Here’s What Color to Wear for Saturday’s “Hokie Effect” in Lane Stadium

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For the first time in Virginia Tech football history (to our knowledge), Virginia Tech is asking fans to wear orange and maroon in alternating sections of Lane Stadium for Saturday night’s game against Notre Dame. They’re calling it the “Hokie Effect” game — alternatively “Stripe Lane.”

Virginia Tech fans are used to White Effect, Orange Effect, and Maroon Effect games, but this is a new concept. It’s easy, as long as you have a guide. Here’s the color guide produced by Virginia Tech for the game.

Hokie Effect chart
Here’s the color chart for Saturday’s “Hokie Effect” (Stripe Lane) game against Notre Dame (graphic via

It’s pretty easy, folks — look at the section number on your ticket, reference it to the chart above, and you’re ready to go.

The Hokies and Fighting Irish are set to kick off at 8 PM Saturday, October 6 in Lane Stadium, and the game will be televised on ABC. It’s Notre Dame’s first-ever visit to Blacksburg.

For all our coverage of the game thus far, and as we add new content, see this link. We will post our roster cards later today at this link, and we’ll have our game preview tomorrow (Thursday).

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  1. I’ll be at home on the couch wearing maroon shorts and an orange t-shirt…or orange shorts and a maroon t-shirt.

  2. This one game they should have just provided T-shirts on the seats for everyone….expensive? Sure but worth every penny

    1. One size fits all?!?! If you are going this route should just hand out T-shirts if people want them…then they at least get a decent size. Or sell ’em for $5-$10 each. Or give to first 5k that show up.

  3. All you complainers get over yourselves. I hate Penn State, but the White Out is one of the most awesome spectacles in sports. If this is done right it will look great on TV. Just helps build our brand.

  4. When I get to call plays I’ll let them tell me what to wear. Until then – always maroon never orange.

  5. What a crock…I am already on the way to the Burg on Friday, when I get the mini package e- tickets…so I guess I will double pack..

  6. If we can survive all of the self-appointed TSL committtee, who have “a better way,” this should be awesome.

  7. Maroon seats just went up in value. I’d pay extra to not be in the Great Pumpkin sections. Sorry I’m a fan of we are a maroon team.

  8. Tech is 3-0 when I wore orange; 0-1 in maroon. I got cocky when we played ODU and didn’t wear my “lucky” outfit. I switched back to orange at Duke. Now, I’m in a maroon section. Due to my superstition, I’m reluctant to change colors back to maroon.

  9. I think it would have been better if they used the stairways as the breaks because it’s not a straight line down the stands. More seats get added to the rows as you move up the stadium and they add one seat to one section, then a few rows up, they add one to the other section. I guess using the section number makes it easier to let people know what to wear.

    My tickets are on the line between sections. I could probably get away with wearing either color and it will look ok from a distance.

  10. They really should have made the south endzone all maroon to counter the all orange north endzone. Then started with maroon in sections 1, 2, 21 adjacent to the north endzone, which would place orange in the sections adjacent to the maroon south endzone. Also, this idea would place me in a maroon section and not orange as I am now. 🙂

    1. Agree with you: Maroon endzone and Orange endzone with striped stands would be better. Should be cool none the less.

  11. For those lazy folks out there…wear both colors in your layers. Get to your seat. Look around. Adjust your top layer to match the motivated people around you. 🙂


  12. I’m skeptical this is going to work and look good. Top of the south in particular is going to be a lost cause.

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