Virginia Tech Finishes No. 28 In The Directors’ Cup

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Virginia Tech, Whit Babcock
Whit Babcock is celebrating a successful athletics season at Virginia Tech. (Ivan Morozov)

Virginia Tech finished No. 28 in the Directors’ Cup during the 2017-18 academic year, which is the best ranking in school history.

In the first-ever Directors’ Cup rankings back in 1994, the Hokies finished No. 90.  The next year they dropped to No. 129.  They would never crack the top 60 during their years in the Big East.  However, they have had more success since joining the ACC…

2004-2005: No. 58
2005-2006: No. 45
2006-2007: No. 48
2007-2008: No. 37
2008-2009: No. 46
2009-2010: No. 38
2010-2011: No. 45
2011-2012: No. 35
2012-2013: No. 36
2013-2014: No. 37
2014-2015: No. 35
2015-2016: No. 38
2016-2017: No. 40
2017-2018: No. 28

Virginia Tech had settled into the 30s before dropping to No. 40 last year.  However, they jumped all the way up to No. 28 in the latest rankings.  Here are all the teams that scored points for the Hokies, and their final ranking in terms of points earned…

Men’s Indoor Track & Field: No. 4
Wrestling: No. 8
Women’s Lacrosse: No. 9
Women’s Outdoor Track: No. 10
Women’s Indoor Track: No. 14
Men’s Outdoor Track: No. 15
Men’s Soccer: No. 17
Men’s Cross Country: No. 20
Football: No. 25
Women’s Cross Country: No. 32
Women’s Swimming: No. 33
Men’s Basketball: No. 33
Men’s Tennis: No. 33
Women’s Golf: No. 37

Dave Cianelli’s Track & Field program made a big impact with four top 15 finishes, including a pair of top 10 finishes.  The women’s lacrosse program, which two years ago could have been considered the worst in the ACC, also had a top 10 finish, highlighting the fact that Whit Babcock made a great hire in John Sung.  Wrestling also finished in the top 10 in Tony Robie’s first year as head coach.  Robie was also a Babcock hire, as was Justin Fuente of the football program, and men’s basketball’s Buzz Williams.  Last week, Babcock was named NACDA Athletic Director of the Year.

Overall, the Hokies finished with 735.50 points.  Their previous best finish was No. 35 with 640.50 points in 2014-15.

Here is how all ACC teams fared…

No. 9 Florida State: 1037.75 points
No. 11 Duke: 1004.25 points
No. 13 UNC: 917.50 points
No. 15 NC State: 894.75 points
No. 21 Virginia: 830.00 points
No. 22 Notre Dame: 804.00 points
No. 28 Virginia Tech: 735.50 points
No. 30 Louisville: 690.50 points
No. 46 Syracuse: 539.75 points
No. 48 Wake Forest: 496.50 points
No. 52 Clemson: 471.75 points
No. 62 Miami: 382.00 points
No. 95 Boston College: 198.00 points
No. 111 Pitt: 167.00 points
No. 121 Georgia Tech: 151.50 points

The Hokies sit in the top half, though they still have a little ways to go to catch teams such as Notre Dame and UVA.  However, there is a big dropoff from the Hokies and No. 30 Louisville down to No. 46 Syracuse.  Boston College, Pitt and Georgia Tech bring up the rear, and they are well behind No. 62 Miami.

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  1. The school that surprises me is NC State. I think of their sports programs as just better than mediocre, yet they finished in the top 15.

  2. Now for baseball and softball to “come around” then we will make the top 25, maybe top 20.
    GO HOKIES!!!!!!!

  3. This is not only about how well you do in each sport, but also about how many qualifying sports you compete in. How do we and the ACC compare there? Kind of like recruiting class ranking – number of stars per player but also number of players.

    1. They take only your top 19 spores results. Stanford had several of their sports not included because of the hard limit of 19.

  4. Trending upward under Whit – the best AD in the ACC( maybe the country)!!!! We need to do everything possible to keep Whit in Blacksburg. Hokies – we are in “great hands.”

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