Sean Savoy to Transfer From Virginia Tech

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Sean Savoy‘s Virginia Tech football career is over. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

The hits keep on coming for Virginia Tech football.  Sophomore wide receiver Sean Savoy took to Twitter to announce his transfer, following redshirt freshman Rico Kearney, who did the same thing on Sunday.

Savoy caught 39 passes for 454 yards  and four touchdowns as a true freshman in 2017.  However, he lost the starting job at slot receiver to Hezekiah Grimsley this past spring, and hasn’t been as involved in the offense, or as effective.  He has 18 receptions for just 188 yards in nine games this season.

However, Savoy has started three games this season, and he started as recently as the Boston College game.  For the second day in a row, a player in the two-deep has decided to transfer without finishing the season.

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  1. This is just unbelievable. One bad season and these guys want to leave. Reminding you that these are freshmen and sophomores come on now. I get it you want to go to the NFL I get that you want to make sure your family is taking care of and what person doesn’t but if you are good enough to play in the NFL you will get noticed at Virginia Tech. Look at all the first and second round draft picks coming out of tech my god we even had a walk-on Danny Cole make it he didn’t play but he still made it. Give up after one bad season isn’t the way to go. We will never be an Alabama nor a Clemson but every single year we make something out of nothing and that shows how underrated and unappreciated Virginia Tech is. I love this team and this school I’ve been going to games since I was six years old but if these guys think they will just up and transfer somewhere and start it’s not going to happen without downgrading because the schools with the most draft picks are the same schools that have four guys waiting in line to also show they are NFL ready as well.

  2. I’m sorry, but I also can’t get past the grammar of the announcement. Was Savoy a true Soph? R-Soph? Regardless, he’s been at Tech for one-and-a half to two-and-a half years, and that’s the grammar? I have a second grader at home and those are some of the mistakes she makes when she tries to write.

    As for the timing, its just disappointing they can’t hang on for literally another week or so. Maybe the timing of it – should Tech lose on Friday – makes it sit easier on him that he wasn’t on the field to see the UVA / bowl streak end. I don’t know.

  3. I believe in coach Fuente and our football coaches. We are going through a tough time. We will come thriugh it and the strongest players with the most desire and talent will help us turn it around. Recruiting is going well and we will get some really good players back next year.

  4. I hope that this young man lands in a good spot for him after the tragedy he has experienced. I do not think he is in the plans long term, and we have a bunch ahead of him now and more coming, so it is a logical move for all parties. I know all the Hokie football and Fu haters will say something is wrong with the culture of this team, or abother one leaves Fuente, or even as ridiculous as I told you so, but it is best for the coaches to tell these young people to go somewhere where you can succeed so it works out for all parties. We get scholarships and they get a chance to play somewhere else, where it isn’t happening here. We have a very rare situation where these young guys are 2 deep, but they are 2 deep in our two deepest positions and we have tons of talent that is just as young. Good move for all…best of luck. It smells of us thinking we are landing a couple more recruits. Heck, we can afford to gamble on some DT’s

  5. I really believe Sean is a person who is trying to look at his future, and his circumstances, and he believes this is the right move. I agree it is best handled after the season, but these young men do not have the role models to go by for decisions. College football has become a business, and so many are treating it as such (coaches and players). After the personal tragedies in his life, I pray he lands on his feet and does well. His ups and downs are no different than ours, and I wish him the best.

  6. Mediocre receiver that see the writing on the wall for playing time….especially with some more highly touted kids coming into the program next year. Good luck at your next school

  7. I’m not that concerned. Savoy pretty much disappeared this season. IMHO, Fuente gave him an opportunity early and he did quite well for a freshman, but had problems making catches early this season. Other WR’s passed him on the depth chart. Like I said about most of the recent departures, another available scholarship to get better. I wish Sean Savoy the best. He had to overcome the death of his brother during last season and impressed us all. I wouldn’t be surprised if a half dozen or more players decided to move on. My only concern is why it took Fuente his third season to establish HIS culture? That should’ve been done in is first year like Babers and Mendenhall. I wonder how many coaches will be replaced after the season? We need a RB coach.

  8. I wish him well in his future. With that said, Mr. Savoy was a most frustrating player for me to watch this year.

  9. I think these departures may be part of righting the ship. Buzz experienced similar near the start of his tenure and look where we are now.

  10. More and more.As l stated back months ago…Fuente has a problem there in Merryman… And all not players…

  11. Well I have the same opinion of the timing as I did with Kearney BUT I have to say Savoy’s announcement was classier at least.

  12. The only thing that saddens me about this announcement is how poor the spelling and grammar are given that it is an announcement. Mistakes in regular tweets I can understand/forgive, but when you want to send a message to an entire (Hokie) nation, take a minute to review and make it sound like you are educated. He is enrolled at a quality institution, after all.

    That aside, I express the same sentiments as most of his Twitter followers: sad to see a Hokie head off in a different direction, but wish nothing but the best for him. I hope that his decision works out for him and his family! And I hope that his decision, along with Kearney’s, are not indicative of off-the-field issues within the program.

        1. What the heck is that supposed to mean? Hangover sour grapes from 2016 and on the wrong board…it’s about a football player who left in a non classy fashion.

          I certAinly wish him the best. As a young man he has been thrust a lot losing his brother and all….

          Godspeed Sean

      1. I think it’s a reasonable goal for all of our players to be smarter and act with more integrity than our president.

    1. I’ll bet you spent five solid minutes proofreading that post before hitting “Post Comment’!

  13. The twitter responses “go get your money”, “you will rise to the top”….. if he wasn’t doing it here

  14. Wow, I don’t ever remember players in the two-deep leaving the team before the season ended. Usually, at least from a team perspective, everyone was bought-in to the program and only after the season did some of the players that were riding the pine decided to leave for playing time.
    This can’t be good for the culture of the program or from a recruiting perspective. They would have to be asking themselves what’s going on in Blacksburg and do I want to be a part of that type of culture.
    I hope the staff can figure out what’s going on and correct things before it gets worse. Obviously, times are changing for the players and the expectations that they have, plus you add in the whole social media thing and both kids and parents are IMO making some bad knee-jerk reactions to situations. It’s becoming too easy to quit when things are not as you dreamed rather that taking a reality pill and working to your potential rather than looking for an easy excuse and way out. Sometimes hard life lessons are exactly what 17-21 year olds need.

    1. Good riddance…QUITTERS. You can transfer all you want AFTER the season…. These guys can’t stand adversity and that may be half the problem with this team..NO FIGHT… “I’m taking my ball and going home”.

      Question they would do well to ask themselves is, “If I can’t play on THIS team as bad as they are, why do I think I’ll waltz into another better situation and be the man”

      I know some of this is on the coaches, but it seems like they have recruited fragile snowflakes..NOT tough football players. That is on them. I readily admit that.

  15. This speaks volumes as to the current atmosphere in the program and I hope Fuente rights this ship. But to have so many players quit during the season is just not a good sign at all of the current culture. We can just chalk it up to too much depth. Why aren’t these guys waiting until off season to leave as has happened in the past?

    1. I hope he does well where ever he decides to go. I do not like the timing of the announcements but this one doesn’t make sense in some ways and in others it makes perfect sense. Savoy got passed by a few guys this year and maybe even more by next year. Iffy hands and smaller guy who should have had a bigger game against Miami with others out. Has not been a dull year at all.

    2. Personally, I think it says more about the player. Who quits a team before the season is over? SMH That’s something that he will have to live with the rest of his life. Good luck with that stigma. Whether he admits it or not, it’s gonna eat at him.

      1. I agree with you although many will tell us we are heartless.. I think anybody who quits mid-stream is the one with no heart.

        Savoy was a shell of his early self. He was good for catching about 50% of what came his way…I hope he goes down to Div 1A, because he wasn’t a big time player this year..You would maybe think guys like that would bust their butts in the off-season (in his case, catch hundreds of balls from the JUGS machine) and come back to TAKE the starting spot….Guess it’s always easier to cut and run!

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