Kerry Blackshear Withdraws From NBA Draft, Remains In Transfer Portal

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Virginia Tech
Kerry Blackshear has withdrawn from the NBA Draft, but he remains in the transfer portal. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Virginia Tech senior center Kerry Blackshear has withdrawn his name from the 2019 NBA Draft according to an announcement on his Instagram account.  He will keep his name in the transfer portal and will consider his college options.

“After taking the time to weigh my options, I have decided to withdraw my name from the NBA Draft.  I am still evaluating my options for my last year of eligibility and feel extremely fortunate to be in the position that I am in.  I look forward to continuing my education and earning a Master’s degree while competing in the sport that I love as I continue working toward my goal of playing professionally.”

Blackshear confirmed to Mark Berman of the Roanoke Times that he is still considering a return to Virginia Tech.

Blackshear averaged 14.9 points and 7.5 rebounds per game as a redshirt junior in 2018-19 as the Hokies advanced to the Sweet 16.  He shot 50.8% from the field, 33.3% from three-point range, and 73.6% from the free throw line.  His return would be a huge boost to new Virginia Tech head coach Mike Young.

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  1. KJ why go to another school where no one knows you when you can stay at VT where you are known and loved. Why go to a new school and make new friends where all of your friends are at VT. Your friends need you here

  2. This is the smartest student-athlete draft decision I have seen in a long time at Tech despite all the birds chirping in his ears. KJ is listening to his advisers properly; I wish many of our gridiron players would do the same. It would be amazing to see his status and popularity if he stays at Tech and has a repeat performance of last year.

    1. I guess, no chance at the NBA is a pretty easy decision. I suppose it’s a little muddier for football players to realize they have no chance at the NFL.

  3. KJ your class and style really showed when some of the dumber foul calls went against you last season. I see every VT game that I can and would certainly miss those characteristics of your play if you transfer to another college. On top of those things you play some dang good BB in all other respects.

  4. If he comes back, we could be the surprise of the ACC next year! KJ, you are loved and respected here like nowhere else. We’d LOVE to have you back!

  5. If kjb plays for the Hokies, he will be the team leader. His Jersey will eventually end up in the rafters at Cassell. Kentucky has multiple big men and most will play ahead of him. Everybody wants him, but will he be the starter at any of these other programs? I would hope that this might account for something.

  6. Thinking out loud here. Do you as a player stay where you’re comfortable, where everybody knows your name, where you know you’ll be the centerpiece of the team, where you’re friends with all the guys already or go elsewhere where you know 3 coaches (Buzz, Jamie, and Dave) but have to learn your way around campus, make all new friends, etc.? Do you go to some other school where you know no one, where you question how you’ll be used when it comes down to it, where you question if it’s all just a sales pitch (FL or UK)? His quote certainly seems that he intends to play one more year of college ball and not go to Europe.

    Can you imagine how our fan base will react if Buzz gets KJ to follow him for one more year? It would certainly be a gut punch. Heck, some guys can’t hack it that Buzz took another job. If he takes KJ too, look out message boards.

  7. When KBJ had his best games was when Robinson was out. Nolley could replace NAW. Wilkins with a year could replace Med. So if he is back he can still shine like he did while Robinson was out.

  8. Regardless of the way this turns out, Blackshear is a classy young man. I hope he completes both his education and his college basketball career at VT, but he always will be a hero in my mind. AH

  9. I hope KBJ does what is best for his future which is to get that Masters Degree while going to the school we all love and winning an ACC championship then, going pro and marrying his Australian supermodel girlfriend. Fingers crossed.

  10. NBA was always a throwaway, his chances were nil. Does being a fifth year senior improve his chances? I doubt it, but there are better opinions out there than mine.

    So really, the decision process begins now to go Euro or not.

  11. KJ thanks for all you have already done for VT and hope the decision you must make will turn out what is best for you

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