Virginia Tech Statement On Fall Semester

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Tim Sands, Virginia Tech
Tim Sands released information about Virginia Tech’s fall semester on Monday.

Virginia Tech President Tim Sands released information about the University’s plans for reopening in a press release on Monday morning.  The press release was accompanied by resources explaining things such as the academic calendar, health and wellness, models of instruction, and a limited section on athletics.

The fall semester will begin on August 24 and will conclude on December 16.  However, following the model of many other schools, there will be no in-person classes after Thanksgiving Break.  Dorms will be open, however they will only house approximately 9,100 students as opposed to the 10,400 housed during the 2019-20 academic year.

Virginia Tech is following the state of Virginia’s guidelines, which means as of now no large gatherings of over 50 people are allowed.  Tech’s policy will continue to change as the state’s policy changes.  That means that the status of crowds at athletic events is still unknown.  Here is the short release on athletics…

“One of the most challenging aspects of life on campus during a pandemic is the management of large crowds at performances and athletic events. At the time of this writing, such events are not possible at the densities to which we are accustomed. As the summer progresses, we will have increasing clarity on the health precautions that will be necessary for occupying spaces such as Lane Stadium, Cassell Coliseum, Burruss Auditorium, and the facilities in the Moss Arts Center. As information is available, it will be shared through the Virginia Tech Daily Email, online on at, and other places as appropriate. 

With respect to football, the NCAA and the ACC are evaluating return-to-play models. If practices cannot be conducted safely by mid-July, the start of the season could be delayed. Under the direction of the team physician, some of our student-athletes are returning to campus for voluntary training. Protocols to help lower the health risks for spectators are under development and are tentatively planned to be announced on or about July 1.”

In other words, it will require more time before we know how many fans will be allowed in Lane Stadium and Cassell Coliseum this season.

Here is a link to Virginia Tech’s full release and information page.

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40 Responses You are logged in as Test

  1. Sports fans don’t want to face it but brick and mortar universities are as obsolete as Blockbuster for 90% of subjects anyway.

  2. I seriously doubt there will be games with fans this year. Just look at what has happened at Alabama and Auburn where the teams practicing have contracted Covert 19. There is a tremendous risk and I don’t think VT wants to be associated with creating a hot spot for the virus growth. Just my opinion.

    1. 50+/- bama players have “unsanctioned,” “player driven” practice. the day before one of said practice, all were teased for Covid19; the day after 5 test positive. since i hadn’t heard, link:

      5 positives; 45 exposed; 50 ‘college boys’ to be contact traced. not to mention ‘coaches,’ ‘grad assists.,’ ‘recruiting specialists’ (none of which can’t be reported as being at practice – “unsanctioned, playerdriven), managers, and NIL agents. i don’t reckon bama athletic department paying for any of that!?!
      our federal tax money funding the non-profit monitoring, anti-Covid meds, quarantining, etc. no problemo! just ask the gov, reps, and senators to send them in 100s and 1000s, please.

      same link as above:

  3. Let’s just offer mail order degrees and charge $30K a year. Fire all the tenured profs and use the Youtube guys.

    1. He is on thin ice with board of directors an inside source tells me. Previous President was a Hokie not sure what this guy.

      1. I doubt the thin ice statement concerning the Board of Visitors. FYI VT does not have a Board of Directors. President Sands has done a great job. I think the expansion of VT vision to support the Virginia economy is exactly what is needed in most states. Lot of hate here for VT leadership. Maybe some of us are living under a rock.

        1. Well Excuse board of visitors then but he definitely IS on thin ice. You can doubt all you want. And “doing a fine job” is merely your opinion

          1. Probably it’s the opinion of a lot more important people than you or me. What is Sands doing so wrong in your view?

            1. – Retracted the invitation to a black journalist – made the front page of the WSJ.
              – Totally missed the count on the incoming freshmen class – how would you like having your son/daughter crammed in a dorm room, or worse trying to find non-existent housing in bburg? Called it the “Amazon” effect – are you serious?
              – kept on that prof with a 100% vote of no confidence at a salary of $400k per year – his yearly salary will exceed my lifetime of giving. How much do you make Knox? $400 k for a prof to do nothing, and then you want me to give to get to Ut P at $100k?
              -Supports and allows courts without due process for students which led to the dismissal of students like CJ Reavis – who by all accounts was engaged in consensual activities. Even if not the case, he and hundreds of other accused persons, falsely or correctly, deserve due process.
              – Worst transgression – has been more interested in promoting his own agendas rather than understanding and embracing the Virginia Tech spirit – which, by the way, is pretty damn good and deserves a close “learning” before changing.

  4. Lol @ dorms will house 9k vs 10k students. That’s basically the same thing. This whole thing has gotten so comical. The solutions make no sense.

      1. Holiday Day Inn Express and the Inn at Virginia Tech as well as the common rooms and meeting

    1. Exactly what I was going to say. People making these decisions are so brainwashed with PC they can’t even thin straight. Went to gym for first time yesterday. We can touch all kinds of equipment after each other and workout next to each other. But they make us exit thru a different door than the entrance door. LOL. Brilliant. What a lifesaver!
      All this is token BS with no practical affect

      1. Those that claim pc and ignore and redicule measures to contain the virus are major contributors to spreading covid-19. FYI, the virus is probably not spread from surfaces. So using equipment is probably ok.

  5. Betcha much less than half capacity – probably 10K or 5K seats in the stands likely. That’s just not gonna feel like Lane…..

  6. UNC timetable, hate to say, is much better. Starting earlier in August and finishing before Thanksgiving.
    Why are VT students coming back after thanksgiving for only online classes? Makes no sense

    1. They’re not coming back to campus after Thanksgiving.

      Assuming things are good, they’d return for the beginning of the second semester.

    1. That’s a dishonest statement. None of the protests are sanctioned by any governmental agency. I have yet to see anyone selling tickets to any protest on stub hub. No one said they are “fine”. Would you have law enforcement attempt to break them up because of the public health threat they necessarily create? Good luck with that. There’s also a huge difference in viral transfer outdoors versus in enclosed spaces. Based on the science I’d much rather risk three hours with 50K in Lane, for example, than two hours with 10K in Cassell.

        1. Oh, I agree. Just making the point about viral transmission in enclosed spaces versus outdoors.

      1. I understand (and agree with) why people want to protest. But let’s be real here.

        Many state/local officials around the country have sanctioned, even promoted, these protests despite their own pandemic restrictions, knowing they can also be flashpoints for riots and looting. Why?

        Either the pandemic is overblown and they know it, or they are political pandering at the cost of public safety. It’s naive to think these politicians wouldn’t cripple an economy for ulterior motives, so I’m betting on option A.

        1. Can we please keep our partisan logic to ourselves. It serves no purpose in this forum.

            1. You are correct. And some of the very governors who continue to harangue barbers, churches, and the like; are themselves marching in protests with hundreds of people in extremely close proximity to one another. Curious indeed.

        1. What is your point? No one is getting arrested for failing to maintain the 6 foot distance.

      2. Wrong my friend, the Mayor of Nashville was the key speaker two Saturdays ago as well as helped organize it but still 20 and under in certain venues.

      3. In Richmond, the mayor has been marching with the protestors, after requesting that Richmond businesses remain closed longer because of the virus. As far as the 50 per class, how many lecture type classes will that restrict, and is there enough class space to limit to 50 per class? Some more work on this plan needs to be done.

  7. ^^ until ^^ after Thanksgiving Break, or there will be classes first of semester and then none after thanksgiving.

    1. Not exactly 3Tech, they will go home for Thanksgiving and finish out the semester online through 12/16. Exams will also be online.

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