Virginia Tech Releases 2021 Football Schedule

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Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech will kick off the 2021 football season against UNC. (Ivan Morozov)

Virginia Tech’s 2021 football schedule was released this morning, debuting on the Packer and Durham show on the ACC Network. Highlights include a season-opener against UNC in Lane Stadium, a big trip to Morgantown against West Virginia as part of the non-conference slate, and back-to-back games to end the season against Miami and UVA.

Virginia Tech 2021 football schedule

The Hokies have a front-heavy home schedule, while the second half of their season will feature many road games. For the first time since 1984, Virginia Tech will play six of its first seven games at home, with the lone road game coming on September 18 against West Virginia in Morgantown, WV.

Tech’s season opener will be held on either Thursday, September 2 or Friday, September 3 against Coastal Division rival UNC. Notre Dame visits Blacksburg on October 9, followed by Pitt on October 16 and Syracuse on October 23.

After that point the Hokies will play four of the final five games away from Blacksburg, including back-to-back road games against Miami and Virginia on November 20 and November 27. Duke is the lone home game during that stretch, with the Blue Devils visiting Blacksburg on November 13. The road game against Boston College will be played on Friday, November 5.

Here are links to complete information on all ACC football schedules, via

We’ll have more on the schedule in an upcoming column later today.

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  1. Given who we’re obligated to play, I think this schedule sets up rather favorably for us. And we FINALLY get home games in October! Now we just need to hopefully be able to get vaccinated by September. Pretty pleased with it on first gut reaction. Will be a make-or-break year for Coach Fu. Go Hokies!!

  2. The two easiest games to fly to are BC & UM. If we can’t play them away on alternate years, I wish we would at least have more time between the games. BC early in the year & UM late in the year because of the weather would be great.

  3. I could certainly see us losing a lot of these games, but if I was any other team looking at Virginia Tech on my schedule, I could see losing to Tech as a real possibility. There is a lot of parity in the conference, and that makes for an exciting season, entertaining games, and unpredictable results.

  4. L, W, L, W, L, L, W, W, W, W, L, W

    2021 Record Prediction: 7-5

    If we somehow manage to beat WVU and Pitt, the ceiling is 9-3, but with our history of inexplicable egg-laying, we could also end up 6-6 or worse.

  5. Is there any chance the ACC will change the cross-divisional match??? I have no interest in playing BC every freaking year! I think a team like NC State would garner far more interest. Let BC match up with Wake or something!

    1. Miami should have to play Fredo every year. They asked for BC to be included in the expanded ACC. They sure didn’t ask that VT be included.

    2. Unfortunately, I doubt it will ever change unless Notre Dame decides to permanently join the ACC, and I certainly wouldn’t hold my breath on that happening. 🙁

  6. Could we see Fuente fired mid-season? Could easily see us starting the year at 1-5 given his track record against lower division foes

      1. I agree but this is an internet board which has the O&M glasses guys and the Negative Nancies

    1. I thought the team closed the season playing well and BB played well. Also Kadum showed that may be he does belong. We ‘ll see, I’m looking forward to an improved team. At least hoping.

  7. Great home schedule. But Lane isn’t a pain for visiting team as it used to be. Hopefully, we can all get vaccinated, have a good spring/summer practice, and come out ready. I’ll be retired, so looking forward to help with the jumping ! GO HOKIES !!!

  8. My first thought is that I thought the previous time we played WVU (2005?) it was in Morgantown.

    Seems like they ought to be coming to Lane first.

      1. That was a one off neutral field deal. I am talking when we played them every year. My recollection was MV2 gave the WVU fans the 1 finger salute at the last time we played them as part of a series.

    1. Last home and home was at WVU but that’s irrelevant now that it’s a completely new series 16 yrs later

      1. Shouldn’t play them at all. They have the crudest, most obnoxious, and sometimes dangerous fans in college football. Remember our guys being told to keep their helmets on while on the sidelines to protect from battery throwing?

  9. Good op for a really, fast impressive start, or disaster from the opening kick. CJF can predict his future early.

  10. Wow, first thought is that looks tough. UNC, @ WVU, and ND in the first 5 games will take a toll before finishing out the season with 4 of 5 tough away conference games

      1. Perhaps, given our coaching staff. But why be so negative in January?!

        I’m happy to see the schedule. I hope there’s Spring football to look forward to.

        1. Why so negative in Jan? Didn’t you know that the best way to help generate good vibes in the program is to kick people in the balls when they are down? Besides NOBODY gives a crap about good news or positive things, unless of course it is their own idea, you been hiding under a rock or something? What the vocal ones wanted to happen last year did not take place so they have decided that instead at the least staying silent, it is better for everyone if they continue to rant, rave, and criticize anything at any opportunity. Of course having ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE about said subject in not a requirement, all is needed is an opinion. Sorry to hijack your post, but that is way I see it and since it is mine it is the only opinion that counts. See you in Sept., it is going to be a long slug until then! That dripping sound you hear is sarcasm from this post.

          1. Guess you got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I’ve always tried to be respectful of the other person’s opinion even when I don’t agree with them.

      2. I see us at 9-3 or 8-4 next yr. 8-4 is my mark I want to see Fuente at next yr, and I believe he and this team can do it, I have faith

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