Jalen Hampton Commits To Virginia Tech

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Jalen Hampton
RB, Class of 2020
Georgetown Preparatory School, Rockville, MD
5-9, 195

Virginia Tech picked up a commitment from 2020 3-star running back Jalen Hampton on Saturday, and the Hokies now have three running back commitments for the class of 2020.

Hampton ran a 4.46 40 yard dash at Nike’s The Opening Regional back in May.  He also had offers from Boston College, Syracuse and Rutgers.  He attends Georgetown Preparatory School in Maryland.  As a junior in 2018, he rushed for 1,443 yards on 186 carries, and he had 14 touchdowns.

Hampton’s junior season highlights can be viewed below.

Jalen Hampton Twitter
Jalen Hampton 247
Jalen Hampton Rivals
Jalen Hampton Hudl

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  1. Well, he’s not a dummy if he is getting passing grades at GTP. Plus, 4.4 speed doesn’t care how good/poor the competition is! Welcome Jalen to VTU (sic).

  2. I do trust that our coaches are good at evaluation, therefore I think that this guys is likely pretty good.


    How many more RBs do we need?

  3. Looks bigger than 5-9. Also, has an easy, smooth stride that gives him deceptive speed.
    I like compact RB, but that model has not worked out really well over the years at Tech.

  4. I like this guy BUT…too many times we see “Virginia Tech University” … from various recruits …demerit points …. extra laps…. that is all.

    1. I hope he does great, but I agree 100%, it was the first thing I noticed……..you don’t even know the correct name of the school you’re going to?

      That’s like a UVA recruit saying “I’m going to “Virginia University”

      On the recruiting trails we must be the first choice for all 3 star players……………we are destined to be middle of the road until we start getting the 4-5 star recruits.

      1. I’m sorry. I never understand critiques like the 2 above. We are a University last time I checked……our name ends in University…..Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. So What’s the big deal if the kid calls us what we are? Its not like recruits are saying I am going to the University of Virginia Tech.

        1. When Tyrod committed to “The University of…Virginia Tech” I cringed. I got over it.

          1. That’s right. I almost forgot about that. Since T-Rod left as ACC player of the year, Broke all kinds of records after Mike Vick, Great student athlete, person, and team leader……maybe we go ahead and give him a pass. 🙂

        2. Yep. When I was a youngster many if not most kids didn’t know VPI and Virginia Tech were the same. If they are good men and good players I don’t care if they make an incorrect mention of school name. I hear Oklahoma, Kansas, Indiana, etc. recruits make similar mentions of their schools’ names that are not exactly correct. Big deal.

  5. If he was playing in Virginia School system would his school be AAA or higher?

    More fans at a SWVa game.

    1. Think it’s waaay too far for the distributed student population and their competition to make the trips for games… this isn’t Kansas….

    2. Approx 500 students, all boys, if that tells you much. It is Maryland, which is a crappy place, so don’t expect the same fan support as VA.

  6. Two running back commitments in a week who have a total of 4 P5 offers between them. Blowing the doors off that recruiting, aren’t we?

    1. I trust CJF on offensive players (remember K. King from the last recruiting class was a lightly recruited 3 star just prior to his senior season when his recruiting blew up); a much bigger concern is the lack of successful recruiting on the defensive front. That has to be fixed.

      1. Justifying CJF’s talent evaluation by basing it on a kid’s “recruiting blowing up” isn’t something you should really build your argument on. Instead you should focus on a kid’s actual performance. I don’t give two $hits about how many offers a kid gets as long as he is a solid contributor (or better) for multiple years.

    2. The recruiting for RB has been weak and the development of talent is worse. Since Fuente arrived none of the backs have shown improvement other than Steven Peoples’ senior year which of course he was a walk on diamond in the rough. Fuente ran off our best back in McMillan who now plays for the Steelers and we haven’t seen any sign of a consistently decent running game since he got here. McClease and Fox were r-Fr in 2016, Holston and Wheatley came in 2017, and not hearing much about Beck who came last year. That’s a lot of combined years for our top 4 backs and yet no one has emerged as a number 1 or even solid 2 and collectively the production is poor. I don’t know where to point fingers exactly but it’s got to be either an issue with evaluating talent or coaching talent, right?

      1. At this juncture, let’s see what we get this year. I think Wheatley will play an important role for us as will McClease. I keep waiting for Holsten to emerge has a significant producer, but I don’t know.

        I understand the attraction regarding McMillian, but he was an average back (here and at Colorado). I get that he made the NFL, but his downsides are exactly what the offense VT runs needs (suspect pass blocker, lacks elusiveness, one speed runner). That was never going to work. His transfer was best for us and him.

        This is an important year for seeing how we do with RBs. We have a potent receiving threat, a decent line (I think), and enough experience, that we should see a higher performing back than we have the past three years.

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