Virginia Tech Adds Clemson Transfer Jordan Williams

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Virginia Tech’s defensive line has been strengthened through the transfer portal courtesy of the commitment of Clemson defensive tackle Jordan Williams.

Williams is 6-4, 310, and he was a 4-star recruit out of Cox High School in Virginia Beach.  He originally signed with the Tigers over the Hokies, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Penn State, and may others.  He appeared in 36 career games for Clemson, registering 41 tackles, 9.5 tackles for loss and four sacks.

With Jarrod Hewitt not returning, Williams will have a great chance to step right in as a starter in Blacksburg.  He has two seasons of eligibility remaining.

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    1. Clemson is loaded with talent as you probably know. Probably wants more playing time…wants to star somewhere rather than split time with other 4-5 stars.

  1. Why should we be worried about getting these guys out of hs? The future is hs and portal!!! So just live with it..we aren’t it in the old era of football.. we can’t live in the old world of the 90s and 2000s and survive..this is the era of “free agency”. If u wanna call it that. Most the really good hs players will be gone in 2 yrs and don’t want to take a red shirt the first year….

    By the way why can’t we be successful in the portal..look at our running back this year..he was a 2 star out of hs…most of you guys think the portal is for the not so good football players. And it is like a scarlet letter on their forehead.. Horse hockey!!! There are quite good players in the portal. And if our coaches have found a niche and can make it work. …why not!!!

    1. You make a good point. Why not set our focus, in part, on the portal and get proven resources as opposed to the “unproven” HS kids at the 3 star level we seem to be able to recruit these days.

    2. Didn’t Bill Snyder rely heavily on JUCO recruits for the success he had at KSU? I guess this is basically the same model – recruiting older, hopefully more mature guys. I’m guessing we can also assess talent more easily because they’ve played against college competition as compared to HS kids.

      The main issue I guess is knowing why they’re in the Portal in the first place. If it’s because of lack of playing time, as seems to be the case here, or if it’s a move to be closer to home, then no problem. If it’s because they’re a malcontent, then we should probably pass.

  2. Welcome aboard. Great opportunity for Tapp and other Def coaches to show ability to continue to grow a young man. Stay healthy and show everyone your abilities. Go Hokies

  3. We will be getting more than a Virginian and rock solid DT. We will learn a lot about “how” Clemson operates in many ways. Glad Mr Williams is coming home. Great pick-up Coach Fu.

    1. Learn “how Clemson operates” lol I like that, I assume more than the obvious: Money, Money, Money …Moonnneey. I’d like to get a good U player here and hear good stories to confirm some of the fast times I hear about at Da U.

      1. If it’s money, why didn’t they have the same success in the 90s and 2000s? It’s a great coach IMO. Dabo turned that place around quickly. Success breeds money.

    2. You mean how the Clemson assistants spend hours reviewing tape so they can steal their opponents’ offensive signs and then coach Venables send them into the D right before the snap? That’s been well-documented, and one way OSU was able to confuse the Clemson D was by huddling up more before the snap… I’m guessing all teams will do that against them in the future.

    1. Imagine, if you will, that it could be…BOTH. His HS recruiting has been lacking, but we have done very well through the portal. It is entirely possible for both to be true.

    2. Oh come on, the guy is only coming here because he’s played very minimally in 4 years. He got his first start as a senior in case you missed that. I guess you read “Clemson” and assumed this guy was a stud, other than that not sure what the hype is about. It’s sad we’ve come sunk so far to be so excited about a Clemson wash out starting for us. Not to long ago Clemson was scared to play us!

      1. But their seconds are better than many, if not most, of our firsts. Until that’s not the case (meaning we get better at recruiting HS kids), then the Portal is really our only chance to stay relevant.

  4. Hope he excels with us but only had 1 tackle in ACC Championship game and 1 in Sugar Bowl.

    Maybe someone else here on the board knows more. With all of that size and high recruiting ranking I would have thought his stats would be better

    1. For what it’s worth. Aaron Donald didn’t have a tackle in 4 games this year, only had 1/2 a tackle in another & 1.5 tackles in a 6th game. Probably the best interior d-lineman in the NFL.

      1. Not worth anything in this conversation. Your comparing Aaron Donald to a Clemson 3 year back up and part of 1 year starter.

    2. But is he a better option than who we’ve got, either on the team or coming in summer 2021? I’m guessing Fuente thought so…

    1. They have 2 freshmen who are bigger and better than him. He is a GREAT get for us….ANYBODY who is second string at Clemson can be a difference maker for us!

      This is how we will get those guys…As much as I hate the Portal overall, I think it may help us because we will NOT get those top recruits…never have with few exceptions. This is a chance…If we HAVE to have free agency in college, we may as well make it work FOR us…

      This is a GOOD get

    2. He’s a grad student now. More to life than football. We have some pretty good degree programs too.

  5. Nowwwww we talking VT!

    Former #4 player in the state of Virginia his Highschool senior year. This kid checks alot of boxes:

    Graduated with his Clemson degree early.

    Has 2 National Championship Titles and obviously knows what it takes to win at the highest level.

    Has 2 years left and obviously wants to learn more, educate himself more, polish himself more, and contribute instead of running straight to the NFL to try and cash in.

    757 product from a gold standard within our league. We need to recruit any and as many Clemson players as Clemson will let us.

    Keep building on this this formula and maybe……just maybe……we could get this thing turned around.

  6. This is a fantastic development. He will start and assuming he’s developed well and contributes at a high level, good selling point to future Virginia recruits.

  7. This is a nice and welcome development. I’ll be interested to see if Fuente thinks he can build a contender using the portal. “We” all wanted this guy to commit to Vt out of high school and it seemed that we had no chance at the time, which was unfortunate. We also currently need play-making DTs badly and this is a welcome addition.

    I wish that we could get more players out of HS and I doubt that you can build a program on the portal but Fuente may have no choice but to try to prove doubters wrong because he is struggling badly trying to recruit HS players.

    Glad we got this pickup.

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