John LovePKSCN/A
Kyree MoystonDEVAOur Take
Brody MeadowsOLVAOur Take
Johnny DicksonOLTXOur Take
Keyshawn BurgosDEVAOur Take
Harrison Saint GermainTEVAOur Take
Braelin MooreDTPAOur Take
Tucker HollowayWRGAHighlights
Hunter MclainOLVAN/A
Xayvion BradshawATHVAOur Take
Malachi MadisonDTVAN/A
Feb. 2, 2022 Signings
Xavier ChaplinOLSCOur Take
Daequan WrightTEGAOur Take
Devin AlvesDBFLOur Take


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  1. Channeling my inner-Aaron McFarling… Even if he had signed with us, Orji would have never connected with Hooker or PIMPleton!

      1. Hell yeah, Nix would be awesome but I’m guessing he’s looking for established coaching staff and team built to win now

        1. Yeah, and that’s what I’m getting at. A one-and-done may be hard to convince with inexperienced wide receivers and a young offensive line. But if he’s coming for more than a year, he helps recruit.

  2. According to both Harrison Saint Germain and Braelin Moore have signed with the Hokies! Our class ranking on 247 Sports sits at #24 but that might before Saint Germain and Moore are calculated in.

  3. On signing day(s), I never focus on who we did not get…only the ones we landed. It’s always a great day to be a Hokie, but not everyone understands it and that is ok too. Bottom line: we celebrate those young men who want to be here! GO Hokies!

  4. Will,
    Will TSL also have commits posted that VT flipped or are currently in the portal?
    Also, is the December signing period only for today?
    I really appreciate TSL’s reporting and columns.

      1. Right, only a 3 day window for high school kids to sign a “contract”, LOI, with a school. Portal kids have no time box to transfer.

  5. Losing Ramon Brown is a big loss. VT really needed his vision, speed, and power. He’s an exceptional athlete

    1. Can’t miss what you never had. Brown opting to attend B10/11 bottom feeder Maryland is a surprise. Hokies will be fine.

        1. Bottom feeders aren’t created equally. UMd’s 2021 record of 6-6 is the best they’ve had under Locksley (and the best Locksley has done). VT’s 6-6 gets the coach fired.
          Maryland’s ceiling is VT’s floor.

      1. Why would Brown commit to Maryland? Makes no sense. I thought he would flip to SC with Shane Beamer if not VT. Really would love to know the inside story on what transpired with his decision. Big loss for VT but pleased that the class is coming in as strong as is with new coaching changes and no offensive staff in place. Go Hokies!!

        1. What’s at work is some last minute perks from that unscrupulous “piece of worm ridden filth” Locksley.

      2. Indeed. I remember when I saw his verbal and posted that was great but I’ll feel excited when he actually commits and signs in December and my post got deleted but yet here we are. Hmmm. Then I saw criticism by a prominent member of TSL about one of our verbals that did sign today but that was OK. Hmmmm

    2. I think he got some quick love by 2 credible and likable twerp coaches (one a former Hokie coach who I miss!!) the other a smart guy alum from bill & mary. Too bad they didn’t spend time covering what a crappy area md is in and their fam support totally sucks big time in that dump of a stadium too….
      Frankly surprised that Zohn didn’t also get Tayvion to come there since he recruited him I think to VT…

    3. It would have been nice to keep him, but Bryce Duke is a very good prospect as well and he, unlike Brown, really wants to be here. So I’m not going to lose sleep over Brown. Any time you have a coaching change, you’re going to lose some members of your recruiting class. It’s unavoidable. So far, we seem to have done a reasonably good job of keeping ours intact.

        1. Oh yeah! Do the blind resume test.

          As Will said on the pod cast, Ramon had ONE 1,000 yard years.

          Bryce had several 1,000 yard Weeks🤣

          Washington Post POY- almost 100 career TD’s.

          Pry saw his stats and said “is this for real?”

          You watch his huddle film and tell me again Ramon is better.

      1. You have no idea how this guy would have translated at the college level. Flips happen all the time.

    1. Makes me wonder if UnderArmor money played a role here. No idea if it did but the whole INL deal seems to be having an impact at “odd” locations elsewhere too.

    2. Lo I’llk at Bryce film and RESULTS ON THE FIELD in 5 and 6 A va competition

      When he takes over our #1 rb spot in 2 years u. Won’t be so butt hurt.

    1. Hoffman will not sign with VT. Per Evan G. Watkins of VT Scoop, Hoffman’s coach spoke with Pry and VT will not be signing Hoffman.

        1. correct. he had an offer contingent on senior season and VT (Fuente & Co) had already backed off back in Oct.

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