Justin Fuente Retained By Virginia Tech

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Virginia Tech
Justin Fuente will coach his sixth season at Virginia Tech in 2021. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Virginia Tech head football coach Justin Fuente will be retained for the 2021 season.  The news leaked out on Monday night, and it was confirmed in a Tuesday afternoon press conference with Director of Athletics Whit Babcock.

Fuente has been under fire for quite awhile, most recently with a 2020 season that produced a 5-6 record and a home loss to Liberty.  Fuente’s buyout dropped to $10 million on Tuesday, leading to speculation that he would be let go the day before Signing Day.

Fuente has a career record of 38-26 at Virginia Tech, with a 25-17 mark in ACC games.  However, he is 19-18 over the last three seasons, along with a 14-12 conference record.

Do you agree with Whit Babcock’s decision to retain Justin Fuente?  Vote in the poll below.

Did Whit Babcock make the right decision to retain Justin Fuente?

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  1. I VERY reluctantly agree to keep on Fuente at this point. The damage from firing him now might be worse than keeping him onboard. Especially without somebody lined up to come in. There was no good option. Only a bad option and no option at all. They went with nothing. Horrible for Virginia Tech to be in this position. Hope recruiting can improve this year if nothing else because some players might be scared off from going to a Big 10 or Pac 10 team this point in time.

  2. Good decision Whit. It will pay off.

    He needs a ‘normal’ coaching year with full staff to be fair. Give the new coaches some time to start developing recruiting, I think T&T are making a difference in D. Firing all now will crush any recruits we have with no chance of any stability for years.

  3. Yikes I’ve read this board for awhile but some on this board would give a reprieve to the guy that just robbed them because he is a nice guy. Acting as if two of the worst seasons in the last quarter century didn’t happen in years 3/5 of Fuentes tenure is crazy. Considering how the team finished last year, the TERRIBLE recruiting and the rumors that multiple highly rated players have entered the portal and the trajectory is downward. This is a HC who was a supposed offensive guru, but where would we have been if Herbert had gone somewhere else? Does the defense deserve a pass? Sure new coaches, schemes and they did show some signs down the stretch but looking at the program as a whole and you can’t say it looks good. It feels like we are kicking the can down the road, problem is if we have a similar performance next year the “Mob” rightfully should include Whits name.

      1. I agree! I was on the fence in wanting to get a new head coach but in the long run it would really kill our football program. Now is the time for all HOKIES to come together and get back on the right track. I will continue to give as I have in the past and I will continue for as long as I am alive. I support the coaches but most important of all, I support all of our players in all sports, not just football. We will see tomorrow and in the future what coaches will continue to be here and which ones may leave. I will trust Whit and Coach Fu to make the right decisions for the program.

    1. Seriously. In what alternate reality is keeping Fuente a good idea? Regardless of who made the call, the significance of small donors who do things like buy tickets will start to get noticed when the stadium is half empty during the game and the town is half empty during game day. The good news is, if you want to see the rivalry with VMI renewed, it will probably start to be a competitive game with this approach to football.

      1. In what reality is it a good idea? The reality where it’d cost a fortune to get rid of him. It wouldn’t be a good look to pay out the nose to get rid of him while we’re simultaneously getting rid of other sports programs due to financial considerations. It’d be stupid to spend that money now. Obviously, boosters have raised the money or he’d be gone. He will not be hired again when his contract is up, that’s for sure. In this case, cooler heads have prevailed.

    2. Seriously golden … did you not read Whit’s remarks? They make perfect sense. Maybe you want to destroy the Hokie football program? First you have to find a coach to take the job. Then there is a new reality, the transfer portal. Whit points out that all the players on the team are Fuente recruits so they can transfer to another university without penalty. Up your goldenhokie4life. Perhaps you are a UVA troll? Hmmmmmmm because anyone who is a golden hokie 4 life would take the time to read Whit’s comments and understand where he is coming from.

      1. Mike Young came in and was able to convince people to stay you don’t think a football coach could do the same? The transfer portal taketh and at the same time giveth, two of our highest rated OL prospects we have ever signed just hit the portal, I’m sorry but you are DELUSIONAL if you look at the program and say it looks good. Again what do you say if we have a similar year next year? The optics are not good but axing non revenue generating sports for a few years to make sure the MAIN revenue source stays afloat and viable is a sound strategy in the business sense. It may hurt some peoples feelings but again you need to what you need to do.

  4. We listened to Whit’s PC. He admitted some failings, addressed some needs, and indicated that they have identified a method of righting the ship. He also said that some of these things were done early in the year and that Covid interfered with implementation. He does not feel that the staff has had a fair chance to implement the changes.

    If you have not listened to the PC, please do so with an open mind. Whit is not a professional speaker and could use some help with salesmanship but he appears to be telling the truth and to be speaking from the heart. He gives reasons for his actions and makes a significant effort to explain them. To us, this was very positive.

    Whit took full responsibility for what has taken place with the program and the decision that was made. He has taken the ultimate responsibility for the success of the team. We respect him enough to support his decision and feel that it is time for all Hokies to come together and do so.

    If there is not positive and measurable change, we expect to see a change in leadership. These problems cannot be solved in a year but there can certainly be significant progress. It must be measured and accounted for. Winning was mentioned many times.

    I understand why Will, Chris, and the staff took the position that they did and support them. Now they need to hold the administration accountable for what was said.

    We have grave doubts that the effort will work. There does not appear to be an overall plan although Whit did run thru a laundry list of things that are being done. Good communications are obviously not a talent that receives much attention in the athletic department. It needs to be and could make a major difference in the ordinary fan’s support of the program. Secrecy, while necessary in some instances, should not be a characteristic of an athletic program. At Virginia Tech, it unfortunately appears to be but it may well be a failure in communications.

    We are not inclined to increase our support at this time. Words are cheap; positive actions and results are required. We don’t buy the idea of writing checks with no accountability just because we are Hokies. We have been in one situation with the upper level of the administration and contributors and found that people’s word meant nothing.

    Best of luck to those who must make this process work. Please show us the results that will again bring satisfaction to football and athletics at Virginia Tech and will again bring us together.

    1. It’s stupid to spend millions on getting rid of Fu in the context of current events. Losing at football is not an emergency. I assume that the mental health of many of our players is just as bad as most everyone else’s in America.

  5. I trust Whit Babcock and his decision making. He has made excellent coaching decisions in his tenure. He is a smart guy that knows what he is doing and does it in a classy way.

  6. Will and Chris -During your comments on the Monday Podcast you both were so positive that Fuente was gone (and it seemed to me that you both agreed with that decision). Guess you need to get better “sources.”

    Will—great “Monday Thoughts” article (sarcasm intended). It was only the most important game of the year. Maybe CJF’s retention will give you some motivation to write an article (like the return of the Commonwealth Cup wasn’t enough).

    1. I always wonder why people who choose to snipe and take shots at Will and Chris are even here. All the sources indicated something was going to happen, Whit went against everything that was being put out there. Your petty sniping at their sources is unwarranted.

      1. teaysvalleyhokie …. go back into your man cave. By the way I think you owe me $100. Will and Chris run a pay to view website. If they stick their neck out in a editoral then they are open to being critisized. Like I have said earlier, want to know what impact the comments on this website and others have regarding decisions by the Hokie front office? Put your hand in a bucket of water, now pull it out. What was the effect? NOTHING. So you donate each year to the Hokie Club and purchase season tickets. Ok, don’t. Someone else will take your place.

    2. I agree that there is no excuse for having no Monday Thoughts after the Virginia game, and for being so late in getting an article up about Fuente. Bad time for a lapse in editorial.

  7. This is the biggest whimp out article I have ever read here. One of the interns could have written something more substantive. I hope there will be significant follow-up discussion. I discussed my general feelings about all that transpired in my perspective stated yesterday. But I think most people are much like me, sitting back reading the mass hysteria wondering if there is something wrong with our reasoned perspective on what has transpired this year. The experts and writers seem to generate a self amplifying mantra of disaster and that everyone agrees what must be done and it is a done deal. It is good to see that I was not crazy and a lot of folks (majority) are sitting back like myself with a perspective that was not irrational after all. I could answer with some perspective every point that I have seen raised by the hysterical, but will not waste my time because I know it will not change minds. I will just simply say that I am very happy as a dedicated Hokie that this decision was made. I just wish it had not been made in an hysterical environment that made it sound like the whole Hokie nation was against Fuente and the “experts” knew what the correct decision was that needed to happen or disaster lay ahead.

      1. Personally I am delighted with the decision. I have been advocating ‘another year’ for quite a while. Message board push back has been expected and respectful.

        That said I have been a bit miffed by what I perceived at times to be clear staff bias supporting dismissal- footnoted with now (as revealed today) invalid sourcing.

        I understand at the end of the day this is a message board – anything goes (within acceptable decorum of course).- but I do hold staff to a higher standard.

        Still enjoy the site…….carry on.

    1. wizskier …. what gets me is how the hysteria folks believe they are in the majority and they are not. I came here to obtain information about Hokie sports. Instead a bunch of belly aching. Now I will go to Hokiesports.com and send the money I spent on this website to the Hokie Club in addition to my annual gift. Imagine if those who think positive and rational on this website and other sites did the same?

  8. I don’t think there was a right decision really. It truly was a bad situation. Perhaps the poor decision was giving an average (or below) coach an over-paid extension putting us in this situation?

  9. I understand the decision and do not think it unreasonable. The team finished on a win, and an important win at that, and an expensive buyout. But Fuente has lots of problems to correct, and if he doesn’t correct these problems he will not win and if he doesn’t win, then there is no point to keep him. On the other hand, I think the defense has improved somewhat over the course of the season and that is encouraging.

  10. I don’t know sounds like a cop out, but that is how I voted. The reason, I don’t know how the players feel. I hope whit met with some of the players to get their input. If the players are really behind Fuente, then retaining him is the correct thing.

  11. Whitt kept Fu simply because: 1. We are hurting financially 2. He could not or would not find another coach. and 3. The buy out is still too severe. This time next year we will all be excited about our new head coach.

  12. The Big Ten now has four winning football teams – this is not the year to fire a coach unless you have serious dough.

  13. Bottom line? I want a coach & staff that can deliver more 4* recruits. A full straight of 3* athletes just isn’t going to get it done on the field regularly. We have to admit he hasn’t gotten recruiting done. Depending on 2 & 3* to develop and make us competitive every week just isn’t a strategy for success.

    Meaningful changes are needed, besides more $$ and while I’m hopeful, I realize hope isn’t a strategy.

    1. We need funding for facilities and support programs to attract the 4* recruits all schools covet. A kid who can go anywhere in the country will not be a Hokie most of the time due to what VT can offer them. If we desire 4* recruits then we need 5* facilities. The Hokie Nation contributes like a small band of donors yet demand more.

      1. Agree. There was a rumor that Whit had donors to do the buyout. I’m hoping he convinced them to donate that money to facilities instead of buying out a contract.

      2. I’m getting tired of this excuse. I’ve been to Oregon, and the facilities suck. Look at the 2021 recruiting rankings. Cal is number 23. Figure out how to recruit or give me a break.

  14. I think the title of this article is awful. And the article itself seems to be fishing for negativity. The decision has been made, so wouldn’t it be most helpful to get on board and support? If Techsideline does not agree with the decision, wouldn’t it be more helpful to send a letter to Whit vs looking for negativity towards the decision and stirring the pot, so to speak?

    1. CC is very negative toward Fu. Fu has been under fire for a while from a loud minority who tend to be TSL subscribers. We (subscribers) are not the pulse of the program.

      TSL wants access to the program like they had while Beamer was here. The writers don’t have that access and they don’t like it. It shows in their writing.

        1. But it’s clear from your numerous comments and stories Chris that Beamer was much more open with his program, which you liked (open practices and scrimmages, Beamerball.com, etc). You constantly bash CJF for how closed he is with media.

          Full disclosure-I think CJF sucks with the media, which hurts his standing with the fan base. I wish he would change that.

          1. No, I don’t bash him for it. I think that’s more VT policy. Whit rarely does interviews either. I just think the Strategic Communication of the athletic department as a whole is outta whack.

            For the record, I think Frank was too open, and now we are too closed.

  15. It’s the right decision. JF is a really good football coach. We had new defense/coaches but no spring practice. We had some key players missing (Farley, Waller, Payoute, Hunter, etc). We had day-to-day COVID challenges as to who’s available and whether the games will even happen. I’m for keeping the guy who chose us over other suitors in 2015 and has stuck with us since. Recruiting and strength/conditioning must improve, and I’m sure JF knows it, so maybe we’ll see some program changes coming to address those areas. Go Hokies!

  16. I’ve been a TSL member for quite a few year and love the site and all the writers. But gotta say I’m a bit disappointed with all the semi comfirmations that Fuente was going to be fired. I’m sure you had sources but man, you guys were way wrong and to write that is not fair to a lot of people. Maybe you will explain that one day. Keep up the great work you guys do.

    1. I’m also hoping we will get the full scoop as to why it was basically confirmed here that he was beinb let go. Maybe soon?

    2. TSL staff historically almost never comments on rumors. That means we rarely get any info unless an insider posts it, but most have been ran off. Fortunately, the staff have been a little more open lately to comment on what they are hearing. We shouldn’t be mad about that.
      In fact, they weren’t wrong about anything. All they confirmed was that sources indicated Whit had the buyout money, and the approval of the BOV and Sands. He was free to make whatever decision he chose.
      They gave an opinion, that based on that info, Fu was likely gone. Seems like a logical opinion if Whit went that far into it. Obviously, Whit wasn’t certain, and made his decision to keep Fu.
      Surprised a lot of people. TSL was not in the wrong here. Just informing its readers with what they know, and we should be thankful for that.

      1. I agree. I get the inside scoop from friends and then read it here. I like it whenever TSL beats my contacts. Rarely happens but I guess they want to maintain a measured response and not get the doors they have closed by spilling the beans early. All speculation on my part but I can’t help but think TSL is as knowledgeable as my buds.

  17. Whit made the right call here. We had COVID and key opt outs. Invest the money to address the gaps. Can’t wait to see everyone back in Lane next season. Keep on Jumping. Lets go Hokies.

    1. I’m getting tired of this excuse. Remind me again what our record was last year without COVID? I don’t like to be negative either, but I’m not excited about another 500 (or lower) season next year.

  18. Someone (Andy Bitter?) had a good article where they pointed out that in our original non-COVID schedule, there is no Clemson, there are some extra cupcakes, there is a sucky GT, and we probably go 8-4 or even 9-3 (assuming we might have beaten Liberty in this alternate universe). Does that make Fuente coach of the year? No, but it doesn’t get him on the chopping block either.

    1. Not to mention having all your players available for every practice and game (subject to injury of course). How much better does a guy like Caleb Farley make you, not just in games but every day in practice?

  19. Reassessing coaches / 1 yr reprieve will not bode well for recruiting most likely.
    Taking emotion out of it – there’s enough data to cause concern.
    -ODU, LU, PITT, Duke games probably require explanation.
    Giving a pass to TSL staff for reporting on this issue. Points discussed were justifiable and informative.
    Besides they are true maroon and orange fans with a history of responsible reporting.
    I would’ve accepted a change more than current status I think.

  20. In all due respect, I think the TSL staff needs to engage in a little self reflection. You have pushed the narrative for some time that you wanted coach to be fired, and recent articles made it sound like a done deal. I think you have done a disservice to Virginia Tech in general, the football program in particular and your subscribers.

    1. The same TSL that asked us to keep our subscriptions during the early covid crisis and through the summer, to help keep them afloat.

      1. The same TSL that condones the merciless bashing of the program by message board posters and then laments the fact that recruits don’t want to come and play for Tech.

        1. Condones? I’ve never heard anyone at TSL condone program bashing. Quite the contrary. What is TSL to do? Filter out the negative? Fans need to police what they say – not TSL.

          1. Lol….fans policing what they say. Good one.

            There is a tone of negativity that permeates the message boards. It will never be moderated unless TSL management does it, which clearly they have no interest in doing.

            1. To me, the message boards reflect the opinions of those who choose to post, not TSL’s (although they may coincide). The only moderation that should to be done are to delete posts that are way out of bounds. And I for one appreciate the work Will, Chris, & Co. do for us. This is not a PATT site, and it shouldn’t be.

  21. I was pleased to see that TSL had no clue to realty in reporting the almost certain firing of Coach Fuente. This was done in written articles and the most recent PODCAST. Also missed was the Fan support for Coach Fu as noted by the overwhelming backing by the comments made on the “CC On Sunday” article. TSL has backed away from supporting our HC for some time, actually starting early on with comments about his inaccessibility to the press.
    I certainly respect TSL’s right and duty to write articles as they see them. However, they might consider listening a bit more intently to their subscribers and the alumni and reporting both views.

    1. You pretty much captured my perspective on this year’s edition of TSL. I have used this site a long time and been an ardent supporter of and contributor to Hokie football for much, much longer. But this year TSL seems to be in a tailspin-out of touch with the program and losing confidence of subscribers. It started with a very bright and grounded Owner losing interest in writing and pretending to be too busy running a business. We are left reading a prolific but unimaginative writer who confuses stats with analysis and stubbornly refused to believe that the 2020 college football season would even be played. Then as the most unpredictable college football season in history went south on the Hokies, he decided the HC was no longer the right man to lead the team back to the Beamer glory years of old (that would be pre 2010 before the decline). Then one day at the gym recently someone told him a friend saw someone else who looked like a realtor photographing a coach’s house and just like that he knew the rumors must be fact. And he was bound to tell us before the celebratory champagne ran out on Sunday that Coach Fu most certainly had coached his last game at VT. What a surprise it must have been to learn on Monday that TSL’s inside sources were dead wrong.

      Some of you won’t like my view, but I don’t enjoy reading many of your increasingly negative vibes aimed at the coach whether from subscribers or the writing staff. Yes, I acknowledge everyone has the right to post their views, but I for one am tired of hearing the constant complaining. Loosing sucks, but whiners are worst than losers. Winners believe in winning. Start believing!

  22. I just don’t think you fire a guy who, in reality, up until kickoff, doesn’t know 100% who’s going to be available to play.

    Let’s look at the losses:
    UNC – a walk-on secondary against probably the best pure passer in the league
    WAKE – Offense that had been kicking ass all year had a terrible day. HH w the turnover fest
    LIBERTY-hindsight is 20/20 but yeah CJF SHOULD NOT have called TO. This wasn’t anywhere near as bad as the ODU loss. LU has talent and is well coached
    MIAMI-Lost by 1 to a Top 15 team, offense went away in the 4th and D couldn’t hold on
    CLEMSON-1 score game w 5 min left in 3rd. We folded, you don’t turn it over against those guys and survive
    PITT-Horrible loss, obviously. This one looks the worst for CJF. Failed on a 4th and 1 to tie it and then we quit.

    1. Agree with this. Pitt–that was the 9th straight week of playing in a year where the kids didn’t have an offseason/conditioning etc… I know all teams had to go thru some stuff in 2020, but can’t imagine 9 weeks of that grind with no rest/week off.

      Liberty–don’t muff a punt and shoot yourselves 10 other way and it’s a non-issue. That was a team that took NC St. to the wire and man-handled Syracuse.

      Crap season, crap year, still I’m optimistic about the future.

    2. Agreed.
      Were we competitive this year ? 98% (Pitt, not so much)
      Do we seem well coached ? 98% of the time
      Do we seem prepared ? 98% of the time
      Do we play hard ? 99.9% of the time
      Do we need a Deeper DL ? Yes
      Do we need a bodies at DB ? Yes
      What was the distracted factor this year ? 100%

      CFu has his team in a much better position than CFB did in 1992 (2-9). BUT ! that team was competitive too.

      Coach them up, get some pcs of the puzzle, sprinkle in some 4 Star talent and you may have a hell of team

      Guys, we aren’t that far away from being a top 15 team

  23. Meh. Unimpressed. Status Quo. Same old Same old. Wake me up next year when we underachieve again losing a couple of games we are favored in and end up 7-5 or 6-6. Whooopie!

    1. Agree. Apparently, Covid did not hit Lynchburg, Wake Forest, or Pittsburgh. And certainly, VT’s declining status in the Coastal and lousy recruiting will only serve to invigorate the players and magically we’ll be good again!

  24. All I can say is I hope everybody works for a company where your inability to produce is rewarded by you not being fired. I wish I had that kind of job!!

    1. Hell, my to produce outstanding results isn’t rewarded! I work for a company where I produce stellar financial, schedule and technical/quality results; and run circles around my peers. But I get a 2% salary increase along with a pittance of a bonus. I’m 66 and they give the $$ to the youngsters. They don’t need to fire me; I’ll be retiring soon.

  25. Absolutely the right decision for 2020. All of us on this page want the same thing. There are multiple ways to get there, and for 2020 let’s not burn it down. If we’re sitting in 2021 and not showing progress, then I think the correct move may be something different.

    Let’s go land some recruits, get bigger in the gym, support the SH** out of this team, and see what 2021 provides.

  26. I don’t think a simple yes/no poll will work. I would have voted “yes” with staff changes. But if the staff stays as is, then “no”.

    1. Agreed. I’m ok with Fuente staying if there isn’t a better option this year, but the offensive coordinator needs to go.

  27. I don’t think you can compare this situation to the Beamer early days. First off, when CFB came in, he was working with one hand behind his back thanks to Dooley. Fu walked into a situation where he was given big bucks and expected to win. Beaner didn’t have those expectations. For those happy with decision, what is there to be happy about? Losing half the team to the portal each year? Recruiting getting worse and worse every year? Losing countless games to inferior talent? Stupid coaching decisions (due to himself and his OC and special teams guy)? I hope I’m wrong, but I fear next year will be worse. Whit will then fire Fu and we will have another horrible, wasted, year of bad games and terrible recruiting. VT should have torn the band-aid off this year to straighten out the sinking football program.

    I know, I know – I’m not a true fan because I don’t view the program with maroon and orange glasses.

  28. I’m okay with it in 2020. I was good/pulling for a change, but with Covid/money issues, etc I’m not upset with the decision. Looking forward to seeing how the defense gels in 2021, hoping for more from the offense.

  29. Seems most defending the decision to keep Fuente want to bring up the early Beamer years or even all the way back to 1970 and use what happened then to justify what we’re doing now. ICYMI, it is 2020, not 1992. The entire fabric of college football is completely different than it was 30 years ago and if you want to stay relevant and be considered one of the big boys you can’t keep a guy who has arguably made us worse 4 years in a row, and at the least has not done anything for the better over those years. Multiple extremely embarrassing losses over his tenure to instate lesser foes no less, no Coastal crown since 2016, and now a losing record. In 2020 you don’t put up with that performance over that long a period unless you are committed to being mediocre which it appears we have. Oh well, cheers to being 0.500 for the foreseeable future, woohoo!

    1. I know how you feel, but look at the numbers!!! We haven’t been relevant since 2000 in a national championship. Realistic expectations are a Hokie trait, you know what I mean?

      1. You must have slept for about 10 years since then…cause that’s the only way you could think we haven’t been relevant since 2000. Change the number to 2020 and I agree..we are no longer relevant and the trend says we’re not going to be. Hope like hell CJF turns it around…I think he should have been let go, but since he wasn’t…I support VT (always) and CJF as long as he is the HC, but I don’t accept mediocrity..which is flat out where we are at this point..

        1. Any Power Five team that is in the top half of its division that has a shot to win that division and go to a conference championship game is nationally relevant. And then, if you do have a special season and put it all together, you have a path to play for it all.

          If Michigan State can make the playoff, so can we. Winning it all would take something really remarkable, but I do think we can make it to the dance under CJF so long as he gets the kind of support the programs we are competing against get.

    2. Well said. NO one is asking Justin Fuente to walk on water or cure cancer, but beating Liberty and ODU are not in that category – good coaches DO NOT allow their teams to lose these type games. His approach, demeanor, whatever is why you are sitting at 19-19 over the last 38 – .500 as you correctly point out.

      You’ve got one chief excuse maker on up the page that gives the reasons for each loss this year – EXCUSES. What he doesn’t mention is the all the “other” losses, like losing a very winnable game to uva last year; losing a very winnable bowl game against Kentucky, a losing bowl record.

      Again, just excuses. Same guy and bunch ran a needle through “needs more time” and “cleaning up Frank’s mess” songs. Just more excuses. This time its “Covid” and not knowing who he had for games – note to excuse maker……..neither did the other team……you don’t have enough players to play – CANCEL or FORFEIT, but don’t play the game and then whine about not having enough players.

      We are where we are because we don’t have 10 million dollars to complete a divorce – no more complicated than that. Cause based on results (and this is a results based business) he would be gone.

  30. Whit, needs to have a “contract” with Fuente with ABSOLUTE Goals for 2021; I suggest these:
    1) Win the games when you are the favorite
    2) Get a new OC and get rid of the jet-sweep running game
    3) Define specific results from the S/C staff
    4) Be more open to fans and the media

    HOKIES all you may add to the list. VT `63

  31. Wasn’t going to lose sleep over the decision no matter what it was. Things like this don’t really bother me anymore, other more important things in life. I hope this turns out for the best & if it doesn’t I’ll still support the team, & yes I still send $ every year & will continue to do so.

  32. On many levels, it makes sense to retain him for one more year. Economically, I’m not sure Tech has the capital to fire him and spend more on a top flight coach. Given the virus, this season is a wash anyway. Coaching; I really want to see what the defensive staff can truly do. I saw a lot of improvement throughout the year and want to know if JHam is the answer.

    I’m sure Fu is on a short leash, but I believe this is the right decision.


  33. I am relieved, cooler heads prevailed. Firing Coach F would have set the program major step backward. We need to move forward.

  34. We burned it down in 1970…and went into the spiral that Whit speaks of. We hired unproven assistant coaches from big time programs and neither one worked out. Glad we didn’t make that mistake again.

  35. Fuente had a different staff to work this year. I like the decision and I hope the recruiting gets better . Praise the Lord

  36. There is a leader who is soon out of work who would not accept the mediocrity that has become the VT football program. Yes, Donald J. Trump for AD.

  37. From an economic perspective, this may make sense. But what happened to the rumor Fuentes wasn’t happy in Blacksburg. Is he going to be really effective or just biding his time. How committed will he be.

    1. That information was just as false as the report that CJF wasn’t coming back or wouldn’t be retained by Whit.

      Think Will and Chris need to get better “sources.”

  38. By the way. If I am not mistaken his 5th year he was 2-9..in fact I don’t think hie had a winning season in that first 5 yrs

        1. That flip was a complete anomaly – “Exceptions prove the rule.” Hokie 73, are you expecting a flip like that? Or, are you expecting what you saw in 70, 71,72,73,74,75, 76,78,79,80,81 ,82, 83, 84, 85,?? Finally found a bowl in 86.

          I was for keeping Fuente, but I would never use the 2-8-1 flip as a reason. This 2020 team was TERRIBLE against Pitt.

  39. Hey all u people ..remember history tells all..we had a coach many years ago who had a terrible 5 years, the first five years and he was brought into the office of the AD..do you know who that was? Come on all you “fans”. Who was it..it was you beloved Frank Beamer!!! Remember or have you all gone to sleep?

    1. This ain’t even close to the same situation. Frank was left with probation riddled program. Fuente was left with keys to a Mercedes and a mansion and can’t develop squat. Frank had staff that could bring in some 4*, 3* and 2*and develop them. Fuente’s staff can’t even develop a bad case of hemorrhoids much less football players. Bringing in all 3* and 2* players isn’t going to win squat this day and age much less not even developing them.

    2. That flip was a complete anomaly – “Exceptions prove the rule.” Hokie 73, are you expecting a flip like that? Or, are you expecting what you saw in 70, 71,72,73,74,75, 76,78,79,80,81 ,82, 83, 84, 85,?? Finally found a bowl in 86.

      I was for keeping Fuente, but I would never use the 2-8-1 flip as a reason. This 2020 team was TERRIBLE against Pitt.

      Since you posted twice, I’ll reply twice. Did you forget 73, 74,75,76,77,78,79,80,81,82,83,84,85?

    3. NO..but perhaps YOU have….Beamer was left with a program on probation, limited scholarships, a program with almost NO history or culture of winning, minimal if ANY visibility or relevance with fans, media, recruits. High School connections (coaches, etc.). Fuente inherited a program with NONE of those limitations. Yes Beamer was not the same coach who created VT football from nothing and kept it relevant for over 20 years in his final few years, but he left enough tools for CJF to have HIS best year in his FIRST year of 5 years. I guess you think that was pure coincidence,,,…not me.

  40. I would love to be a fly on the wall at JHam’s house. If we see the D staff staying put (on their own will), we should know that Whit made the right decision.

  41. In the future we’ll remember this moment as “the time when we almost lost the great coach Fuente”…. hopefully

  42. Sorry will. I’ll re-up my Pass when something interesting happens. Zombie offseason leading to zombie season. I don’t need a subscription to read about what ⭐️⭐️ We’re flipping from William & Mary. On a side note I hope Andy Bitter can afford his civic payments after this let down.

  43. I voted “I don’t know” after recalling what Dave Braine said as to why he retained Beamer. They too, sat down for a lengthy conversation immediately after the season was over. Braine said that Beamer laid out his plan to right the ship…and Braine said it totally made sense. It took a lot of guts on Braine’s part to stick with Frank, but the results were incredibly good. One thing Braine did do though, was to force Frank to change out some staff. Some of those guys played football with Frank at Tech. That had to be incredibly difficult.

    1. Let’s hope Whit can be even 1/2 the AD that Dave Braine was in dealing with CJF going forward. Put Dave at the top of the VT AD list with Frank Moseley

  44. I don’t know is a perfectly acceptable answer. I don’t know the full story. If TE told us to kick rocks and we didn’t have great options, yes I agree with the decision. If we didn’t at least try to find a better option, no I don’t agree with it.

    1. I agree and it is why I answered “I don’t know”. Will there be any changes to the football program like Beamer was forced to do to keep his job – e.g. fire assistants and hire better ones? Will there be any recruiting staff added? So yeah, I don’t know.

  45. Under the current circumstances probably a wise move, but hopefully some changes will be made to enhance the chances of winning more & reaching out to fans & former Hokies to get them involved. I’m 77 & season ticket holder from ’98-’19, but due to health issues probably have been to my last home game which I will miss a lot, but will watch all games I have access to when I can & will continue my contributions at same level if able. Always GO HOKIES!!!

  46. I want Teerlink and Tapp to get a full shot on the recruiting trail and training/developing the D line. And based on how the D improved over the final 3 weeks, I want to see JHam get a full shot as DC. Neither of those would happen if Fu had been canned.

    Also, I agree with Whit that burning everything down to ground level would have been a terrible risk — much greater than retaining Fuente. Unless there is a definite home-run hire waiting in the wings (and who, really, is a guaranteed home run these days?), I don’t see how terminating Fu would have made any sense.

    1. I voted “I don’t know” because I don’t know any of the conditions behind retaining him, if any. I sure hope we were able to re-negotiate a high buyout, ala Michigan and Jim Harbaugh. Heck, I think Michigan lowered his salary too.

      What are the details?

      1. This, is it because Whit really believes in Fuente or with our inability to properly fund football (to this point), the only coaches we were willing to entertain, said “No thanks.” IF this was the situation, then yes keeping him was best.


    2. Speaking for myself, I don’t have enough information to determine if Whit made a good or bad decision by keeping Fu, so I would have to answer “I don’t know”.

      Did Whit put offers out to the top 2 candidates and get shot down? If this happened, then Yes keeping Fu was probably the right decision for VT.

      Did Whit decide to keep Fu without even trying to find a replacement? If Whit didn’t even test the waters, then No it was not the right decision for VT and Whit should probably be shown the door sooner rather than later.

      1. Agree here. Needed Elliott, or Alabama assistant. IF neither would come (Not enough $$ for assistants or future facilities, or both), then keep Fu.

    3. I can imagine some people may feel (correctly or not) that they do not have the full information to make a decision if it was right or wrong to retain Fuente. I can’t imagine there are people in that camp, but there apparently are.

      1. Theyprobably aren’t sure. Hard to believe there were some some people are in aren’t in either camp. They’re probably a lot of people that are in the wait and see vp

    4. Because I really don’t know. I’m not convinced Fuente will produce the results we want, but I’m not sure firing him is the right answer right now.

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