TSL Podcast 192: Hokies Go Down in Morgantown

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TSL Podcast Episode 192: Hokies Go Down in Morgantown

The Hokies took a 27-21 loss at WVU this past Saturday. The TSL Podcast breaks down a game crammed full of what-ifs. (79 minutes)

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  1. I think Tech’s coaches and players were snookered by WVU’s coaches. Evidently, WVU didn’t use Leddie Brown against LIU as they could have, or else he would’ve run for hundreds of yards in that game. So they start out with the long pass to get Tech’s defense concerned about the pass, and ran a perfectly blocked scheme that gets Brown free up the middle for the 80 yd. TD. On the TD pass to Robinson called incomplete, the replay to me looks like the nose of the ball hit the turf as it was caught, although tough to see. And the WVU pass rush so completely dominated Tech’s offensive line, it’s a miracle that the final score was as close as it was. Also, a little bit surprised we didn’t see Connor Blumrick for one or two plays near the goal line. Hopefully we learn from this one and have a successful rest of the season.

  2. Great podcast. It’s easy to go off the reservation after a loss like that. Very thoughtful and measured commentary. Very refreshing.

  3. If BB’s shoulder is hurt, that means he likely won’t be able to push the ball downfield in the passing game. Coupled with the WRs having trouble getting separation, and our best playmaker (Mitchell) out for the year, and the lack of running back production, how are we going to move the ball and score points? Is the offense doomed this year? This is a serious combination of factors that looks like a huge problem.

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