Josh Jackson To Transfer From Virginia Tech

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Josh Jackson will transfer from Virginia Tech. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Virginia Tech quarterback Josh Jackson announced on Wednesday night that he will transfer for his final two years of eligibility.  Jackson is scheduled to graduate in May, and he’ll be eligible to play at his new school immediately.

Jackson went 11-5 in his career as a starter at Virginia Tech before breaking his foot against Old Dominion this past September.  He completed 59.9% of his passes for 3,566 yards in his career, with 25 touchdowns and 10 interceptions.  He also ran for 385 yards and seven touchdowns.

Jackson’s departure leaves Ryan Willis (r-Sr.), Hendon Hooker (r-So.) and Quincy Patterson (r-Fr.) as the three quarterbacks in the program.

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  1. I hope this turns out well for Jackson, and Bowling Green is near his MI home. This helps CJF, Willis will be the starter since Patterson needs to learn how to throw the ball. As for Hooker, IMO he should transfer since he will get little to no PT.

  2. With his stats and W-L record, he should wind up in a pretty good situation. Guess coach Fuente will now have to warm up to Ryan and embrace a little “unpredictability”.

  3. For those of you expressing concern about the Virginia Tech transfers, I suggest you go to the 2019 College Football Transfer Portal. It has a listing of the players transferring and where they are transferring to, if they have decided. You will see that the list of players and schools is large. Several schools such as Penn State (12), Texas, UCLA, Illinois, and SMU have more transfers than Virginia Tech. WE ALL need to adjust to a new normal, and the new redshirt policy makes it more tempting for players to transfer if they do not like what there future looks like at their current school.

    1. I’m trying to stay optimist, but we can’t deny that VT is among the top schools affected by this new transfer trend, according to data pulled from 247Sports:

      School Leaving Enrolling Net Result
      Penn State 10 0 -10
      Virginia Tech 8 0 -8
      UCLA 6 0 -6
      Illinois 9 3 -6
      Texas 5 0 -5
      Louisville 4 0 -4
      Auburn 5 1 -4
      USC 4 0 -4
      Texas A&M 4 0 -4
      Duke 3 0 -3
      Iowa 3 0 -3

      And if we check the ACC:
      School Leaving Enrolling Net Result
      Virginia Tech 8 0 -8
      Louisville 4 0 -4
      Duke 3 0 -3
      Florida State 3 1 -2
      Clemson 1 0 -1
      Virginia 1 0 -1
      Syracuse 1 0 -1
      Boston College 1 1 0
      Georgia Tech 0 1 +1
      Wake Forest 0 1 +1
      NC State 0 1 +1
      Miami 2 6 +4

      1. Sorry, the tabs between the columns showed up in the editor, but they dissapeared when I posted, the first number are the students transfering from the school, the second number are the students transfering to the sechool, and the third number is the difference.

      2. Something is off with the Virginia numbers. I remember seeing at least 3, probably more, uva players post on twitter that they are transferring.

  4. If you look at each of the transfers individually, they make sense for the ‘student’-athlete. And… you look at the situation at their positions that they’re leaving… and it makes even more sense. The best news for them is that they have much better options than their predecessors . Finally… to put it all in perspective… look at Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, Penn State, etc…. and college football has become a player merry-go-round like college basketball.

  5. The pipeline of quality talent including the incoming class has caused this attrition. This attrition is a good thing and so I’m excited to watch the future continue to develop. Go Hokies!!!

  6. After watching all the transfer activity during the past few days, coaches really need to closely monitor the redshirt option. I know this goes against the views of many, but student athletes now have the easy way out after graduating with one year of eligibility left. If a true freshman is good enough to be an asset on the field, even on special teams, they should be played. Either they will leave early for the NFL if good enough, or others will transfer out to another school to maximize their opportunities. You can’t blame the student athlete for making a decision in their best interest. Just like pro sports, very few athletics are committed to a team and their fans for their whole career. They follow the money.

  7. He’s going out in a class manner. Wonder if VT will fund his scholarship for the Spring semester? Probably yes.

    1. Ask Coach Dooley about that one…that’s how we got in trouble before Beamer. Scholarship is for a full year. not sure how they do early entries….

  8. Best of luck to JJ. I hate the way things worked out here with his injury. I wish him nothing but success wherever he goes.

  9. Perhaps the scholarship donors that have faithfully supported college athletes for 3-5 years will consider transferring their scholarship dollars to other causes. NCAA may have made a big mistake with the new transfer rule.

  10. Thanks for the 11 wins, and that you will soon be an alumni. Go find a great school to just win.

  11. Seen this one coming for a long time. It is the right choice for him, since he has NFL aspirations. However, the reality of his aspirations is that he is not a NFL caliber QB, but could be in another paid league to earn some cash. I bet he is thankful for that VT degree at some time in his future!

  12. On twitter, Brendan Hill was saying he would have three years left? Will he get a medical redshirt for this past season?

    1. You can’t get a medical redshirt if you already have taken a normal redshirt, which JJ did when Evans was the starter.

    1. Nah, but next year will be QB recruitment year, it probably already was anyway. I could see Fuente telling Hooker “Do what you gotta do, but we’d be happy if you stick around”

      1. Well, that takes the fun out of all the speculation but you can’t say it hadn’t been discussed. Did JJ see himself as #2? (and really #3 b/c of the long-term need to develop QP?) If there’s any blame to go around – and maybe there isn’t, this is how college football works from now on – I’d put it on Bush for not backing him up well the previous season.

        Good luck JJ, I’ve always pulled for you, that won’t change.

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