Galen Scott Resigns; Justin Hamilton Promoted on Interim Basis

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Galen Scott Virginia Tech
Galen Scott, shown here in a Hokies practice. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Virginia Tech co-defensive coordinator and safeties coach Galen Scott has abruptly resigned from the football program, according to a Virginia Tech Athletics press release.

Former Hokies football player Justin Hamilton, who lettered for Virginia Tech from 2002-2005 at a variety of positions, has been promoted to the coaching staff on an interim basis. Hamilton was serving as Director of Player Development – Defense prior to this promotion.

As noted earlier in a Tech Tidbit here on TSL, Director of Player Personnel Chuck Cantor is leaving Virginia Tech for Florida.

Scott is a graduate of Illinois State, where he played from 1997-2000. He joined the Illinois State staff as a linebackers coach in 2001, and he coached for Illinois State through 2007, eventually reaching the status of defensive coordinator. He worked on the same staff with Justin Fuente from 2001-2006, as Fuente started his coaching career at Illinois State, as quarterbacks coach and eventually offensive coordinator.

When Fuente was hired as the head coach at Memphis in 2012, Scott was already on staff there, and the two have coached together since then, first at Memphis (2012-2015) and then at Virginia Tech (2016-2017). Scott was recently promoted to co-defensive coordinator with Bud Foster, in January of 2018.


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  1. I have sympathy for GS’s family. Seems like GS knows he made a bad decision and is owning up to it.
    BUT… it just me or does the cuckold husband’s tweets seem like the action of a vindictive adolescent. We don’t know any facts as to how events unfolded but putting your business on twitter and trying to drag VT as an institution into this sad personal affair seems like a real ‘little bitch” move to me.

  2. I feel for the guy. Patching up things with his family is important, but losing his job is a bit extreme. I guess Whit holds a higher standard than Weaver did, because he had very good reason to show a head coach the door a few years back and turned a blind eye to a far more serious situation.

  3. I find it hard to believe that the affair was the reason for his departure. The should be a personal matter and have no effect on his job.

    1. I agree. If there was no other impropriety and his relationship is still solid with Fuente, then perhaps he will hire him back after a couple months.

    2. The problem is, it went public on Twitter, which greatly damages Galen’s trustworthiness on the recruiting trail, and this his ability to do that aspect of his job.

      Really sad situation. Galen and Justin Fuente are tight, and they go a long way back.

      1. I see, you’re right. A lot of those recruit’s parents aren’t going to view that very favorably. Very unfortunate mistake, but I would imagine he’ll latch on with some other school or maybe the NFL once it blows over.

  4. Not good for all concerned, however, bad decisions are costly and many come with a great deal of consequences. This is sad but Tech did the right thing – we should and are above accepting this kind of behavior. The sun will still come up in the east tomorrow and life goes on. Everyone is replaceable in any job. Bottom line is he “blew it” and now faces the unfortunate consequences of his actions.

  5. This sucks. I hate when Hokies get bad press. This is not a good look. I can’t help but think that IF Coach had did right by Torrian, we would still have him on staff. When Coach Fu brought GS in, TGray quickly assessed and read between the lines and decided to back peddle, shuffle, and break out of Blacksburg (See what i did there). Would Tgray consider leaving the Skins if awarded Assistant DC or Co DC title? Would Coach Fu have too much pride to ask Torrian back?

    What about Pierson Prioleau? He’s coaching and teaching right up the road at Radford; his Collegiate and NFL accomplishments far exceeds Galen Scott’s anyway and he’s a Bud Foster pupil.

    1. God I hope it has nothing to do with pride. If there was ANY way to get TG back, he would be primed for DC whenever Bud decided to retire.

      Right now, we just lost a solid replacement for Bud and that continuity that reinforces the future value of VT Defense. I have know idea if GS would be the next DC, but him here at least removed any concerns of the future after Bud- concerns similar
      to what existed in Frank Beamer’s final years and negative recruiting against him.

      As to the reasons, there’s just no excuse. Beyond it destroying his own family, it reflects negatively on the VT family. I travel a lot and people not in VA still bring up the shooting when I mentioned I went to VT.

  6. Who cares what caused this. Let’s respect the family privacy.
    As to the effect on the team it will hurt from the coaching stand point but that can be rectified with a very good replacement. Where this REALLY hurts is in recruiting. Over the last two years you may have noticed that on a number of occasions where Bud or others landed a recruit G.S. was assisting and present during visits. He may have been our best overall recruiter, and only recently established ties with state HS coaches. This will hurt recruiting unless we can get in someone really good in that area.

  7. A chink in the armor does not bode well. Raises obvious questions. I think first of what happened to the Fuente-Scott relationship?

    1. The question should be what WILL happen to that relationship, given their history together and how Fuente & Foster thought so highly of him as to give him the title of co-DC.

      1. What kind of a person would air that stuff on Twitter? I’ve been bitter and angry before over relationships but wouldn’t want the whole world to know about it. Never. That’s really odd. Why would you do that to yourself?

    1. Yeah, given the timing it tough to think it’s NOT related to that (seemingly) out of the blue and unsubstantiated tweet. Maybe it had legs?

      1. Strange indeed. Breaks my heart for G Scott’s family honestly. I’ve had several good interactions with them, they live up the street…all seemed so happy here

    2. For those of us stuck in the Dark Ages that do not Twitter yet is it a TOS violation if you share what it says here

      1. in a nutshell there is a twitter account that has been set up for what appears to be one and only one reason, repeatedly state that Scott had an affair with “his” wife while on recruiting trips. Post after post communicating that to every member of the VT coaching and athletic dept staff.

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