Virginia Tech Camp Photo Gallery: Defense

Below is a collection of pictures of Virginia Tech defensive players from open media sessions in early August.  You can click on each picture for a larger image.

Amare Barno, Virginia Tech
Amare Barno is Virginia Tech’s top playmaker on the defensive line. (Jon Fleming)


TyJuan Garbutt
TyJuan Garbutt is the likely starter at defensive end opposite Barno. (Jon Fleming)


Mario Kendricks
Mario Kendricks has a more defined upper body. (Jon Fleming)


Josh Fuga
Josh Fuga has trimmed down since last season. (Jon Fleming)


Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams will help anchor the defensive line. (Jon Fleming)


Tae Daley
Vanderbilt transfer Tae Daley. (Ivan Morozov)


Will Johnson
Freshman linebacker Will Johnson will miss this season with shoulder surgery. (Ivan Morozov)


Eli Adams
Defensive end Eli Adams. (Ivan Morozov)


Cole Nelson
Freshman defensive end Cole Nelson. (Ivan Morozov)


Mattheus Carroll
Freshman defensive end Mattheus Carroll. (Ivan Morozov)


Jaden Keller
Freshman linebacker Jaden Keller. (Ivan Morozov)


Lakeem Rudolph
Freshman linebacker Lakeem Rudolph. (Ivan Morozov)


Dorian Strong
Dorian Strong is a likely starter at cornerback. (Ivan Morozov)


Defensive coordinator Justin Hamilton. (Ivan Morozov)


JC Price
JC Price coaches up the defensive line. (Jon Fleming)


Amare Barno
Amare Barno added 10 pounds in the offseason. (Ivan Morozov)


Nadir Thompson
Nadir Thompson high points the football. (Ivan Morozov)

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  1. Enjoyed the pictures. Thanks, Lots of strong looking athletes! [A plethora of eclectic athletes].

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