TSL Poll: Where Will Virginia Tech Finish In The Coastal Division In 2018?

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The ACC Football Kickoff takes place in Charlotte on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, and the media will vote on everything from projected ACC standings to the ACC Player of the Year.

With that in mind, to gauge the mindset of the Virginia Tech fanbase (and to test some different polling software), we thought we would poll our users on where they believe the Hokies will finish in the ACC this season.

Note: If the poll doesn’t work for you, let us know what device you are using (Phone, PC, etc.) and which web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.).

Where will Virginia Tech finish in the Coastal Division in 2018?

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151 Responses You are logged in as Test

  1. Unable to vote or view results on Version 67.0.3396.99 (Official Build) (64-bit) running Windows 10.

    Looking at the Chrome Dev tools, there’s an exception getting thrown when the poll button is clicked:

    (index):520 Uncaught ReferenceError: poll_vote is not defined
    at HTMLInputElement.onclick ((index):520)

    Same error is shown when trying to vote in FireFox 61.0.1 (64-bit).

  2. Geesh, why waste all your readers’ time? TSL really should test your poll website internally on your own time first, or put it behind your pay wall.

    1. We did. And it worked for us. So the only way for us to really figure out how to solve this issue is to throw it out for larger testing among a big userbase. And it appears to have worked. We think that we have provided enough troubleshooting info to the programmer that he can solve the issue the next time he works on our site.

      If it helps, it has been frustrating the heck out of us. We have tried two different polling plugins for WordPress, and both of them work for some people, but not others. Very irritating, but hopefully, we’ll get it solved this time.

  3. Both ‘Vote’ & ‘View Results’ not working with Chrome on a Laptop (Dell, i7 Intel, Windows 10 Home).

  4. Not working on my Tandy CoCo running Color Basic.

    Also, not working on PC with Firefox, or on iPhone 7+ Safari.

  5. Just tried and didn’t work for me. Could select radio button but vote button did nothing. On a Mac with Safari browser in private browsing mode.

    1. Test, this is a test of the emergency 🚨 TSL system. If this were a real emergency…

    1. Worked for me…using AOL on 8086 processor – CRT monitor with full color. Windows 3.11

  6. The poll doesn’t work for me; I can neither vote nor view the poll results. I’m using a laptop PC (Windows 10) and Chrome.

  7. Can’t vote or view using iPhone 7 Plus or see results but I vote 3rd. Just too many young players with not much depth!

  8. Poll didn’t work for me.

    Chrome’s console shows this error:
    Uncaught ReferenceError: poll_vote is not defined
    at HTMLInputElement.onclick (VM332 :520)

  9. Voted on PC using IE 11. Seemed to work just fine and the poll results came up immediately (total votes 61, 2nd place 30, 3rd place 21, 1st place 7, 4th place 3).

  10. Using laptop and Edge browser. No vote recorded as far as I can tell and no response to click on “results” either.

  11. I picked 4th place, but I’m guessing it will be a tie for 4th. My basis is the youth of the D. Bud has seen his D keep the Hokies’ bowl streak alive despite seasons when the offense struggled to put points on the board. To contend for the Coastal the offense is going to have to carry the weight early in the season until the young guys on defense get some experience. If JJ and company can put up big numbers, and VT can outscore Ga Tech, it might come down to the VT/Miami game.

  12. I believe Jackson will improve on last year and with very good QB play we will take advantage of our soft schedule and finish 7-1 in the ACC (loss to FSU) and Miami will finish 6-2 (loss to VT and GT)

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