Virginia Tech Announces “Keep Jumping” Campaign

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Virginia Tech

BLACKSBURG – Virginia Tech Athletics and the Hokie Club announce the launch of the “Keep Jumping” campaign – an initiative created to help navigate the financial impact of COVID-19 on Virginia Tech student-athletes, coaches, staff, and associates. While the athletics department will face unprecedented challenges this year, one thing remains the same – the strength of Hokie Nation when it comes together to support one another. 

“The ‘Keep Jumping’ campaign is vital for our department this year,” said Director of Athletics Whit Babcock. “While we have taken measures to remain fiscally responsible during this time, we still need your support for over 550 student-athletes who call Blacksburg home. We remain 100% committed to our student-athletes, providing them with the resources they need for success while continuing their education at Virginia Tech.”

Virginia Tech Athletics is asking for your help as it works to navigate a minimum $50 million budget impact while continuing to provide for the student-athlete experience, which includes several support areas for more than 550 Hokies. In addition to scholarship costs, the Department of Athletics helps to provide funding for all 22 varsity sports in areas of academic services, student-athlete development, athletic training, strength and conditioning, nutrition, and other health and wellness services.

“Your commitment to supporting the Hokies has always been overwhelming,” Babcock said, “but we need you now more than ever.” 

The “Keep Jumping” campaign presents an opportunity for members of Hokie Nation, as the Hokie Club is offering priority point incentives per $100 donated to the Keep Jumping Fund at this time. 

If you purchased 2020 football season tickets:

  1. Keep Jumping and convert your 2020 ticket purchase and per-seat gift into a tax-deductible donation for 2020 and receive 5x priority points for your gift.
  2. Credit your ticket purchase toward a pre-paid account that can be used to buy future football game tickets in 2020 or 2021 while either leaving your per-seat gift in 2020, earning 5x priority points OR by crediting your per-seat gift toward 2021. 
  3. Receive a refund on your ticket purchase and/or per-seat gift.

In addition to the benefits being offered football season ticket holders, the Hokie Club will be awarding 2x priority points for new or additional gifts made to the “Keep Jumping” Fund by clicking here. This additional priority benefit will be available through Wednesday, Sept. 30. 

The spirit of Hokie Nation remains unwavering – we can and we will get through these times by supporting one another as we Keep Jumping together. 

For more information on the Keep Jumping campaign, click here.

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40 Responses You are logged in as Test

  1. The only question I have is why did they not wait to have the ticket order until now? Why was it rushed with all of the unknown factors? I am sure that the reason will be well it takes time and seat selection, but wouldn’t it have been better to put seat selection off one year and postponed ticket orders. Just looks bad on the Athletic Dept.

  2. I’ve been a loyal VT Hokies supporter for almost 50 years now. From what I read about the way this seat situation is being handled by Tech bothers me. Understanding no one could help the untimely issues with the coronavirus pandemic, but it strikes me that VT is now going in a different direction with who gets seats, if any are offered. Am I missing something. Why does the deadline need to be August 28th to make a decision about our ticket/seat purchases? What’s the rush?

  3. Has VA TECH requested an exemption to the 1000 person per event restriction? You can certainly put many more in the stands socially distanced in such a large stadium. Maybe by getting that exemption we could have some percentage of Season Ticket Holders to some of the games. I think we threw in the towel too soon.

    Also, what does TV revenue look like with only a few conferences playing this fall. The ACC and others conferences playing could possible get more revenue this fall since they are the only game in town.

  4. Well, it takes about 5 minutes to make your selection. I opted to apply my ticket and fund donation to credit for 2021… mainly because I don’t think there’s gonna be a 2020 season.

  5. The email that we received yesterday as season ticket holders was very confusing so I called the ticket office and this is what I found out. By Aug 28 I have to make a decision of one of the 3 options. Only if I pick option 1 or 2 will I be able to purchase single game tickets [additional costs] to any played games this year. Current season tickets are all void for this year. If I get a refund I’m not able to purchase tickets thru the ticket office for 2020. Right now by state rules only a crowd of 1,000 is allowed. They are still waiting on a final # from the State but do not know when they will get it. Also they have not determined what the priority order of any purchase would be [i.e. Priority Hokie Club points?] . So current season tickets are out the window, and the Governor will decide how may will attend any games played.

  6. I’d bet there’s nothing in Fuente’s contract binding Tech to him during a pandemic. This would be a good time to get rid of him and save some money that way.

  7. Fill the stadium w students and season ticket holders, just like always. Allow season ticket holders to make their own choice on whether to attend. Let’s get on w living life.

    1. Hokiesuz–Do you hear yourself? The number of cases is rising across the country in record numbers and you want to act like life is normal. This wouldn’t go away until we start taking it seriously (which you aren’t).

        1. I agree with hokiesuz. If you want to stay at home then no one should fault you. If someone wants to attend a game and follow the required guidelines then no one should fault them.
          I assume that neither of you have been outside your homes to go to work, or any type of business to buy anything.

          1. HOKIEFROY—Following the guidelines is one thing (which I totally support), but that is NOT what Hokiesuz called for…he wrote “Fill up the stadium…just like always” and that attitude is what I was challenging. If we continue to act like nothing is wrong, then the virus will continue to spread. If you want to risk your life, that is on you. But to hold “super-spreader” events (like football games) with tens of thousands of people, who will then return to their hometowns and spread the virus far and wide is reckless and irresponsible. (And for your information, I am working at office, and not from home).

            1. It is certainly obvious that we are in mix with those who either didn’t receive an education at VT, or did not have any interest in the sciences.

    2. Yep…or we can just pretend we are having a “peaceful” riot… or a parade for one of the seven deadly sins….and then everyone is perfectly safe! The same people condoning that behavior are the ones telling you we need to shut down the country for the Kung Flu. Virginia’s POS governor is going do everything he can to keep as many people as possible unemployed, broke, and miserable….and many of you fools are just willing to bend over and grab your ankles for a good ole marxist f’ing.

      1. Be careful – it’s usually folks like you who end up on a ventilator taking up space that should be reserved for those who are actually trying to take care of themselves, and others unselfishly.

  8. I am going to Keep Jumping!

    VT athletic donations were already way behind other programs that we try to compete with on the field and we can’t let this pandemic make it worse. It’s time for VT supporters to step up and start helping more.

  9. I am interested in helping out my school but this PR smells more like Humping than Jumping…..And guess who is getting humped?

  10. Is the team going to be putting “social justice” verbiage on their uniforms, a la, the NFL, NBA, MLB?? Anyone know?

  11. I am going to let them keep it all. I will buy per game tickets if they are able to offer separately. They need the money and if we want to grow the program the alumni have to support financially. I certainly don’t fault anyone who does not feel this way because they have been impacted by the pandemic or anything else. Go Hokies!

  12. So, how does one find out if they are entitled to a seat(s) for home games, prior to making this decision?

    1. From linked VT site: We will be able to provide more firm details on capacity during the first week of September when the single-game ticket request process opens to those who opt to Keep Jumping and/or credit their account, if available. While we wish we had a more concrete answer at this moment, the reality is it continues to fluctuate and any number now will likely be changed before the tickets are made available for the first home against NC State.

      So you won’t know if you can get NCSU tickets until after Labor Day.

      1. So how does ones current priority points ranking and season ticket purchases, work with how seating will be allotted to them? Are priority points considered in your serenerio for seating if it is offered to VT fans?

      2. Saw this on the FAQ – Note decisions must be made by Friday, Aug 28th (10 days from now

        Do I have to decide now what I want to do with my 2020 tickets?
        In order to begin the process of awarding the benefits associated with each option, we must have a decision by Friday, Aug. 28. If you do not submit a decision by that date, your ticket order purchase and per-seat gift will be converted into a tax-deductible donation for 2020.

    2. Nobody is entitled to a seat this year. If you want the chance to get a seat if available, take option 1 and they keep the full donation or 2 and you get credit toward any purchases.

  13. A week or two ago I figured we would be looking at losses aggregating approximately $50+ million. According to Whit Babcock I was in the neighborhood.

  14. It would de cool if, for a price, I could have a life-size cardboard cutout of myself be put on the stands…

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